Keeping her grounded: Mistakes

Pre-child I was a bit of a perfectionist and came down on myself when I didn’t get something just right. Post-child I’ve learned to toss that attitude out altogether and go with the flow, good times and bad.

My little one makes mistakes — but it could be because she’s hungry, in a growth spurt, tired or just being a toddler, and that’s cool by me. I see that even she gets frustrated by her mistakes and so I ask her “Who makes mistakes?”, to which we’ve taught her the answer is “Everybody!”, and “What do you do when things aren’t working?”, the answer is “Try again!”

These little mantras didn’t come easy, I used to get frustrated and tired from trying to child-mess-proof everything — the floor around the dining table, the sofa, the car, the bathroom, her bedroom, etc. etc. But one time she made a mess of dinner on the floor and I was incredibly tired and exhausted to the point I just said “Ah, it’s ok” and just kept talking to her about her day while I just got to cleaning it, I just didn’t have it in me to get frustrated. And while I cleaned and talked to her I just felt good, like who cares about being frustrated anyways!

This has not only been a great way to take the edge off spilled milk or what have you, but it’s also given me some space to make mistakes in front of her and both of us to laugh it off. I must also add, that it’s nice to have a little more energy in my days because I’m not wasting it being frustrated over little things. Plus, I look at adults around me and now I really don’t care if people make mistakes or not, I just roll with it :)