Advantage India with Blockchain Revolution

It is now well-known to everyone that the #IndiaStack offering is taking India to the levels that each one of us would want it to be. The Aadhar and UPI being the most talked about systems, once integrated with the Digital Locker will make life of every Indian easier.

The Blockchain or the Hyperledger framework is gaining momentum worldwide and India is not an exception. Every field of business is either planning or has already planned the private Blockchain. Even in India, the RBI’s Research & Development arm the IDRBT (Institute of Development & Research in Banking Technology) has already conducted trials on a private Blockchain implementation.

Think future and you will realize the amount of transparency and accountability that can be built in the systems by integrating these two — the Blockchain and the #IndiaStack offerings. This will be a boon for not just the financial, but even others like the real-estate, law, healthcare and any field needing contracts and transactions to be made smart. Every domain has its bit to gain out of the Blockchain revolution and you have a plus when your area of business is in India and your customers are Indian.

Any takers?

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