Shimla blues (part 1) — the Bhunda




Haridhar Pashaik = he is the landlord of a old duplex in south goa and belongs to a small village named kiari in shimla district in Himachal Pradesh. he is a widower and has 2 sons who live somewhere abroad . he is a half bald guy in his 60’s with a big beer belly and Hitler moustache but very arrogant and short tempered in his nature may be because of the loneliness in his life and alchohal. he only speak nicely when he’s not drunk.

Jap = he is 22 years old young boy who belongs to a small town in in Nepal , fair coloured with Indian brown eyes,tall,handsome but very thin with a lots of facial hair as he never shaved. he is working as cleaner , chauffeur , cook for Haridhar from last 7 years. he ran from his home when he was just 13 and he is working for Haridhar since he landed in goa. he doesn’t speak much as he has seen alot in his life since his childhood including the Nepal’s mayowaad , which made him run from home as if he had stayed than either he would have been a mayowaadi or an army soldier but in both cases he would have been killed .

Annie = a 32 years old goan girl , a catholic, divorced twice who lives in a very lavishing beach house nearby Haridhar’s house , is a very practical and beautiful woman but selfish in the true sense thats why she dont work because she has a house from her 1st husband and a monthly instalment of allimony from her 2nd husband. Jap used to be her part time chauffer but than one day she seduced and molested Jap and now he is just a doll for her who can now be manipulated by Annie as per her wish.

Ravidhar pashaik = he is 59 years old , haridhar’s cousin who lives in a small village named kiari in shimla distt in himachal pradesh with his wife and daughter. He is the head of the temple of his village and the mukhiya of the panchayat. unlike haridhar he’s very sober and helpful in nature.

Priyanka Pashaik = she is 21 years old village girl, very fair and beautiful but deaf and mute. she is Ravidhars daughter. very bright and intelligent. she’s good in studies too and is pursuing medical from a college in shimla.

This is the story about the circumstances that forces a person to go to the extreme.
 About the 2 sides of life and people and their way of living. 
 About a man, his destiny and everything in between.
 (1) In Goa
 Here is a story based on a true incident of a man, his destiny and everything in between. Jap, a 22 year old boy. with no family . All that he can recall is that he reached the big bad city of Mumbai 9 years ago. The only thing that he brought with him was a dream. A dream of becoming rich and the belief that the only way to achieve this dream is through hard work. But this belief changed to the philosophy of ‘’by hook or by crook’’. When? How? why? even our hero isn’t sure. But besides craving for his dream every day, the only other thing that he knew was to survive each day by cleaning, cooking, washing and doing everything as a help for his landlord, who in return gave him nothing except a servant room to stay and 2 meals a day.
 Mr Haridhar Pashaik a 65 year old Indian male is the landlord cum employer (if you’d like to call him that) with no one left in his family. some of them are dead (his parents) while some of them have not been in contact with this old man since years including his sons. His wife died many years ago and since than he distanced himself from every relationship he had with anyone. He never leaves his home and only talks to Jap, who is everything for him at the moment. His cook , driver , cleaner & medium to connect to outer world . Everyday he starts drinking with sunset which continues till sunrise and than if its a lucky day for his neighbours and Jap, he falls asleep for about 9–10 hours after being drunk. If in case he doesn’t sleep after he is drunk than he will probably beat up Jap for some reason or shout on his neighbours for something which no one understands as he only speaks in English when he’s drunk. When he turns sober he can hardly speak a single word in English and thats the mystery no one could solve as his drunk English in not understandable to anyone .

He had an old house in his name in which he stays in 1st floor and has rented out ground floor to some foreigners. Goa being the beach town is very popular with tourist from all over the world. Especially in the season time which starts from October till March. And this is the time for Jap to earn some extra money or tip from the paying guests for himself as Haridhar only provides him with a stay in the house and gives him leftover food to eat for the work he does for him. But Jap doesn’t mind it as Haridhar helped him when he had no money or work.

Jap came to goa 7 years ago from Mumbai in the search for some work as he always wanted to live nearby sea but somewhere far from crowded Mumbai. Mumbai was very harsh on him and he took someone’s advice to move to goa as he was told it was a place of tourists, but he came to goa in summers which at that time and even now is the time of no tourists and low income for goans . So he was forced to beg for food, and one day when he was eating from the garbage box, Haridhar saw him and asked about his name and family. After listening to Jap’s heart breaking story, Haridhar took him to his house. He fed Jap and gave him a bed to sleep and later in the morning he explained Jap his work. Since than Jap works for him and do some part time jobs in neighbourhood, when Haridhar is sleeping which is usually from 6 am in the morning till 4–5 pm in the evening. If Jap gets late and Haridhar doesn’t find him in the house when he wakes up then Jap knows his punishment that Haridhar will not utter a single word out of anger till the time he is sober. And once the sun sets and Haridhar is all drunk that is the time Jap gets the beating from him. But altogether Jap was happy with his life.

Things changed when one day his neighbour Annie, asked him to be her part time helper and in return of good salary and a promise of not telling Haridhar about it. Annie, who was married and divorced, that too twice lived in a lavishing beach house which belonged to her first husband which she got after his death . After her 2nd divorce at the age of 31, she had a number of partners but now she planned to seduce Jap as he was young , poor , weak and there was no danger in making a physical relationship with him as she could just tame him according to her.

Annie was born and brought up in goa so she was a very smart, practical and cunning lady. The first day when she took Jap with her for some shopping , she asked him to carry the shopping bags all the way to her house and then she offered him tea which she mixed with some drug (usually called as date rape drug) and than she had her way with him. She took some of their pics while she was raping him but in such a way that it looks the opposite so as to blackmail him and to use him as she would like.

Jap was a virgin till that day, as per the story as he was working and living with his landlord since he was 15 and had no time to look at his own personal life and desires. He spent his entire teenage just working but now Annie as his first woman, he had no complaints. She used to give him money and new clothes too in exchange for sex, though he was just her servant boy for others.

Annie used to bring many guys as dates to her place but next morning they were all thrown out. She was the one who gave Jap the idea that after Haridhar dies, everything will be his as Haridhar had no family left and that was the sole reason from that day forward for which Jap would bear every insult but made sure that he would never leave Haridhar or we could say it was just a another of his fake reasons to stick to Haridhar.

He has never seen or felt how a father is. He was very young when his parents died in the mayowaadi riots in Nepal. He use to work for some chai wala there till 13 before he came to India with one of his childhood buddy, who he lost in the crowdy and hypocrite city of Mumbai His name was RANN Singh and he got in the hands of beggar gang of Bangladeshi’s in Mumbai .

They broke his arm and made him a beggar and he sits in some traffic lights in the busy streets of Mumbai as per last info he got about him. Jap still has a contact in Mumbai who still keeps a tail on his friend. Its one of his dreams to free him from that gang as he was only friend he had. He could never forget that time when RANN Singh helped him escaping from Kathmandu. It was the time when there was a conflict going on between mayoist and the king’s army in Nepal.

Jap use to work in a tea stall in thamel, the most happening places of Kathmandu as it was always filled with tourist from different countries. No one bothers them in the day time however it was just that they can’t hangout after 9 pm outside anywhere.

Because the punishment was severe as either they face mayoist or army they’ll get beaten up in their asses by the army rifles butt. Jap was 13 years old and was a illegible young boy to join army or mayoist, however the question is whom to join because either way he’ll be killed. He never had a right to say no to any one of them.

He knows it straight that if he joins army than mayoist will kill him and any one related to him and if he joins mayoist than the army will also do the same to him. So the best way was to run away from Nepal and go to India like others and earn a safe living there without any violence like all of others fellow countrymen of his, who did exactly what Jap wants to do ,’go to India and find work”.

But he didn’t know how to do it; it was RANN Singh who helped him getting the bus ticked with an identity card for both of them. Very few people know this that Nepal is always called the baby of India as there is just the difference of currency there, rest everything is same. For example, if you are an Indian from not so developed place or from a small town near by a big city in India you’ll feel home in Kathmandu.

Yes, they speak different language but they understand Hindi, no matter where you go. Like other cities in India they also have cinemas showing Bollywood movies with their local movies. So with help of that Nepali identity card, good hopes, and some dreams and with a fear of getting caught they both passed the border.

Jap never had any elder to support him since the time he remembers besides RANN Singh, who was few years elder to him but still a kid. It was his life which made him strong at a very young age and independent too but jap never used to speak much about his life as according to him he never regretted anything that he did because he believed in just one thing that everything happens for a reason and thats how he survived this long in his life. The day when life went to its extreme and made Jap feel that it’s all over, that day he met Haridhar. Since then Haridhar is the father like figure for him though it’s only his perception as Haridhar has just treated him like a servant since the day he met him.

May be Haridhar had once cracked a joke in front of him but thats it and that too was a non veg joke about some sex position and Jap just bend for a while without knowing what it means. As he was a virgin till that time, so he knew exactly that much about sex position like some dumbo teenage girl who cries after her first kiss believe that she’ll be pregnant now.

In the last few years he had become emotionally attached to Haridhar but he also knew his position in Haridhar’s house. So when Annie popped this idea in his mind about getting Haridhar’s property after his death. He accepted this idea as he was the only one who takes care of Haridhar and bears him and his frustration so he should be the only one to get this property. Jap had started making plans about converting Haridhar’s house into a tourist motel after Haridhar’s death. He didn’t saw any problem in turning this dream into a reality as he knew that Haridhar had only two sons as a family and both of them had left him and haven’t shown their face ever. Both of them had got nicely settled somewhere abroad.

He had never even seen any of their photographs in this house except his wife photo with a garland hanging on to it mostly covered by spider webs, few insect skeletons and some spider poo on it. Jap knew that Haridhar has never cleaned it himself and never allowed anyone to clean it or merely touch it. He had never mentioned anything about his family or his past even when he was drunk though once he did mention it to Jap that he’s originally belonged to some small village in Himachal Pradesh and mentioned the similarity in Jap’s looks to his own young self when Haridhar used to work in his paternal orchids and that was it. Maybe that too came out unintentionally. But whatever it was Jap started to see himself as his undeclared son and was happy with his one-sided attachment to Haridhar.

Jap was just a 22 year old kid with no experience towards any relationships in his life except Haridhar and Annie as both were very practical and were using him in their own ways. But being innocent is not a god’s gift. It’s just nature’s law that big fish eats the smaller fish or what we call the rule of the survival of the fittest.

That’s what Jap did when his friend RANN Singh got caught by Bangladeshi’s in one of the brothels in the red light area in Mumbai. Instead they got cornered by the Bangladeshi gang who controls the beggars of Mumbai as in they manufacture beggars as per the demand.

