How we got 2 million views & 30,000+ hits to website by just one post

Nitin Bajaj
Aug 16, 2018 · 3 min read
Google analytics screenshot for EasyLeadz

I wont say it was purely a growth hack but it was more like using another platform to your advantage.

This story is about my startup EasyLeadz which is a B2B sales intelligence platform and about how one post on Linkedin changed our growth story.

Our platform helps sales people to fully automate their B2B sales lead generation process (from finding companies, to finding decision makers, to sending outreach campaigns using growth signals.

We focussed our energy on Linkedin as our audience sits there. We used Facebook as well but the response over Linkedin was overwhelming.

There are 3 parts to how our post went viral.

The post

EasyLeadz linkedin post

If you notice we have got 7794 comments & 3800+ likes on the post which was super thrilling.

Lets break down to understand what made it so valuable and how it went viral.

Value proposition

In our post we mentioned about having valuable data i.e 1000 recently funded startups list globally. This data is super valuable for many reasons.

It can be used for market research, for lead generation, by VC’s for finding the next big unicorn and many more other ways.

So the takers were many and givers were only one i.e EasyLeadz.

Plus we offered to give this list for FREE and that too without signup or email collection. Now I wish I would have added at-least email collection (my bad) but nevertheless it was still awesome.

The only thing that a user need to do is to comment “YES” that they need this free list.

We initially did not added the link for the list on the post. We asked them to comment YES and we will manually send them link over message/connection request.

How it went VIRAL?

Because of YES & likes we got on our post.

Every YES that we got on the post was noticed by everyone in the network of that person who commented YES on our post. Thus giving us enough visibility.

Linkedin also give weightage to comments over likes. So each YES on our post actually gave Linkedin algorithms an indication that users are engaging with this post. So we got extra boost from Linkedin algorithms.

It was so powerful that our mobile phones froze because of notifications that we were getting from Facebook and Linkedin comments as well as chat requests that we were getting from Zendesk.

We could not had a chance to even look at all messages.

Later, we added the link to the website where the user can download the list directly as we were not able to reply to every comment we were getting on the post.

We did the same thing on few startups group over Facebook and got about 1000+ comments in just one group over Facebook.

Facebook blocked me from commenting any further for next 24 hours. :D

How we made users to act fast on it?

We added a sentence that says “ download within two days as the link will expire”

This helped us create a sense of urgency and people wanted to comment instantly and go the link immediately thus keeping up the momentum.

As i mentioned in the start, I wont say it was a well planned strategy to get VIRAL but we went VIRAL and thats all you need :)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Nitin Bajaj

Written by

Founder EasyLeadz. B2B sales on auto pilot mode using growth signals.

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