The First Lady Teacher of India

Today I read about a great lady named Savitri Bai Phule.
The lady was a great social reformer and poet. Her life was full of obstacles. At the age of nine, she was married to 12-year-old JyotiRao Phule. In his early life, he doesn’t know anything about studies but his husband JyotiRao taught her to read and write. And at that time by his hard work, she has become one of the first-generation modern Indian feminists. She has done lots of things for untouchables and women. She wants that every person has the right to read and write. So with the help of her husband he started a school for those peoples. In his life, she faced much criticism for this task. His life was full of weird things like when she goes to school to teach untouchables many of the peoples were abused him and throw mud at him. SavitriBai and JyotiRao had no children of their own. However, they adopted the son of a widow. Her son’s name was Yashwant Rao, was a doctor and helped his mother to treat the peoples who have no money to buy medicines or go to a hospital for treatment. SavitriBai’s life has full of some incidences that made her a great lady.

Few incidents that I remembered:

A conversation between him and his brother. One day when his brother said that why she helps and teaches untouchables. People abuse her because they help untouchables. And his brother didn’t like that words. So he told her that stop doing that work. But she replied to her brother in a very good manner. She told him that the brahmins taught him that those works are useless. So he thinks that this work is useless. She also said that untouchables are also humans and have the right to teach and learn. Her talks made him realize that he is wrong and her sister is right and for that day he changed his mind for her sister.
Another incident from his life was when he was in his village and an incident of a love affair between a Brahman boy and an untouchable girl. All the peoples of villages want to murder the couple. Savitri Bai convinced the villagers that they shouldn’t do anything like these. After listening to her they convinced but wanted that the couple should leave the village. And the couple agreed to this. 
One incident I alsoremember when there is a situation of famine in his village. At that time she and his teams of satyashodhak’s help the peoples, animals and all the affected people. There was a time when many of those people were forced to leave the village due to famine. Then the moneylenders make the situation even worse, riots were breaking out everywhere. Then the collector heard of this situation and wants to make the things easy for the people. The collector was a decent man and he understands her talks and helps him in every possible way.
Savitri Bai was a lady who is always ready for help the needy. One time when there was plaque spreading in his village. She goes door to door to help the peoples who are affected by the disease. While helping the patients she also affected by the disease and later she died because of this.
But she was a lady whose contribution was very big in educating the women and untouchables. She was known as the first lady teacher of India. Her contributions were very heavily in women education. She wants that all the peoples are humans and we should treat all the same. She also has a desire that the all the women of our country should know how to read and write.

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