My Trip in Goa

It was 4:30 pm in Anjuna beach, Goa. We were five guys chilling in a shack — lying on beach beds, soaking in the sun, sipping our beverage, and enjoying some scrumptious seafood. The beach was surprisingly uncrowded, and together with the approaching sunset, it was a perfect setting for our “trip.” It was 5 pm when the three of us decided to taste the tabs which we had been carrying from the previous day.


It was 5:30 pm, and I felt my heart pumping at, maybe, twice its regular pace. My breath started getting heavier. That was when I looked at a green hillock at a distance, close to the other shore. The green mound didn’t look like a solid natural structure, rather it seemed like a chunk of green moss (but, extremely large in size). It seemed like moss because the entire hillock was swaying with the cool, seaside breeze. Crazy, right?

My trip had begun.

I stood up from the beach bed and moved my gaze toward the beautiful sea; its complete surface looked as if it was frothing. It felt like I was staring at the top of a beer mug, and I was… super tiny. (Talk about overwhelming.)

A little later, I turned my eyes from that fascinating view and looked at the sand beneath my feet. The sand had lost its regular texture; it seemed like a canvas where peculiar paintings were randomly appearing and disappearing. I started taking a stroll on the beach, and realized, I was the brush for this canvas. Yeah…

I had walked around half a kilometer, when I started noticing the (slim) crowd around me. Paranoia started to creep in and I immediately returned to the “safe place” with my friends.

This is when I saw the sun started inching towards the horizon. The reflection of the sun rays on the sea surface looked absolutely magical. The sea surface, which felt like beer froth earlier, was now as smooth and shiny as silver. The whole sea looked like it was made of liquid mercury. Did I say magical?

The sun was now at the horizon, steadily fading away. Having grown up in the hills, I have witnessed innumerable sunsets. And as a child, I used to try to catch the sun move, however slow it went down. Of course, I failed every time. Well, this time in Goa, things were different. I, finally, caught the sun moving. :)

The sun had vanished and yet, the sky was filled with bright orange hue. Upon looking closely, I could see that the sky was filled with hundreds of dull little lightnings that exhibited the full spectrum of colors on their forms. It’s hard recalling a more majestic sight than of those rainbow-colored lightnings covering the sky.

It was close to 7 pm and started getting dark. The five of us decided to go back to our hotel and plan the night ahead. Our jeep was parked nearly a km away; we needed to go through a market to reach there. The market, as we soon saw, was also a spectacle.

(to be continued)