For example that day they were looking for a few young boys with physical disabilities as there was a so called new vacancy in a nearby temple. Jap and RANN Singh were just 2 eligible candidates, as both were immigrants with no one bothered about their whereabouts or concerned about their disappearance in short they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. In order to escape they both had to climb a 10 feet wall. Jap was able to do so with the help of RANN Singh by climbing through his shoulders but in return Jap couldn’t save his friend. Since then he felt that guilt infested pain inside his head and his heart whenever he thought about it. He understood that this is the pain of guilt of not saving the one who was the reason of his existence today. But if he had not run that day he would have had the same fate as RANN Singh.This incident made him leave Mumbai as his conscious and the city made sure that our hero never forgets the bitter truth that he had left his friend behind. He still had a fresh terrifying memory of that day when RANN Singh was beaten up and was made physically disable, when his limbs were broken by iron rod by some bald man wearing a lungi. The slight thought of that incident always discouraged Jap to search for RANN Singh who was now a beggar somewhere on the streets of Mumbai.

After surviving Mumbai for 2 years, he landed up in goa as he was told that goa is like thamel (his home town in Kathmandu) filled with tourists who come there only to party and relax with the sole motive to spend money. He realised that the only difference is that Thamel was in the lap of the mountains while Goa was near the sea.

2 .

Jap had already fallen in love with beaches and the sea during his stay in Mumbai while working for some wada pao corner. So his love helped him to learn swimming and that too happened at the Juhu Beach which is not as beautiful as goa beaches. Another beautiful thing that Mumbai showed Jap was the Ganesh Visarjan. He was amazed and shocked when he saw the ceremony happening for the first time .It was the best festival he had ever enjoyed. Taken aback by the beauty and the faith he stayed at the beach the whole time.Even after the end of the ceremony he felt like staying back, taking in the silence that grew as each hour passed. As the mumbaikars left saying goodbye to their idols of ganesh and the sea and all those lakhs of people who had filled up the beach a few hours ago was nowhere to be seen. Finally alone, Jap was enjoying the sound of the sea. All of a sudden he heard a voice,”Bhaiya maachis hai?” Jap found the accent to be a little different than our Indian tone. He turned around to find a tall guy with a full grown beard and short hairs wearing a loose t-shirt and a half pant and a pair of slippers.

“Bhaiya maachis hai kya” He asked again. Jap saw his face, his features and his clothes when the light from a lifeguard boat passing by fell on them. He looked like an Indian though he didn’t sound or dress likes one. A guy in his late 20’s, with sharp features that looked like a bit mixture of Israely and north Indian , kind of a hippie with lots of tattoos and big ear holes wearing big earrings in his middle part of his ear ligament. Jap just nodded a no to this 6 feet tall guy. As he was about to say “nahi hai” Jap heard a couple of voices behind him which were coming towards him. They both turned towards the voices and were enquired by 2 coastal guards,”Itni raat ko yahan kya kar rahe ho?” The tourist just said something to them that Jap was unable to understand. He just saw that after a while 1 of the guards gave this guy a match box and left.

So now the tourist turned towards Jap and smiled as if to tell him to ignore the guards. “Itni raat ko yahan akele kya kar rahe ho?” Jap told him that he works at the nearby wada pao stall and had just walked a few steps towards the sea while watching the Ganesh Visharjan and as now the stall is closed for the day so this is where he’ll spend his night, sleeping on the beach.

This tourist went silent for a moment after listening to Jap’s reply but immidietly he moved his right hand towards Jap and said, ‘hi, mera naam Jay hai, tumhara kya naam hai?’ Jap gave him a very confused look and replied,’ Jap Singh Rana’. ‘Kahan se ho?’ asked Jay while taking something out of his backpack. Jap replied with a smile on his face and his eyes on the bag, “Kathmandu se “. Jay took out a sandwich from his bag and offered half to Jap and said, ‘kha le, sandwich bahut tasty hai’.

Jap didn’t understand what Jay told him but he took the sandwich and finished it in no time. Jay easily got an idea about what Jap might have been going through but he didn’t ask him about it though he told him a way out from this situation. Jay, who belonged to north India, used to work in pune as a Tattoo Artist in some tattoo studio. He had planned to go to goa and also very well knew about how much money a guy can earn there during the good months in a year.

Jay explained Jap all about it and advised him to shift to goa and change his life. Jap was already dreaming about his new life in goa but a realisation broke his dream. He first questioned himself and then his new friend Jay. Jap said,’Na to mere paas paisa hai aur Na hi goa jaane ka koi aur tareeka, jaun to kaise?’ Jay lighted his cigarette and then after 2 puffs asked Jap,’cigarette pita hai?’ Jap nodded his head in disagreement. Jay replied,’achi baat hai aur kabhi haath bhi mat lagana, agar ye waada karte ho to goa ki train ki ticket main tujhe la kar dunga ‘. Jap was surprised and fell silent for a while but then he replied assuming he’s speaking inside his head but too loud to be heard by Jay, ‘agar aisa hai to Rajput ka wachan le lo, kabhi bhi cigarette KO haath nahi lagaunga.’

To his surprise, Jay took out a piece of paper from his pocket and told Jap while opening it ,’ ye ticket Mumbai se Goa ka hai, par mere naam ka hai.’ He gave Jap a new tshirt and a half pant and said,’ye ticket kal subah ka hai. To ye kapde pehno aur jab train main koi naam puchega to bata Dena ki tum Jay Vir Singh Chauhan ho.’

Jay explained Jap about the ticket system in railways and how to talk to ticket collector and strictly asked Jap not to talk to any stranger in the train. He also advised Jap that once he reaches Goa, he should just go to some hotel or pub and ask for work nearby the beach. He gave Jap five 100 rupee notes to be used just in case of emergency. All of this happened so quickly that till today Jap doesn’t understand how quick his life changed. Though in the beginning it went a bit off-road but soon became stable.

The way he landed in goa from the beach of Mumbai made him believe that maybe Lord Ganesha took all his problems that night by sending him an angel like Jay. But he regrets only one thing in this complete incident that he didn’t ask anything about Jay. A number of questions still bother Jap but he doesn’t have any way of finding their answers.

Why Jay had that ticket, why did he give it to a stranger like him? The clothes, the money. Jay even dropped him to the VT station to catch the train for Goa and also told his compartment mates to take care of this kid Jap as he was travelling alone. Jap could never understand how a stranger could help him like that. He thought that maybe Jay was one of those people who love helping strangers rather than their blood relatives. Jay will always be a mystery for him in his life.

Since the time Jap is working in goa, he waited and searched for Jay but to no avail. Now seven years had passed but still somewhere in his mind Jap was still waiting for Jay , because he wants to thank Jay for what he did for him .If everything goes well he wants to show his success to him (after Haridhar dies and leaves his house for Jap, which he will change to motel and be rich).

He was thankful to both Annie, who showed him this dream and Haridhar, who will help him to achieve it but Jap doesn’t know that sometimes life had a different plan for some one special which was way different then what he or she planned for. In short reality was much different than illusion, or so called dream. Life only teaches one thing that its very unpredictable but Jap was too young to understand it. He didn’t know that his dream would turn into a nightmare soon and all his well-wishers will be no more there to help him and he’ll be thrown back to the same situation where he need to choose between two things, when both the things are very important and cant be left.

This Sunday was the same like any other Sunday but Jap had no idea about what he’ll go through today. it was noon time and he was in Annie’s house for his sexual duties and as when they both were in bed , Annie asked him a question ,’tumhe kya lagta hai , Haridhar kab marega?, tumhara sapna shayad sapna hi na reh jaae!.

Jap was confused because he was not able to understand what Annie’s point was and why she was blubbering all these words, but Annie was damn serious. She continued,’agar kal uska koi beta wapas aa jata hai to, ye saari property aur tera sapna sab khatam ho jaega’. Jap had already thought about it but he was just neglecting this thought and was playing positive.

Thats what he does when he knows about the risk there, as according to him if he keeps on doing his work honestly and with positive intentions, he’ll surely get his goal too. But again the risk was there and Annie was right about it.

What if the sons really comes back than every planning he did for his dream place will shatter but again what he can do about it. He asked Annie about what he can do , if his fate is not blessing him , maybe than he has to wait for more time and has to work even harder, as he knows no one will get it before the time or more from what they deserves. “BULLSHIT”

Annie shouted and said ‘Jo jaisa sochta hai usse waise hi milta hai’, while covering her upper naked body with a pillow.

She was 32 years old but her body was still 19 as if it comes to vitals she would be a perfect 34–26–34, as in she looks so young. She is an exception to the saying which says, a girls naked body can’t be beautiful especially after 2 marriages. Annie had taken good care of her and her body and all the credit goes to her upbringing, as she continued with her story about how she got married first time to this old guy , who was called Noel . The owner of the house she lives in and the bed she’s sleeping in with Jap.

Annie was born in a very poor Goan family and her father who was a local fisherman was disappeared long time back in the sea with his crew while fishing. But Annie has no memory of him. She just remembered her mother, who did everything in her control to give her the best. She made sure that Annie got good education and upbringing. Like every mother she tried to achieve her own dreams through her.

Annie’s mom didn’t have any job but she did the cleaning in few houses and Noel’s house was one of them. It was during this time only when Noel saw Annie and got interested in her. Noel was 48 years old single that time and Annie was 18 doing her schooling. Annie’s mom used to take her to Noel for her studies or free tuitions as she thought Noel was a good man but on the other hand Noel taught her some other lessons and these lessons were more practical.

Noel drugged Annie with the same drug, which Annie used for Jap and raped her and photographed her for blackmailing. But this didn’t stop Annie from graduating from law school but as the fate had different plans for her again because her mom died in a road accident while she was on the way to meet Annie and surprise her about her graduating with good marks with a gift and a small treat. This incident did broke Annie from inside but made her much strong from outside as she understood that after her mother, Annie will have to face the world and everything that comes her way all alone.

She thought about the most important thing for her at that moment and went to Noel’s place the very next morning and asked him to marry her or else threatened him to go to the police and tell them everything about what he did to her. Noel was delighted with the idea of making Annie his wife as he had no family left and this marriage will surely make his future even better. He loved the idea so much that he didn’t waste anytime and got married in the church a few days later.

But the reality came knocking at his door later when Annie showed her true colours. Being the law graduate Annie knew all about the law she needed to get rid of Noel in such a manner that at the end everything that belongs to Noel will be hers. As soon Annie took the charge as Noel’s wife, she never slept with him again but made boyfriends all around the town. She started treating Noel as less than nothing and always was fighting with him. She knew that Noel already had 2 heart attacks in the past and if his heart fails beating once more than ultimately she’ll be the owner of everything and then she can do as she dreamed for herself.

