Journey As Developer Students Club(DSC) Lead

DSC Summit-April 2018


DSC is a student-led channel for University/College students to learn mobile development skills. It is intended to be a space for students to learn, collaborate and learn from each other the best ways of solving problems using the mobile.

It all started in June,2017 where 5 students from my college has applied for the DSC Lead position.I had no clue what the club is all about but being instinctively interested in Android Application Development though being a tyro has motivated me to apply for the position.

A month later,I was shortlisted from the pool of applicants for a telephonic interview.Being aced through the HR interview has fetched me the position which I was aspiring since my 1st year.

It took a month’s time for establishing the club completely in the college with the help of the esteemed faculty members-Dr. Kolipaka Narasimha Rao,K. Soma Shekhar,K Satya Prakash,Ravi Saripalle.It took a bit of time to completely the program and what Google was expected from us…

In the span of 4 months,we have successfully organised 5 Workshops on Android Technology and 2 Design Thinking Workshops.In order to engage the students who find passion in Android App Development we have constantly given them assignments where the outcomes of every assignment was so unique and students looked compassionate while doing so.

(Left)Design Thinking Workshop-1 (Middle) Android Workshop-1 (Right) Collage of DT Workshop Activity

As part of the program schedule,we have tied up with a local tution centre and developed a OCR Based Dictionary,which basically display the meanings of difficult words in a scanned document.This project has really enhanced my knowledge in Android and Java because of various in-depth concepts which were used in developing the application.And also two of the DSC members,A Dilip,3rd year,IT dept and Naveen Joshi,3rd Year,IT dept at our college has developed Image sharing App(Stack : Android,Django(REST)) that would allow users to share their photos and videos in real-time and A Book Rental Application which are really useful.

Finally,its a great pleasure serving for the club and hoping to conduct more intresting workshops ahead at my campus.