Elon Musk-The Unstoppable Man

Have you all heard about the famous Marvels comic character Iron man, isn’t that he is the coolest character ever in the comics?
You know the coolest thing about him he is so rich and a great tech giant. I personally like him very much. If I tell you that there is a real Iron man in this world, yeah you heard it right. Iron man’s character is inspired by a tech sensation named Elon Musk, he is very rich and a lover of technology, same as Tony Stark who played the role of Iron man. Elon musk, a South-African born entrepreneur who is known for founding Tesla Motors, SpaceX and many more companies. He is a freak kind of a person. In his early childhood he lived in South Africa and later he moved to Canada. He is a self-learnt programmer. At the age of 9, he designed a game called Blastar. At this age, I only know how to read and write and I thought I know everything. But this guy has designed a game itself. Wow, this is a great achievement. He is a man who is greedy for knowledge. In 1999, he started his own company named Zip2 and later the company was taken over by another company. In later 1999, he co-founded X.com, an online payment services company. Later X.com acquired by other company and they changed the name of the company from X.com to PayPal. After sometimes PayPal also acquired by eBay.
Musk was an unstoppable person, In 2002 he founded his third company Space Exploration Technologies Corporation or SpaceX. The company’s main intention is to build spacecraft for commercials purpose. Another Musk Venture is Tesla Motors, a company dedicated to making affordable electric cars. After five years of its formation, the company unveiled its best project the Roadster, a sports car who accelerates its speed from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds, as well as the car travels nearly 250 miles. He is a very innovative person. In 2013, he released a new form of transportation called the “Hyperloop” an invention that travels a person with lightning speed and cutting the time travel. Like if you want to travel to Delhi to Bangalore you either take a plane or a train. If you take a plane it could take normally 2 or 3 hours to travel. But if you use Hyperloop you can go there in less than half hour. Just imagine the life has become so easy.
He is a very social type of person. He wants to do something for the society. In 2016, he works on a project to create sustainable energy. For this, he acquired a company named SolarCity. 
His personal life is full of complications, he married twice and has five sons. But when you are so rich and successful anyone wants to marry you. 
He is the coolest person that I read about. He is so rich that if he doesn’t do anything he could live his life very comfortably. But he is a great person and wants to do some good things for society.

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