She had planned it so perfectly that till now no one suspected her for the death of Noel which happened exactly on their first wedding anniversary. In this 1 year of relationship she had never made any physical relationship with Noel so her plan went like this.

On the night of her 1st anniversary Annie drugged Noel with some tablets of strong Viagra which was enough to get any thing on heat which walks with two or four legs. These tablets were not prescribed or even checked for the expiry dates but they worked quite well on Noel as that night he had the best erection ever.

He asked Annie to sleep with him that night after the anniversary party was over and when at night he tried to touch her, instead of a disagreement, Annie turned towards him and put her hands inside his pants. After that what all she did to him made Noel feel like he was in heaven and he said it so loud that even the neighbours heard it and that was the last time Noel spoke as he died that night from heart attack. Doctor confirmed that too much excitement during sex made his heart stop and like that Mr Noel Pinto became Late Noel Pinto. And his words came true about being in heaven. Though he must be thinking now that he would have asked for anything else, he would have got it that night.

So now Annie becomes free but she could’nt own Noel’s property as it was on Noel’s sister’s name who had also died few years back and she didnt know anything about her husband . However she always fears from inside about being caught for what she did to Noel but soon this feeling faded away and she married again soon though the saying remains true,’ once a bitch always a bitch’. This marriage ended before she even knew and hence she was alone again but now at-least she was sure about one thing that she could get anything from her charms and knowledge, that too without a man in her life. Since than men were toys for her and she plays with them as per her wish.

After explaining her story to Jap, she remembered all the things which she had forgotten she told Jap to follow her footsteps and be a man for once in his life. If he agrees then she will tell him a way with which he will make his life better but he would have to trust her and do exactly what she says. Till now Jap had understood Annie’s intentions so he replied immidietly,’ wo mere baap jaisa hai aur main aisa kuch nahi karunga’. Jap felt bad about everything which was happening around him but he was sure of one thing which he did instantly was he got up and left Annie’s home immidietly. He went back home and checked on Haridhar, but he was sleeping soundly and snoring loudly. Though Jap had denied Annie’s offer but inside he’s still thinking about it as he couldn’t just give up on his dream. His head and his heart were at war since that time.

3. He was scared thinking about all the aspects and the consequences connected to this event which will help his dream come true or his dream being shattered. If he thinks about what good Haridhar has done for him than he can only recall the shouting and the beating he got from him and when he thinks about what bad he did for him than he could only think about how Haridhar just took him from that garbage without making any judgement and gave him a place in his home.

But then again he knew the reality that he isn’t Haridhar’s real son and if in future any of his sons came back than everything what he has dreamed of and worked for will go to a total waste and he’ll end up right where he was, before he got in this house.!! ‘’GARBAGE”. Though this was Annie’s innocent and honest idea about making my life better but still he could not digest this. He could not just believe that she doesn’t have anything for herself in this because the truth was that this lady had raped him and who knows how many other men. She had even confessed to Jap that she had killed one of them but i doubt that the count stops at 1.

This whole incident has changed Jap’s perception about Annie however he still meets her and they do discuss this topic again and again but Jap never agrees. Till now Jap hasn’t understood the reason of Annie’s interest in killing Haridhar and he knew that Haridhar never even looked at her. According to Haridhar Annie is a disgrace to the society and women like her should be put behind bars as she shows the wrong side of woman to our future women. Fortunately, Haridhar didn’t had any daughter living in his house otherwise he would have kept her locked inside or had threatened Annie to leave the neighbourhood.

Jap knew this that if Haridhar finds about his relation with Annie, he will not even think once before kicking him out. Jap also knew that if Annie had honest intentions for him then she would have asked him to leave Haridhar’s shitty job and would have given him a place to live and a job. Instead she keeps on asking him to murder Haridhar. He even started thinking what will Jay (his mysterious friend from the beach in Bombay will think if he would ever come to know about this incident). Jap had a thought, which came faster than a sneeze.

Though he was suspicious about Annie’s interest in him but he was not thinking about Annie’s interest in his achievement. This new thought made him weaker. He thought,’what if i don’t achieve anything and get caught by police for killing Haridhar? But again if he goes to jail and Haridhar gets the heaven than what will Annie get from all this?

The only thing left after this is Haridhar’s house and there is no way that she can get it but even if she gets it why would she need Haridhars house. This was all getting so confusing that his head started to hurt.

Jap decided to get drunk and find a little relief from all this mess. So he went to his room and searched for the bottle of whisky that he took from Haridhar’s room few weeks back. That day Haridhar went to sleep right after finishing almost the whole bottle but the bottle still had few drinks left in it and it was quite enough for Jap to get drunk with him being a non regular drunkard.It was already 4 in the evening but he still has couple of hours left before Haridhar would wake up so Jap went to the kitchen and roasted some brinjal and sprinkled some salt and chat masala on it.

He made his first drink with 30 ml whisky and added 4 ice cubes and poured some coke and water. After sprinkling few drops of that cocktail in air for the Holy Ghost around, he gulped it down in 1 go, ‘bottoms up’, he thought and then he tasted the roasted brinjal leg, which was just the way he liked it. All this continued and was repeated 3 times and finally he was done for the day. His eyes got heavy and he was almost half sleep and the only thing keeping him awake was the face of Haridhar which was coming in front of him again and again whenever he closed his eyes.

Jap was still thinking about what Annie had told him to do and felt that the alchohal was definitely not working so he decided to break his drinking rule this time for the first and last time and poured another drink for himself. Well, Jap’s drinking rule was actually a quote on drinking which was said to him by foreigner once. A 5 drink philosophy which explains the meaning of the word DRINK and it goes like this

1st drink = D (delicious)

2nd drink = R (romantic)

3rd drink = I (intelligent)

4th drink = N (naughty)

5th drink = K (king)

Jap has never crossed his 3rd drink ever as he was happy to be just intelligent but today he needed more to get make peace with Annie’s idea. So as soon as he finished his 4th drink he was already talking to himself and was thinking about his sexual desires and fascinations. He could feel Annie’s hand all over him so he made his 5th drink quickly because he just don’t want to think about her at all right now.

This 5th drink became a bit too much for him as he poured all that was left in the bottle and as there was no coke left so he decided to finish it neat. This drink actually made him ‘’KING’’ and he didn’t felt any fear now and he was ready to talk to Haridhar about everything he has in his mind. But as soon as he tried to get up, Jap slipped and banged his head in the sink and fainted. Maybe he just passed away due to the heavy dosage of alcohol. This small accident made his head bleed a bit but he fell asleep after this without any worries.

Next morning Jap woke up to a noise, some banging his door, as if someone was trying to break in the house. Anyway he was having the worst morning today because of a bad hangover. And this noise was making it worse so he got up and went to open the main door and found the post man waiting for him. ‘’Haridhar Pashaik ke naam ki chithi hai’’ postman said in a very arrogant way. Jap only knew his first name and had never heard this kind of last name ever still he replied,’’wo to so rahe hai’’ as Jap already knew that Haridhar must have slept just a few hours ago like every other day but the letter didn’t felt right. He took the letter from the postman and closed the door in a hurry as if he had remembered something very important but the funny part was that in reality Jap wasn’t able to recall anything from yesterday after his 4th drink. He was worried just imagining Haridhar’s reaction if he would have seen Jap lying drunk in the kitchen. His heart was beating faster with the steps he was taking towards Haridhar’s room.

He was still wondering as to why wasn’t he woken up by Haridhar yesterday evening and his gut was not accepting any reasons that his brain was giving him.

He was still scared that if Haridhar would have seen him like that then he would have got a bloody beating but there were no such visible clues to prove that Haridhar was angry as everything seemed to be in the same way he left it before he slept. The washed clothes were still lying on the chair near the window, the kitchen also looks just like he left it though he can see that the door to Haridhar’s room was open which was a bit weird because Haridhar had the habit of sleeping with his door locked from inside.

As he was about to enter the door, he saw Haridhar lying in his bed with eyes wide open. Jap, unable to make sense of what he was seeing went near his bed and shook Haridhar a bit. But Haridhar felt like just a body without any soul, this terrified Jap so much that he threw the letter on the floor and ran out.

One, he had no idea about anything that was happening around him and second this hangover was making it more difficult for him calm his mind as he was still dizzy. The only person he can think of was Annie, so he ran to her house and knocked at her door repeatedly. After a while Annie opened the door and asked him to come in.

‘‘Wo mar Gaya ’’,

Jap literally screamed but was surprised because he got a completely opposite reaction from Annie than what he expected. She was calm and completely quite. Jap shouted again, ‘’Annie Wo mar Gaya, ab main kya Karun’’. After staring at Jap’s face for a while Annie replied,’’ye to khushi ki baat hai. “Tera sapna ab jaldi hi pura ho jaaega’’. Jap was not happy after listening to these words. He still thought that maybe Annie was just kidding about Jap killing Haridhar.

“Kaise maara usko tune”, Annie asked Jap while staring deep into his eyes.

Jap knew that he has somehow got in a big mess and there will be no seeing back after this moment.

Jap was staring at the floor with tears in his eyes, he quietly said, ‘’maine unhe nahi mara’’ and then he burst into tears as his mind was thinking about all the worst consequences. He can get caught by the police and could be charged with Haridhar’s murder.

He stepped forward to hug Annie while crying but she moved back. This was strange for Jap as this was not what he had expected from her as this time he really needed someone to hold him and say everything will be al-right but on the contrary Annie didn’t showed any concern. She just went to her room and shouted from inside, ‘’maine naya naukar rakh lia hai so ab tumhe yahan naukri par aane ki zarurat nahi hai.’’

Jap couldn’t believe his ears and he didn’t take much time to understand the complexity of the situation.

He knew that no help will be offered by Annie let alone anyone else so he ran back to Haridhar’s house and once again tried to wake up Haridhar just in case if some miracle would bring Haridhar back to life and he won’t even mind being beaten by Haridhar. But he realized that he was the only person live in that room who was crying and shouting with no one to console him, asking god to give him a reason as he felt that such bad things happen only to him to put him back to where he started and this time he has messed up pretty bad. Maybe there won’t be another chance for him ever again, all his dreams will die as mere dreams and his life will be wasted in some prison. He couldn’t believe that till yesterday everything was fine and just a few hours had changed everything in his life.

