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Recently I stumbled onto “10 foot UIs” which is a user interface experienced from 10 feet away. As smartTVs are becoming more popular, 10 foot UIs are becoming more common. I recently bought an Amazon Fire TV stick and was delighted to know that I could play Spotify through their TV app. I loved being able to easily stream music from my phone but using the native Fire TV remote to navigate the application proved to be difficult. I was passionate about the music listening experience, especially as an avid Spotify listener, so I decided to look into why I experienced the problems I had and how I could design a better solution.


I first looked into app reviews on amazon’s website. There were hundreds of reviews for the app, 200 within the last two months. I read both good and bad and got a sense of what worked, what people liked, and the issues people had. This one review pretty much sums up the problem.


I focused my design on the navigation of the interface. I decided to add a second row of items that lets you move from menu to menu without having to click through each column. The content area displayed more items from that menu which supported decision making by giving listeners more insight as to what was in each category. This grid of items was also easier to navigate. More songs could be seen at any given time which lets listeners see more items with less scrolling.

The official Spotify Fire TV app
My prototype for a Spotify TV app redesign



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Nitin Sampathi

Nitin Sampathi

Motion and UX Designer. @Nitinsampathi