Most of the digital transformations fail because they are implemented with the thought that once the software or application is installed and everyone is trained on how to use it, the organization will digitally transform. Alas! That does not happen.

Digital Transformation is more about mindset than a software system or a set of principles. To be effective in creating an agile organization it is important that people transformation happens. I am going to list down a few pointers you must undertake to achieve agility and transform your organization. Hope this helps!

Motivation — Locus of Control

If you are…

Space travel, flying cars, airborne taxis, autonomous vehicles are pointers to the fast-changing ways of travel.

While space travel is now seeing some renewed interest especially after Richard’s Virgin Galactic space ride and with Jeff taking a shot at space travel tomorrow, soon to be followed by Elon and many more, but for now let's stay on earth and imagine what will happen when we go airborne as a primary way of travel.

Defying gravity and flying short distances using personal vehicles is fundamentally going to change the way we travel. Travel is suddenly going to be very fast, easy…

concentric leadership

All leadership models are created to provide the optimal structure for deliberation, decision making, execution, line of command, and line of communication.

The hierarchical leadership structure was based on a single line of command and a single line of communication and eventually evolved into a matrix structure with primary and secondary lines of communication and command. The Matrix Hierarchical structure is the current leadership structure followed by most organizations and I believe, it is no longer relevant.

Let’s not forget that the past and the current organization models are heavily influenced by the organisation and leadership structure of defence forces…

With the Covid Eclipse across the world, it's difficult to look at positive moments in 2020, but personally, it was a great year for me. Apart from meeting a lot of personal and professional goals, 2020 was a stellar year in terms of achieving my workout goal.

Towards the end of Aug 2020, I set up a personal target of 110 days of regular workout (workout for 110 days without skipping a single day). I really wanted to test myself and see if I had the consistency to meet this goal. …

LEGO has been in existence for over 100 years now and continues to thrive and inspire generations!! Founded in 1932, it became the most valuable Toy Company in the world in 2012 and also got featured in the Forbes Top-100 Brands of 2018. It has been a very long and illustrious journey for a Toy Company that has kept the interest of generations alive, right from kids to teens to parents, and continues to do so even now.

Both of my daughters and I are huge fans of Lego. We have spent countless hours building and playing Lego together, inventing…

Fluid_design_have a natural flow and are frictionless
Fluid_design_have a natural flow and are frictionless
Image by Ennelise Napoleoni-Bianco from Pixabay

There are just too many articles on this subject and seriously I have myself read a lot of them in the search of a simple 5 point list that can be the guiding metric in the UI designs we do. During my search I came across some very brilliant articles on the subject and I must say I got inspired to write my own list of Elements of a Good UX. Like they say a good UX is something you can feel when you see it, without touching it.

  • Zero Cognitive load……. A good UX does not put any extra…

17 lessons Ilearnt from my ecommerce gig
17 lessons Ilearnt from my ecommerce gig

What is your USP? “Delivery in 30 mins or it’s Free”- that is Domonis USP and it is a great way to differentiate and stand by the ethos of customer service. While the Dominos USP seems quite simple, a lot of research must have gone into it. For one — Why do people order online? When do they Order? How much time are they willing to wait for delivery? These are key questions that once answered, helped define Dominos USP. Once decided, they channeled the entire business processes, communication, delivery and servicing around this USP. …

image by JLG from Pixabay

Digital Marketing is not about “Having a presence on the web complete with Social media accounts on FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, engaging consumers through regular posts, striving to get as many likes — shares and hoping it trends.”

Digital is an overarching platform on which Search, Discovery, Comparison, Trial, Purchase, Fulfilment, Feedback and Post Sale Services are created, offered and consumed. It's a platform on which Brands can create a compelling 360 immersive and delightful experience for consumers and the outcome can be massive gains in market share, customer adoption, brand advocacy, and topline.

The Digital world is like…

A New World Order — The Rise of the Global Network of Smart Mega Cities. Terreform One’s Ecotarium project in the North Pole
A New World Order — The Rise of the Global Network of Smart Mega Cities. Terreform One’s Ecotarium project in the North Pole
Terreform One’s Ecotarium project in the North Pole

Clustering is an age-old phenomenon that has given rise to MegaCities. Adopted by businesses to drive economies of scale, technical dynamism, innovation, financial efficiency, development of technology and skilled labor and a sustainable network of operations, clustering today is taking a new shape. A network of cities that transcend borders and nations, where trade, exchange, policy, business, economics, politics, and travel is more city-centric than nation-centric.

New York was one of the first metropolitan cities just like London, Tokyo, Los Angles, Paris to name a few, where due to the establishment of businesses, city development, the lure of a better…

Retail has been the bulwark of businesses for a very long time and the success of any brand or product was dependent and decided by retail and distribution. Retail provided the right mix of availability, experience, touch and feel and point of purchase.

Retail was a moat, a strength on which a lot of FMCG and other businesses were built and competed upon. It also gave rise to massive ancillary and support industries like warehousing, storage, delivery, real estate and created a lot of jobs. In fact, retail jobs were considered essential to understand customer interaction, mold preferences and win…

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