He knew that he couldn’t tell anyone about Haridhar’s death till the time he works out a solution but his gut feeling told him that this time there is no way through. This time he will have to face the punishment for the sins of his life though he hadn’t done anything. Now he was sure that god is punishing him for RANN SINGH (a friend who he couldn’t save) and what he and evil Annie had planned against Haridhar. His mind was accusing him of all that had just happened though he didn’t know his fault and there was no one else to blame. He couldn’t even work out that why did Annie throw him out of her house and her life when everything worked out as per her idea.

Jap was sitting down on the floor near Haridhar’s bed. He started crying while holding his knees close to his chest and then he saw the letter that came in the morning for Haridhar. He was surprised as this was the first letter for Haridhar in the last seven years since the time he was working for Haridhar.

His curiosity pushed him towards the letter as he could see the name and address written on it but the thing that made him more curious was the last name written on it Pashaik. What kind of a last name was it He had never heard such a name ever in his life but the main question was that who had sent this letter to Haridhar? Who knew his full name?

He picked up the letter and tore open the envelope. The letter was a page torn from an old government school notebook, written in Hindi in a decent handwriting. This letter seems more like a lost post to Jap as according to the date on the stamp on the envelope it was sent 2 months ago but why did it reach the address today.

He started reading the letter and finished it quickly but he was still curious and confused at the same time. He neither could understand nor believe what he had just read. But atleast after reading the letter the wrinkles on his forehead disappeared. May be because this letter showed him a way out. The letter goes like this.












In this letter, only one thing attracted Jap’s attention. The figure, 10 crore.

Jap got an idea as well that there was something happening in some place for which Haridhar was about to be paid 10 crores as a prize and the best part was that if Haridhar wouldn’t attend it then his son is supposed to attend this ceremony called BHUNDA. The cherry on the cake was that no one in that village or town knew about Haridhar’s family nor had any idea about how many sons he had.

After a while jap thought that may be the only way out of all the troubles is if he would disguise himself as Haridhar’s son and try to get that 10 crore prize money then he might be able to live happily ever after. But he knew that all this is not as simple as it sounds. The guy in the letter had not disclosed any details about the event or what Haridhar had to do to get that prize.

What he knew now is that Haridhar has already done it once and was paid in cash for that and according to the letter he was not paid enough which could be the reason behind the fact that he left his village forty years ago. And still the prize money was so huge that he bought a property in goa and was able to survive 40 years without working to earn money. So that means that he might have been paid less than required but he was paid huge for the job. And now this opportunity came to Jap. The question is whether Jap should grab it or not, whether Jap can change his destiny whether he is marked by good fate or not and the only way to find out is to follow the question to understand it completely.

As for now the biggest question in his life was standing right in front of him and all that he needs at this point is courage and a lot of it. The reality is that Haridhar’s dead and Jap has to get away from him and out of goa as soon as possible.

Jap doesnt have much time so he has to decide fast. Even that ceremony mentioned in the letter is to be held also on the 2nd Saturday of next month. He had exactly 10 days from now to reach shimla and participate in that function, ‘BHUNDA’. He decided to plan the rest while travelling.

Its almost sunset now. And like every other day its time to open all the windows and turn on the old radio because that’s how Haridhar used to drink and that was his everyday routine as far as Jap can recall. Jap went to the kitchen and took out an old shoe box where he hides his saved money from the last 7 years. He didn’t want to catch anyone’s attention so he didn’t pack any bag for clothes or anything. He just took all the money he had saved, his identity card, all his pictures that letter and left the house as it is. He decided to go to the railway station and get the train to Mumbai first and then maybe another train to Delhi. He doesnt have the exact idea where he was going because he had never been to north India in the past but he had heard Haridhar talking about shimla once and that it’s a 9 hour bus journey from Delhi to shimla. So he decided to reach Delhi first and then think about other things.

He got himself a ticket for general cabin in a train leaving for Mumbai and soon left goa for good.

After Haridhar’s death and Annie’s betrayal he had nothing to come back to.

Life is so unpredictable, Jap thought. Only till yesterday he was thinking and wishing for Haridhar’s death and the things he could do after he gets Haridhar’s house and today when his wish came true, Haridhar died, he has to run away.

He was regretting his wish and thought about wishing for something else if that moment would replay itself. But time neither stops nor repeats itself for no one.

As per the saying, ‘if we wish something with the purity of our heart and a positive attitude then nature also helps us to make it happen’.

Though Jap was not sure whether this was his wish or Annie’s. He could only think about Annie and Haridhar and all their memories when the train’s whistle brought him back to reality. The train started moving slowly. Jap was again running from the city where he was planning to settle down. This incident reminded him of JAY from Mumbai. This moment is so similiar to that time when everything happened so fast that he just started walking and then running without thinking much and by just believing in his heart. This time it’s just bit worse as there is a chance that he can get caught by police for a crime he didnt even commit. He couldn’t sleep as his eyes were always on the door checking for any sign of a policeman. He had a lot of time to think about his future plans as this train is scheduled to reach Mumbai in the morning but as for now his sole strategy is to run to survive.

On the other side, at the back of his head a thought had already developed about those 10 crore rupees which he was going to win though he knew it won’t be easy. Life has made Jap has understand that whats easy is not worth it and to achieve the impossible is always tough and hard. He just believed that he had been marked by destiny to do this deed and everything else is just steps by which he has reached this point. The point where he has the chance to go for the big bumper prize of his life.This may be the last step to reach the happiness that is waiting for him. It can be the last door that he has to open to reach his destination. Jap was now thinking about all this from every possible angle but at the back of his mind the probabilities and the ‘’what ifs’’ was scaring him. He felt that this was his last chance. He could feel that the uncertainties can change everything

It all made sense now. As if all the pieces fit perfectly together for a change that was about to happen. He recalled all of it. The way he came to India from Nepal, how his friend was captured and then the way a stranger who gave him a ticket to go to goa where he met Haridhar. Wasnt it pure fate that he got the letter before Haridhar died. And that too in such a strange way that he couldn’t even understand and now his journey to shimla disguised as someone else.

Jap was sure of one thing. He has nothing to loose in this whole situation. Even if he gets caught red handed by the police then the worse that can happen is an imprisonment in jail for a few years.

Even in that situation he will get a free bed, a roof and food. Jap had already seen the worst in his life which has made him strong enough to face this bad time. Though he does get a little sad sometimes whenever he used to think about the possibility that he might fail somehow and all his dreams would shatter. But still he was trying hard to stay positive.

With all these mixed thoughts Jap closed his eyes and tried to sleep as it was nearly midnight and he had to be fresh in the morning for the long journey ahead of him.

But every time he closed his eyes, Haridhar’s dead face started haunting him. So he tried to distract his mind by thinking about Annie and all the sexual fantasies and experiences he shared with her which always worked for him. As soon as he reached those thoughts he always started feeling hard. Just like that old saying, ‘’if your brain is working too much and you want it to rest then start working with your penis’’ Jap will make love to his hand tonite and that will take away his worries for sometime and will help him sleep. It always worked as Jap fell sleep as soon as he was through in the train’s wash room.

Jap saw himself hanging on the train’s door and also saw a policeman after him. He only had 2 choices, either to surrender and get punished for something which he didn’t do or to jump off the train and keep running. Going to a prison was the last thing he wanted to do right now so he decided to jump off the train. But the train was moving too fast. Jap had no clue about know how much will it hurt by jumping off the train. Without wasting any more time he jumped and as per the rule he fell on the railway track and broke his ankle.The same time he heard the whistle of another train approaching towards him from the other side. His immediate reaction was to get up and run to safety but he couldn’t move because of his broken leg. His heart was beating faster as the distance between him and the train was getting smaller and smaller. All that he could hear in his head was the whistle.

Jap could see his life flashing before his eyes. But as he closed his eyes and tried to scream, he heard a voice,’’bhai sahab uth jao. Mumbai aa gaya hai’’. Jap woke up with sweat covered face and realised that it was just a dream. It took him a while to recall his whereabouts.

He took a long breath to relax. Jap deboarded the train at the station and followed the crowd leaving the station to their respected destinations. While he was making his way through the crowded railway platform he stopped in front of an old man wearing a red kurta with a metal band (inscribed by a number) tied to his arm. Jap asked,’ uncle, ye delhi ke liye train kahan se milegi’’.The old guy replied ,’’delhi ke liye train to VT station se milegi aur VT station ke liye tumhe yahin se local train pakadni padegi.’’ After getting the required information, Jap thanked the old guy and went towards the counter to get the ticket for the local and saw a long line of people for the same.

Jap noticed that Mumbai had not changed a bit in the last 7 years. It was the same as today when he left Mumbai. Where ever he saw people were running. Either towards the trains or towards the exit. Mumbai’s life as always seems fast and ruthless. Everyone was running for something or the other. That is why it is called the city of dreams and a simple rule applies to this city that if you want to achieve your dream then run after it as fast as you can or someone else will take it from you. As they say, in Mumbai opportunities and money is everywhere in the air and it only requires a talented man to catch them and if you grab it, it’s yours. A good thing about Mumbai is that it never differentiates between the poor and the rich but if you are talented then it will give you complete respect. After waiting in the queue for nearly 45 minutes Jap got the ticket and boarded the local to reach VT station. Ever since he woke up, a thought was troubling him again and again. He was thinking about Haridhar and whatever must be going on at his house. By now everyone would have found out about Haridhar’s death and they might be searching for Jap all over the place. But one question which was troubling him most was that whether Haridhar was murdered or did he just die a natural death. If Haridhar is murdered then who did it and why. Jap had not seen Haridhar talking to anyone in the last seven years. So who can it be who had a grudge against him and why? And who would be at a benefit by Haridhar’s death. Jap was wandering in the web of different possibilities. As far as he knew about Haridhar, he had nothing except the house and some old furniture which was not that valuable.

In the complete neighbourhood only Annie had the most expensive house and that too just because of its location. Ocean facing and built by some Portuguese in the 19th century, which worth more than dozens of houses in the same locality.

On the contrary Haridhar’s house seemed like a servants quarter as compared to Annie’s house.The question was still far from being answered. Jap was still standing in the local train surviving in the crowd and waiting to reach VT station. He actually didn’t know the time it takes to reach VT station. He asked a guy standing besides him and was answered that the co passenger was also going to VT. After about half an hour or so both of them got down at the VT station. Jap went to the ticket counter to get a ticket for Delhi but to his surprise there were just a few people standing in front of the counter. Jap considered himself lucky but when he enquired about the tickets he came to know that there weren’t any train leaving for Delhi at that time and the next train was in the afternoon. So he had to wait till 2 in the after noon for the tickets and the booking will start exactly 1 hour before the boarding.


