Keeping her grounded: Maybe’s

My daughter is in the “Why Daddy?” phase, and I love it. I always answer each “Why” question with an answer beginning with a “Maybe…” and then I ask her to give me a “Maybe…” answer that’s different. E.g. Her: “Daddy, why did that car honk?”, Me: “Maybe their hand slipped while turning the wheel and they pressed the horn?” or “Maybe they saw a friend and wanted to get their attention?” and then I’ll ask her for a “Maybe…” and she’ll say something like “Maybe her doggy was barking and she pressed the horn for it to stop.” …and then we take turns doing the Maybe game on and on.

I don’t know who or whom it was that told us everything happens for a reason, but it’s a lie. Nothing happens for A reason, but is the culmination of many events and decisions coming together in that one moment.

Everything happens for a combination of reasons, never just one reason, and so I want my daughter to see different perspectives and potentially create new ones rather than be closed minded. You should hear the thoughts she expresses when she’s talking to other kids or adults!