Women rights

Hey, do you ever the heard the words “Feminism” and “Gender Equality”? If you are living in a patriarchal society these words don’t matter. Because most of the men think that women are only made to work in the kitchens. So I want to know that if this is true or not. But boss, how could we decide that what they can do? Let me first try to explain that what these words mean. Feminism is the belief that women and men should have equal rights. Women should be treated equally as men. But first, think that if this happens in your society or not. Many times I saw that girls are not treated equally in my area. The parents want their son to study higher classes but in the case of a daughter, they don’t appreciate her. They want that her daughter just sits in the house, do some household work and when she was 18 they married her with any stranger. And then we all proudly say that our country is not developing. How could our country develop with this thinking? If we want our country to develop then first we want to change our mentality. Now we talk something about the Gender equality. So what do you know about this word? It is something like Feminism. So basically Gender equality means that we don’t treat anyone on the basis of gender. We all treat everyone with same rights. But our society doesn’t accept this fact. If we want to change our society first we need to change our thinking.

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