Jap had around 6 hours to kill but had nothing to do in the mean time. So he went out of the station and started searching for a hotel to get some breakfast. As he was walking towards market nearby the VT station his eyes were scanning everywhere for cops. He went to a south Indian hotel and ordered Masala Dosa with tea. While waiting for his order he started counting his money. He had never counted his savings but he had a rough idea about the amount he was carrying but he wanted to be sure. He took the plastic bag out from his packet and started counting his money notes. There were many 100 rupees notes, a few 500 rupee notes, few 1000 rupees notes and a few coins. As soon as the counting finished, Jap had a smile on his face after a very long time. He couldn’t believe that he had just counted seventeen thousand rupees so he counted it again just to make sure.

Now he had to buy some clothes and a suitcase to cover his disguise as Haridhar’s son. So after he paid for his breakfast, he asked the hotel manager,’’bhaiya, yahan nazdeek main kapdo ki market hai kya.’’ The guy at the counter first gave him a stare then just pointed towards the left side of the hotel.The Mumbai locals or the Marathis don’t like to be called ‘’bhaiya’’ as this term is for people from UTTAR PRADESH or BIHAR and Marathis don’t like them at all and that’s the sole reason why that hotel manager gave Jap the stare.

Jap had more important things to do then to think about stares so he just left the tip for the waiter and went towards the direction the hotel manager gave him.

Jap went to a shop near by, tried a few clothes, checked the quality and style and finally bought a pair of jeans and few t-shirts and left the shop after paying for it. He also bought a suitcase that seemed expensive but was just a replica of some international brand.

As soon as he got free from the shopping a thought hit him. There was just one problem. How would he convince the people from Haridhar’s village that he was Haridhar’s son? He required an identity card or some paper to prove his point. He was still left with a few hours to kill so he started searching for a cyber cafe.

After asking around and after walking for almost an hour he found a cyber cafe. But now the problem was whether the shop owner will help him or not. He decided to leave it to fate again and went inside the shop. He saw a man sitting almost at the entrance,’’bhai aap photocopy bhi karte ho kya.’’ The guy was busy watching some cricket match on his small television. He just nodded his head in agreement. Jap handed over his identity card to the man and asked for 2 copies. The guy did as asked with merely taking his eyes off the television set.

After taking the copies, Jap asked the man another question,’’bhai is I.D card main ek galti hai, Kya aap isse theek kar sakte ho?’’ But the guy hardly paid any attention towards him and replied,’’2 rupay. Khulle Dena ‘‘as Jap was about to pay him, another guy from the back of the computer shouted,’’Saw rupay lagenge, kaam ho jaega.’’

Jap was trying to locate the guy whose voice he just heard and soon the guy was in front of him. His complexion and accent proved that he was a Marathi. Jap replied,’’Chalega bhai, bus is photo copy main baap ka naam or address badalna hai’’.’’Tera address to Nepal ka hai’’ the Marathi guy asked. ‘‘Naya phone number Lena hai to isiliye India ka address chahiye ‘‘, Jap replied without looking him in the eye. ‘‘Achha. Idhar aa jao aur ye photo copy mujhe de do. Kaam ho jaega ‘’, the Marathi guy said and passed a blank paper towards him. ‘‘Isme Jo bhi badalna hai wo likh do. Pitaji ka naam aur ghar ka address’’, and asked him to wait for 20 minutes. Jap just wrote everything on that white sheet of paper and handed it to the Marathi guy and left the shop as not to raise any suspicion against him. Mean while he searched for a public toilet and had the best shit ever. Feeling a little less stressed, he returned to the cyber cafe, took the photocopy of his new identity card and checked this edited document.

Name — Jap Singh Pashaik

Fathers name — Haridhar Pashaik

DOB — 05.11.87

Permanent address — house no 2001, bagha beach, goa

Jap took 2 more copies of the document and paid the guy his money and started for VT railway station. It was already 1 pm and he had 1 more hour to kill so he thought about spending it at the station only as soon he will have to stand in the queue to get his ticket. It took him 20 minutes to walk back to the station and as he had assumed the queue of passengers was already lined up in front of the counter. So he stood with his new bag and waited for his turn in that long queue of passengers. It was almost 2 in the afternoon and the dispatch time for AUGUST KRANTI (shatabdi express) was 2.45pm and Jap was still far away from the ticket counter because of the people who were not standing in the queue but who were getting their tickets before others because they knew someone who knew someone in that ticket reservation counter.

Jap knew that if he stood there for a few more minutes he might not get the ticket for Delhi. So he started thinking about some other way to get it.

He noticed a guy who was talking to passengers in the same queue and the strange thing was that after talking to this man the passengers were leaving the long queue for good. Jap asked the guy standing behind him to watch his place till he’s back from the toilet and went directly to that guy in hope of some help.This was the same guy who was talking to passengers in front of him and pulling them out from the queue,’’bhai help kardo thoda. Delhi ka ticket chahiye.’’, Jap requested him.

The guy replied,’’2600 rupay ki ticket hai 2nd a.c ki. Chahiye? Khana bhi free milega.’’ Jap had no idea about the fare but he didn’t mind paying this guy if he would get him him the ticket. ‘Chalega. Lekin koi problem to nahi hoga Na?’’ Jap asked. The man replied,’’problem kuch nahi hogi. Bus jab ticket checker naam puche to apna naam Rohit Thakur batana.’’

Jap already knew it as he had already traveled once with a fake ticket from Bombay to goa 7 years ago by the name JAY VIR SINGH. Jap counted the cash and gave it to that guy in exchange for a confirmed ticket. Now he just has to wait for his train. After 40 minutes his train was at the station. So he searched the reservation list for his seat number and soon he was at his seat without any problem. He had an upper deck in the compartment and he was happy because this is the first time he was in an air conditioned room.

After a few minutes he heard the whistle of the train and now he knew that in the next 18 hours he will be in Delhi. Jap had to plan a lot of things in his mind but his priority was to reach Delhi first and that too without being caught.The first thing that Jap did as soon as his journey started was to buy the newspaper. Jap wanted to check whether the news of Haridhar’s death had been published in the newspaper or not. Whether his secret has been revealed or not. But he didn’t find anything in the newspaper. Jap’s mind was again asking him questions and giving him some strange answers too. Maybe Haridhar was not that famous and may be his death was not a big issue so maybe he was still safe. Jap was lost in all these thoughts when he heard someone calling him,’’bhai chai pioge ya coffee?’’ ‘‘Chai chalegi.’’, Jap replied to the train waiter.

This guy, wearing a railway staff uniform, was in his late 40’s with a beer belly, seemed like a Marathi guy. The waiter passed him a thermous flask filled with hot water and few sachets of sugar, tea, milk powder, biscuits and a cup. Now Jap was faced with another problem.

Why were all these tea ingrediants given to him seperately? He didn’t know how to mix them together as this was his first time when he had seen such kind of tea preperations. So he waited till the other passengers had their tea and then he prepared his tea doing exactly what everyone else did.The experience till now was fun for jap as he was the only one who knew about the mess he was in.

After finishing his tea, Jap came down from his compartment and pretended to go to the washroom as he just wanted to look around the train. This train was like a moving guest house with lots of people sleeping under one roof. A guest house which was taking its guests to their respective destinations. Jap saw a number of families travelling together while having all the fun they can but rather than bringing a smile to his face, all these things were making him remember his own family that he had left behind long ago. As it was his first time in an air conditioned train so he was not very comfortable. He was feeling cold and much suffocated. So Jap decided to get out his compartment and stand at the door for a while.

While standing there, Jap asked one of the train staffs if he could open the door and get some fresh air. The staff guy just nodded his head in agreement and went his way. This was the most amazing feeling for Jap till now. He could see everything being left behind as the train was moving ahead just like his very own life. Jap stood there only for a while and then came back to his compartment. He saw that someone had left a pillow and a few clean sheets. The train staff he thought and started making his bed for the night. Soon he heard a voice that he had heard before,’’bhai lunch aur dinner main kya loge. Vegeterian ya non-vegeterian.’’ This was the same railway staff guy who had come earlier with the tea. ‘’non-vegeterian main kya hai’’, Jap asked the staff guy while fiddling with his pillow. ‘‘Chicken aur anda curry’’, the staff guy replied. Jap asked him to get non veg for him and lied down on his bed.

Jap didn’t want to mingle with any fellow passengers so he pretended either to be busy reading the newspaper again and again or to sleep. After having his lunch, Jap did sleep for a while but soon got up after finding Annie again in his dreams but this time she was not a part of any sexual fantasy.

This time she was with Haridhar and that shocked Jap and he woke up. He couldn’t understand the meaning of this dream but this raised another question in his mind, Could Annie kill Haridhar? But there was no way that he could get the answer to this question and this was very frustating for Jap.

During this 18 hours journey from mumbai to Delhi Jap had to plan a lot but he didn’t had a single clue about it. The more he thought the tougher it felt. Whenever he got a possible answer, a new question would come into play. During all this mess in his mind he saw a girl in a skirt standing near the door and smoking. Well this time Jap really wanted his peace of mind. So he went to sit near the door but seeing his place occupied by a beautiful foreigner he couldn’t stop himself.

Jap only knew a few English words and he could talk a bit too as it was a part of his past job profile. Jap started the conversation with the girl by saying,’’hey friend, you stand my place.’’ The girl just smiled and replied,’’2 minutes.’’, smoked 2 more drags before throwing the cigarette and before leaving offered a cigarette to Jap. He just refused by saying,’’i cant, i promise friend not to.’’ Jap could remember his Mumbai friend whom he had promised not to smoke ever in his life. Jap spent the next couple of hours sitting on that train door thinking about Jay, that foreigner girl and shimla.

It was 12.30 when he returned to his compartment and fell asleep as soon as he lied down. He slept soundly till the time the staff guy shouted for the morning tea. His sleep was so deep that he didn’t had any dream which was also new and surprising for him.The train was supposed to reach Delhi Pahadganj railway station around 7.30 am so it was train’s staff duty to make sure that till then every passenger is awake and served tea. This was Jap’s first morning in the capital of India. He had the same mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness which he had 7 years ago when he came to goa for the first time but a huge difference was that he was in more trouble this time than the last time.

Jap just got out from the train and took his first step in the New Delhi Railway Station PAHADGANJ. It was his first morning in the capital and the crowd was making him nervous as usual. Still Jap had to find his way out from that crowd of thousands of warriors fighting their arse off to reach their respective workplace on time.

He just decided to follow the people as most of them were going towards a particular way and as the saying goes,’’follow the flock until you become a hawk.’’ It took Jap exactly 20 minutes to get out of the platform to reach the exit gate. While finding his way out he noticed different people of different places and origins. Just like Mumbai, Delhi railway station is also a packed station most of the time where everyone is running, maybe to reach the same place first.

6. Jap was still a bit scared worrying about what would follow in the near future. As soon as he got out of the station, he was surrounded by taxi and auto rikshaw drivers. Each one was trying their best to convince the passengers to hire their vehicle. Jap could see a very long queue of such vehicles parked just outside the station. Jap couldn’t decide what mode of transportation he should use but he had to make a choice soon before the crowd coming behind him takes all his options.

Suddenly a guy wearing a turban, in his 50’s came towards Jap and asked him,’’kahan jaoge bhai?’’ Without thinking Jap replied,’’Shimla’’ The turban guy gave him a weird look and said, ‘’shimla Jana hai?’’ ‘‘Haanji bhaiya’’ replied jap with an innocent smile. ‘’250 rupey lagenge’’, answered the turban guy. Jap was bit surprised with the reply as he according to him 250 rupees is way too less for shimla which is around 9–10 hours journey from Delhi by bus.

While trying to absorb the answer Jap asked the turban guy,’’bhaiya sirf 250 rupey main aap mujhe Shimla chod doge? Shimla to kaafi duur hai Delhi se!’’

Listening to this the turban guy started laughing loudly. Jap couldn’t understand this reaction to such a simple question. But before jap could reach some crazy conclusion the turban guy replied,’’tusi thik keh rahe ho ji. 250 rupey to bahut kam hai Shimla pahunchane ke liye’’ Then the turban guy explained that he is charging 250 rupees to drop him in ISBT(interstate bus terminal) from where he can get a direct bus to Shimla.

Now Jap was convinced that he is on the right track so he just followed the turban guy and boarded his autorikshaw. It was a green and yellow coloured rikshaw which he had never seen before either in mumbai or in goa. As soon as his autorikshaw started, Jap knew that he was getting closer and closer to his destination.

The turban guy was a jolly guy who just couldnt seem to stop talking and cursing. Jap found him jolly as the turban guy was telling him all the stories about how some auto drivers would scam tourists around Delhi and how all the drivers had a bad reputation because of the few guilty.

Jap was listening to all of this with complete attention as some of the stories were unbelievable. Like this one about a foreigner who was dropped to some hotel by the auto driver where the people at the hotel asked him not to get out of his room as supposedly there were riots outside. The unlucky guy was charged 10 times more than usual for that period.

But fortunately that foreigner asked some random guy and found out that he was tricked and scammed into believing the story about ongoing riots.

Another story was even more interesting as some auto rikshaw driver took 2 days to cover a journey of 2 hours inside Delhi and also asked the foreigner to stay at a hotel for the night to rest for the ‘’long journey’’. The tourist was dropped at his destination the next day and was charged 1600 rupees as per the meter (government approved rate) of the auto.

Jap was not sure why this turban guy was telling him all about these weird instances. As this information was just scaring him in place of updating his knowledge as he was also a tourist and didn’t know anything about Delhi. Being a an orfan and poor he never got the luxury like a normal kid to study about any city let alone Delhi in his school history books.

He was relieved that atleast the cursing was for the fellow drivers who were continuously honking and were trying to overtake his auto. Jap asked the driver,’’aapka naam kya hai Sardar ji?’’

In all the excitement that our driver felt to answer the question, the turban guy literally turned back to face Jap while driving the auto at its top speed, gave him an angry stare and replied after a long pause, ‘’Sardar Singh’’ and started laughing like he just cracked a joke but Jap didnt understand the humour. During all this talking and laughing Jap’s eyes were stuck on the city he was passing by. He had come out of those busy and small roads and was passing a huge flyover which made the high speed auto seemed slowly.

After the ‘’joke’’ Jap decided not to talk to the turban guy but still payed attention to everything that he had to say. It took them exactly 40 minutes to reach ISBT. After paying him Jap took his bag, said thanks and bid farewell to Sardar Singh, the turban guy. The one thing that he had understood and absorbed about cities was that all the cities are same. They have the same expectations, the same problems and almost every one comes to these cities for the same reason which is to get a better life though the definition for better life is different for everyone.

Delhi had surely surprised Jap but things had turned his way and till now he had not faced any problem. Jap even forgot the reason for leaving goa. But that was soon recalled by the newspaper. As soon as he saw the stand he became curious to open it and check for any sign about Goa.

Jap knew that he was still under the radar and as soon as this incident will come in the news the sooner it will reach Shimla too which will ruin his plans once again but there was something which was keeping him positive. Maybe it was just the truth that he didn’t do anything wrong.

But he had to read the newspaper. He couldn’t stop thinking about people recognising him but if it’s not in the newspaper then he’ll just assume that maybe the culprit has been arrested and finally he’s been proved innocent. He smiled realizing that these were his ways to keep himself positive and alert.

As soon as he entered the ISBT, he saw these number of buses filled with hundreds of thousands of people which only made him nervous as he just couldn’t bear any more staring.

It was just 9 am but the bus station was alive and working. Jap had to search for his bus so he just went to a random counter and asked about the bus that leaves for shimla. The guy was speaking in a very different language which seemed like Hindi but Jap couldn’t understand it.

Jap was confused whether the guy was answering his question or just shouting at him.

Jap asked again,’’bhai sahab ye shimla ki bus kahan se milegi.’’ The guy just pointed the way. Jap started walking in the given direction and walked a bit more towards the other end of the station.

At last he found the counter which had a sign board that said Delhi to Shimla but it had 2 counters. The 1st one just said Delhi to Shimla but the 2nd counter had 2 sub counters which said NON AC & VOLVO. He could see a long queue in front of that counter as compared to the other one, so he asked the guy who was giving tickets,’’bhai Shimla ke liye bus ki ticket yahin se milegi?’’ The guy sitting inside the counter just nodded his head in agreement and waved his hand at Jap to stand in the queue and wait for his turn.

Jap had to wait for 20 minutes to reach his turn but he finally got his ticket and that too for 750 rupees. The guy was also writing the seat number and bus number on the back of the tickets. Now all that was left for Jap to do was to wait. The arrival time for the bus was 9.40 am and departure time was 9.55. Jap didn’t knew whether the bus will stop somewhere before shimla or not and as he was already feeling very hungry, he decided to grab something to eat.

Jap could see many food vendors around but he was still making up his mind. He just decided to have some aloo paranthas and a coke. Besides that incident in goa, he was enjoying his journey alot.

Jap realised that for the first time he didn’t had to wash any dishes or clean the place and listen to anybody’s bullshit. Jap knew whatever happened in goa, none of that was his fault but he decided that if he gets this job (of disguising as Haridhar’s son) done he will never compromise again.

After finishing his food Jap went to search for his bus and was amazed to see it. It was something which he had seen alot but had never traveled in. Jap found his seat and settled as fast as he could. He kept his bag under his legs and rested his arse finally in the air conditioned bus. His experience with air conditioned space was not very good. Jap could still remember the chill that he felt last night in the train where he was freezing .

He felt extremely sleepy due to the super heavy breakfast that he just had. So without wasting any time he just closed his eyes and felt the cold air coming towards him from the air duct above his head. This was just the thing he needed right now and before he even knew it, he fell asleep.

Jap woke up and found himself lying in a bed. He recognized the room immidietly. This was Annie’s house but how did he get there. He could hear Annie talking to some one in the other room. Jap went to the door and started looking from the key hole and saw Annie talking to Haridhar. They were both arguing about something but about what. He decided to wait there for a while and see if he could get some hint of what Annie and haridhar was talking about.

To his surprise Annie was calling Haridhar as Harry and they were talking about some house. Soon the arguing turned into raised voices and Haridhar started pointing a finger at Annie, as if blaming her for something. In return Annie was also answering him aggressively

All of a sudden Annie started taking her clothes off and kissing Haridhar at the same time.

This was weird and unacceptable for Jap. He couldn’t believe his eyes or anything that was happening there.

How and why was he in Annie’s house? How could Haridhar be still alive? And why was Haridhar in Annie’s house? And how the hell could Annie makeout with Haridhar? And before Jap could think about anything else, he saw Annie taking Haridhar’s belt while taking his pants off and wrapping it around Haridhar’s neck. In a matter of seconds, Haridhar was strangled to death. This all happened so fast that even Jap was shocked.

Soon after Annie came towards the door where Jap was standing and watching all this and started laughing loudly like some crazy person and shouted loudly,’’tera kaam ho gya Jap, maine usse maar dala.’’ She repeated this over and over again till she reached the door.

As soon as she reached the door she started knocking at it and banging it. Jap was so scared that he started crying loudly and begged Annie to leave him alone. All of this got absorbed in a loud scream. The scream that woke him up was heard by everyone in the bus too.

As soon as he opened his eyes, Jap realized that it was just a dream though he had scared every one in the bus including the girl sitting next to him. Every one was staring at him with questions seeking eyes but soon things went back to normal after a while as everyone realized to know that some boy had a bad dream.

But the girl sitting next to him was still in shock, so Jap apologized to her many times. He even held his ears to apologize and to his surprise he himself didn’t had any idea why he did that. But the girl smile proved that he had been forgiven though she changed her seat later. She went to the empty window seat which was 2 rows behind their current seat. Jap was thinking about why girls like window seats so much if she would have asked him he would have happily given the seat to her but any how now she had already shifted. In just those brief moments Jap realised that this girl was very cute and charming but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her and now when she was sitting two rows behind him he was just not able to stop thinking about her.

The girl didn’t even say a word to him and Jap had already fallen for her. This seems stupid but Jap was already thinking about a life with her after he’ll win that prize money in Haridhars village. Jap was day dreaming with his eyes open when the bus crossed Chandigarh and just entered Himachal Pradesh. He slept for nearly 6 hours straight and finally rubbed his eyes when the conductor announced for the bus halt for lunch in the next 5 minutes.

Before he could stop himself, he turned around to check on the girl and saw the girl still sitting at the same seat. This time when he woke up he had almost forgotten about Goa and the bad dream he had. All because of this girl that was occupying his mind now. Her beauty had overshadowed everything for him. It felt like magic. Her smile was giving him goosebumps and his heart beat was getting faster by the minute. She had changed something inside him.

Now Jap was eagerly waiting for the bus to stop so that he could go and talk to her but before that he had to find a way to talk to her. Soon the bus stopped near a restaurant. The conductor made the announcement again that they have stopped for a 20 minutes lunch break. In the next 5 minutes the bus was empty and only Jap and that girl was left behind. While getting out Jap looked back and found the girl sleeping. Still Jap took the risk and went near her seat. ‘‘Excuse me. Bus ruk gayi hai. Kuch Lana hai aapke liye’’ Jap asked her. The girl opened her eyes but didn’t react.

7. Jap repeated his statement again,’’suniye mam, bus ruk gayi hai kuch Lana hai aapke liye?’’ The look on her face somehow told Jap that she was not interested in talking to him. It shattered his heart but what could he do except blaming his destiny and luck. Jap had decided not to have lunch as he didn’t want to leave the bus but nature’s call changes everything that too after such heavy breakfast.

Jap left the bus and went to the toilet and took his best time and thought about this movie in which Sharukh Khan met Manisha Koirala in a railway station while asking for a match stick. And when Sharukh Khan thought about expressing his feelings to Manisha Koirala she had just vanished. This Manisha’s vanishing act was not good for Sharukh as it totaly changed the meaning of his life. Which also made the movie better but Jap couldn’t let that girl vanish so he just hurried back to the bus. He entered the bus and noticed that the girl was not in her seat.

He quickly got out and started searching for her everywhere but she had just vanished.

Jap couldn’t believe the resemblance between what just happened which matches exactly to that situation in the movie. That girl also resembled Manisha Koirala as her eyes were also bit tribal like her. Jap loved Manisha Koirala and he had watched most of her movies may be for the reason that Manisha Koirala was also from Nepal, his home country and may be that was the reason Jap believed that he will met her again.

He suddenly remembered what once Haridhar had told him about the tribal look in the people who belong to Shimla which somehow made Jap more positive about meeting her again.

Soon the conducter blowed his whistle and Jap went back to his seat again. Now he had a totally new topic in his mind to think about which was also distracting him from the other and the real situation of his life.

Jap was already making plans of what to say to her if he met her again. On reaching Shimla Jap asked the conductor to help him find the bus for Kiari village. Conductor told Jap that he won’t find any bus at this time for Kiari and showed him the way to reach Mall Road and from where jap was suggested to ask someone to reach Lakkar Bazaar as the bus stand was near to that place and in the morning Jap could find the bus to his destination.

It was 6.30 in the evening so Jap took the advice of conductor and started walking towards Mall Road with a thought of meeting his stranger somewhere. When he saw Shimla from the place where he got down from bus it looked so crowded and messed up but when he reached the Mall Road his assumption about this town was changed instantly as Shimla town looked beautiful at this time of the evening though Jap’s eyes were busy searching for someone but this city had certainly made him happy from inside. Once he reached on the top on this small Ridge, he asked a boy who was passing by about the way for Lakkar Bazar.

Jap was given directions for a road which was at the end of ridge and which turned left towards a market. So he kept on walking towards the given direction and soon he could see a tiny market with many shops, selling things made of and carved out of wood. Jap just assumed that maybe the wooden products gave the market its name Lakkar Bazar.

Now his priority is to find a shelter for himself so he started looking around for hotel signs. After passing a few shops he saw a wine shop which made him think about buying beers for the night. While paying for the beers, Jap asked the cashier about the hotels nearby. The guy just gave him a strange look and replied very rudely,’’hotel main hi khade ho, ye saamne wala darwaza reception ki taraf khulta hai.’’ Jap was shocked at his own ignorance and the fact that his mind was so busy finding a hotel that he missed the one in front of him.

Jap just thanked the guy and went towards the door right in front of him with a name ‘Hotel Ashiana’ written in capital letters. On reaching the reception the first guy that Jap saw was a old fellow in his 60’s, sitting at the back of reception desk and talking on the landline phone.

‘‘Ek room chahiye. Aaj raat ke liye’’, Jap enquired. The old fellow replied with a big smile, ‘’zaroor milega ji. 1 kya jitne bolo utne milenge.”

This made Jap think that why can’t people just gives a simple answer for a simple question? Why are the answers always sarcastic? ‘‘Kaisa room chahiye aapko?’’ the old man had already asked twice, but seeing Jap lost in his own world made him asks again.

‘‘Ek raat ke liye chahiye, kaisa bhi chalega. Bus zyada mehanga Na ho.’’ Jap replied while checking the room keys left on the reception wall. ‘’800 ka hai. complimentary breakfast bhi milega.’’, the old man replied and again with a big smile showing off most of his teeth which comprised of teeth that were a little black, a little yellow and a bit orange.

Jap handed the cash to the old fellow and asked for the keys. But the old man was not in any hurry. He checked the cash twice and then replied,’’Id proof ki photo copy bhi chahiye.’’ Listening to this a small grin came to Jap’s face remembering the small step he took in Mumbai. He already had 2 photocopies of his fake id with him so he simply passed 1 of them to the old fellow and asked him to hurry as he was tired and his beers were getting warm.

The old fellow called the waiter and asked him to escort Jap to his room and then went back to his landline phone which was on hold the whole time.The room was fine and specially designed for single person. It had the basics, a single bed and a table with a single chair and a small bathroom cum toilet attached to the room. The waiter just told Jap about the 2 different taps for hot and cold water in the washroom and left the room immidietly. Jap locked the door from inside and took a bath to wash off the tiredness of his body. He came out, switched on the television, opened the beer bottle and searched for the menu card. But he left everything mid way after hearing something on the television.

Some news channel was playing news in which a lady was handcuffed by police while her face was covered with a piece of cloth. Jap increased the volume to recheck and then he heard the unbelievable news about the murder of an old man named Harry who used to stay alone in an old house in Goa and this woman was charged for his murder as the police found a video message from unknown sources.

Now the unanswered question is that whether this is some guy named Harry or Haridhar. He switched between many channels to confirm the news over and over again but they were not revealing the name of the victim or the accused and the news was the same on every channel. The media had not mentioned anything about the servant or the family.

This news had brought back all the past memories and forced Jap to rethink about every angle of this story. If this news is about Haridhar then that woman has to be Annie and if Annie was the murderer then why did she do it. Jap was busy with these questions when somebody knocked at the door. Jap’s heart just fell a rush and started beating twice as fast. He got so scared that he froze at the same place where he was standing. And then he heard a voice. “sir , khaane main kya loge. Room ka phone kharaab hai.’’ It was the same waiter. Jap came back to his senses after recognising his voice.

Jap picked up the menu and opened the door. While Jap was busy deciding his order for dinner, the waiter asked him,’’kuch maal shaal chahiye?” “Maal matlab?” Jap was confused. Jap had a guess what the waiter was saying as he used to do the same thing in goa. ‘”Matlab charas ya ganja sir.”, the waiter replied with his hands in the posture as if he was smoking a chillum.

Jap just refused and ordered a non-vegetarian thaali for himself. The waiter left the room with a sad smile with a shattered hope to make some extra money. This trend is followed at many places around the world where the waiter directly sells the herbs to the customer. Jap drank his first beer bottle in almost no time and started the 2nd one thinking about the present situation which is getting more messed up than his past.

In the middle of all this and out of nowhere he suddenly remembered the girl from the bus, his Manisha Koirala who made him fall for her with just a simple smile. While his eyes were looking at a guy jumping from a bridge with a rope attached to his feet in some foreign channel on his television. This caught his attention; he decided to watch it for a while. This sport was called Bungy jumping and it’s considered to be one of the best thrilling adventure sports.

He finished his 2nd bottle of beer, the waiter came back with his dinner and served him in his room and before Jap realised, he fell asleep. Jap was enjoying the air that he could feel at the moment and he also noticed he was talking to his dream girl about something.

It seemed as if she was asking jap to do something and when Jap turned around he saw himself on the bridge where a guy was convincing Jap to tie a rope to his feet.

His dream girl, his Manisha Koirala was also encouraging him but Jap was afraid of heights and he had no idea how he ended up in this situation. On One side was his life where he was alone and on the other side was the girl he loved and the risk of his own death. Though he could see his life flashing before his eyes, he still gathered all the courage and went towards the edge of the bridge. But he couldn’t jump. He opens the ropes from his legs, goes back to his girl and kisses her with so much passion as if it’s the last kiss of his life and it filled his heart with love and courage. He went back to the bridge and jumped. Jap’s mind was telling him that something was wrong but he couldn’t make out what exactly.

“FUCK” Jap shouted, he realised that he forgot to tie the rope in his feet and he was falling freely. For a while he could only see his girls face but then he woke up in a shock of falling from such a height. Yet another deadly dream which had a unique comedy in it. This dream made him laugh for a while like a crazy person. Jap couldn’t believe that he was such an idiot that forgot the basic step of safety out of sheer excitement and that to just to convince a girl. Because if he doesn’t survive then what good is the girl for him.

It was 7 am on a chilling morning. Jap is supposed to catch the bus for Haridhar’s village Kiari after he finds the way to the bus stand so he rushed to the wash room. After about an hour Jap reached the bus station without any problem as the ground which he saw yesterday while coming to the hotel was actually a part of the bus station. People call it the ice skating ring as in winters its used for ice skating but the rest of the year it was just a ground , mostly used for parking and it was visible and reachable from almost every direction. Jap went to the counter and asked the guy with a heavy beard,”uncle, kiari jaane ke liye bus kitne baje milegi?” The guy replied in a very husky voice,”parking main check karo shayad koi bus jaane waali hai wahan.” Jap rushed to the parking and started reading the name plates in all the buses and found a private bus with the words “Shimla to Kiari via Theog & Gumma” written at the name plate. He asked the driver about the departure time. But to his surprise the driver replies in Nepali.

Though Jap was taken aback he asks the same question again in Hindi to avoid any kind of suspicion. But he was curious about 1 thing. How did the driver know that he’s from Nepal?

While answering Jap’s question the driver told Jap that his accent made him assume that he was from Nepal and that was the sole reason that made him answer in Nepali.

Jap was impressed with his fluency in Nepali language so he asked the driver for the reason but wasn’t surprised with the answer. People who leave Nepal due to poverty or the mayoist or army come to India to earn livelihood for themselves and their families.

The village where Jap was going was one of the biggest apple ranges in the entire country and apple orchids need a lot of workers. So for this hard work the owners of these orchids hire Nepali labor and pay them on a daily basis. To better communicate with the laborers the owners learn their language. This complete need is the reason for the easy understanding of the Nepali language by the locals in this part of Shimla.

Jap was not going to deal with these labourers as far as he knew but what if his accent got him in trouble. It could become a big problem for him and spoil all that he has planned. He realises that he can figure out the solution later but whats the need of the hour is food. So he searched for something to eat and again had a couple of aalu paranthas with curd. It easily fills him up and helps him in sleeping while travelling.

He bought the bus ticket, got on the bus and again sat down in the window seat in the last row and soon realised that the bus was mostly empty. He kept his bag under his legs and waited for the bus to start its journey. His eyes started getting heavy and he got the message that he was almost on the verge of falling asleep so he decided to close his eyes and tried to concentrate on the song that was playing in the bus stereo. The song was a bit different than Hindi but the music was like a song from the movie Kurukshetra,’’ban than chali dekho e jati re’’. But it wasn’t Hindi for sure as Jap couldn’t understand the language.

Jap had already told the conductor to inform him when they reached the destination. Though his eyes were heavy and he could sleep anytime soon but he still couldn’t because of the restlessness that he felt because of all the thinking about so many things and being so close to Haridhars village.

Conductor had confirmed that it would take roughly 4 hours to reach kiari from shimla.


Jap had no idea what he was going to face today in the afternoon but he knew that once he reaches the village he had to find a guy named Ravidhar Pashaik and show the letter to him

Jap had reached this far all alone which could only mean that this journey has a destination too. Though he still has no idea what it is and how far but his blind faith on his dreams and his future will surely take him to something worthy (he hopes).

Jap was physically asleep but his brain was still thinking about some crazy things. He could still see Annie lying naked in her bed and doing all those crazy things with him. He could still feel her hand on his penis as her touch used to make him hard in no time and right now he felt the same. The hand that was rubbing his penis felt so real. This complete dream felt real. Though he remembers that he slept in the bus so this cant be real, it is just a dream. Even after giving his brain the reasons it all felt so real to Jap. So he opened his eyes to check and found a hand on the top of his pants. This totally woke him up and now he knew that this didn’t felt real, it is actually happening and someone is really holding his penis. Jap took a long breath and looked towards his left side. His eyes couldn’t believe what he saw. A guy in his mid 30’s had a smile on his face and Jap’s penis in his hand. Jap jumped in shock and could just squeel. Like he just saw a ghost. But this was worse than seeing a ghost. This was something which Jap never expected. Jap’s squeel or the sort of shout was so loud that even the bus driver stopped and asked him for the reason. The not so old man pulled back his hands from Jap’s pants but was still smiling. Jap just replied that he saw a bad dream while sleeping and everything is fine now.

He had never experienced such a thing and his brain was confused. Jap was not comfortable sitting with this guy but the bus was full and maybe that encouraged this man to do what he did.

Jap checked the time and it was 10.30 in the morning. He could see lots of apple trees nearby the road. Jap assumed that in a maybe within an hour or less and he’ll reach his destination.

The bus was completely packed. He couldn’t even locate the conductor so Jap understood that he had to sit with this man for another hour.

He was not going to take any risk so he decided not to sleep for the sake of his honour and pride which was on a verge of destruction.

Jap had heard about such people who like people of the same gender but it was his first encounter with one and it had completely shaken him up.

Left with no choice, Jap pretended as if nothing happened and started staring at the trees and the scenery out the window. Though his mind was still thinking focused on only one thing and that was this guy sitting next to him who just a while ago molested him in a moving bus filled with hundreds of people. But soon his fear went away as this guy left a seat vacant near him. But Jap’s brain was so busy in ignoring him that he never realised that he left and another passenger took his seat. Fortunately this was a lady but Jap didn’t have the courage to see her face. He just kept on staring outside. He saw the bus stopping at a small station which had around 20 shops.

The conductor announces that the bus will be stopping here for 15 minutes and thereby the passengers can use this time to have tea or go to the toilet.

Most of the passengers went out and grabbed the tea glasses from one of the tea shops.

Jap ran towards the toilets, his bladder was on the verge on exploding.

He could feel the chill in the air and that his destination is near. So he asked the guy peeing next to him about this place and how far was Kiari from here. The guy was the driver of the bus he was travelling in. The driver told him that they have reached Kotkhai and Kiari is about 14 kilometers from here. The driver asked Jap to introduce himself and his reason of visiting.This was the same guy with whom Jap had the Nepali accent encounter at the Shimla bus stand so this time he was a little more careful while replying and answered the driver that he’s visiting one of his relative named Ravidhar and how he is related to him.

After listening to Ravidhar’s name, there was slight change in the driver’s tone. He started showering Jap with all these questions. ‘‘Aap ravidhar ji ke ghar Jana chahte hai? Aap haridhar ke bete ho kya? Haridhar khud kyun nahi aya?’’ This convinced Jap that he’s in the right place and people here knew Haridhar too. He just told the driver that Haridhar died few years ago and that is why he is here but he doesn’t know anyone here.

After a while Jap went back to the bus and saw the driver talking to the conductor. Soon everyone was looking at Jap like they just realized that a Bollywood star was sitting amongst them. Jap had everyone’s attention now. The bus started the rest of the journey to its destination. Now it was just a matter of half an hour. Jap was convinced everyone believed him and his story. As the time passed Jap could see the road getting narrower and people working in the orchids along the sides of the road. This place seemed like a village but was very developed. He could see solar street lights, a number of cars and nicely metaled roads which were a surprise to him.

Jap had seen villages earlier but they were far from developed without any electricity or proper roads or cars. Now the bus took a left turn and after 10 minutes the bus finally stopped at a small parking cum sub station. The conductor announced again that they have reached Kiari. Jap waited for everyone to leave the bus and when he came out he was stopped by the driver. This worried Jap but when the driver gave him a smile and told him that they will accompany him till Ravidhar’s house. On hearing this Jap took a sigh of relief.

It was a 15 minutes walk for Ravidhar’s house. His house was quite big and was very fabulous from outside.

Jap noticed that the architecture of the houses here was similar to the houses in Nepal

But all this is not important right now thought Jap while standing in front of Ravidhar’s house. The driver just shouted instead of ringing the door bell or knocking on the door. Soon a man in his late 50’s opened the door and greeted the driver. The driver said something to the old man in some different language which made Ravidhar to turn towards Jap’s direction. Before Jap could react Ravidhar hugged him. Ravidhar was speaking something in the same strange language used a while ago by the driver. Jap assumed it to be their local language. Though he didn’t understand their language but Jap understand the emotions he was surrounded with.

Ravidhar’s eyes were moist. The driver had told him everything. And now Ravidhar was holding him tight in his arms and weeping like a small boy. Ravidhar started shouting something again which sounded like he was informing everyone of Jap’s arrival.

He saw few ladies coming out from the house and then one of them hugged him too. Jap felt her tears on his shoulders. She was old enough to be Ravidhar’s mother. After the cocktail of tears and smiles our boy was taken inside the house.The house was even better from the inside. It was all wooden and had all the latest gadgets and equipments.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a pool table in the living room. Jap was taken to a room which had everything basic in it just like a hotel room. It looked so beautiful with a window view of the orchids. He could feel the fresh air coming in and filling his lungs.

Ravidhar showed him the bedroom and asked him to rest for a while before the lunch is served. Jap heard Ravidhar bolting the door from outside. This made no sense to him but anyways everything went well and according to his plan.

Jap decided to take a bath and rest for a while before lunch. But he was troubled by a single thought, why did Ravidhar bolted the door from outside? Was something wrong going to happen to him? Or does Ravidhar think that Jap will escape? And if so then what made him think this way? As soon as he started the shower all these questions just vanished with the chilled water. Jap had always bathed with cold water but this was insane. His body started freezing so he came out from the bathroom, wiped himself and sat down in front of the room heater.

He could hear people walking outside his room, whispering, crying but happily. He was surprised seeing the way these people reacted however they seemed positive. As Jap finished changing his clothes he heard the knock at the door, “beta kya tum tyaar ho?” Jap was sure that it was Ravidhar’s voice. Jap replied,’’Haanji uncle ji.’’ and unlocked the door from inside.

It was Ravidhar standing at the door wearing a white kurta pajama,’’yahan uncle nahi chalta, and chachu kehna padta hai’’ he said smilingly. ‘‘Chalo, kitchen main sab tumhara intzaar kar rahe hai’’ Ravidhar added. ‘‘Okie chachu chalo’’ jap replied and handed the letter to ravidhar which he got in Goa. Ravidhar easily recognized this letter as it was he who wrote it.

Jap followed Ravidhar towards the kitchen. As soon as he reached, he saw a lot of people sitting near the fire place in the kitchen.

Jap was asked to sit in the corner first. A few questions were asked about haridhar and his wife which jap answered normally. Jap had already made up the answers of some expected questions about Haridhar and his family. Jap explained them in simple words. ‘‘Is chitthi ki wajah se aap logo ke baare main pata laga. Aama to bachpan main hi guzar gayi thi aur tab se main America main hi reh raha tha apni naani ke saath. Pitaji nahi chahte the mujhe apne paas rakhna kyunki main unhe aama ki yaad dilata tha. 2 saal pehle main wapas India aaya jab pitaji guzre tab. Tab se main Goa main reh raha hun pitaji ke makaan main. Pitaji ke guzarne ke baad mera koi relative nahi hai, yahi sochta tha but jaise hi ye chitthi mili to bhaga chala aya aapke paas.’’

This small speech was enough for everyone and Jap’s plan was right and worked perfectly. Ravidhar mother came running towards Jap after listening to this story and hugged him tightly. She was too strong as per her age. Jap felt the strength of her arms around him.

Jap was very skinny and physically weak and he remembered Haridhar telling him once that he looked exactly like Jap when he was young. So maybe the resemblance convinced Haridhar’s mom that Jap is Haridhar’s son.

Slowly but soon the serious atmosphere evaporated and everyone started chatting.

Jap was given a place to sit in front on the fireplace which was the best seat in the kitchen.

Jap had previously decided not to talk much for the fear of getting caught. But he was listening to everyone with full attention. He was able to understand everything spoken in Hindi and he had no option but to guess the rest.

He could see Ravidhar talking to some old men who seemed to belong to the village. One of them was that driver. Jap was later told that the driver was also the owner of the bus.

After lunch, Ravidhar took Jap to another bedroom room where he was supposed to stay. This room was much better as it had the personal pool table, satellite television and a computer with internet.

This room was at the first floor with lots of windows and fresh air but it was baricated from outside by a net of iron rods. Maybe he was supposed to stay in this room for a reason and the reason can be related to prize money.

Before Ravidhar was about to leave, Jap asked,’’chachu, aap kuch BHUNDA ki baat kar rahe the chitthi main, jiska inaam kuch crore rupee milta hai!’’

‘‘Abhi kaafi din hai usko. So jao thoda aaram kar lo shaam KO tumhe apna gaon dikhaunga.’’, Ravidhar replied with a smile and left the room and locked the door from outside again.

But this time without giving too much of a thought to the locked door or about the BHUNDA or the prize money of 10 crores Jap closed his eyes and fell asleep.

9. Jap woke up in the evening by the sound of a knock on the door. Someone was trying hard to open the bolt from outside. After struggling for a few minutes, the door opened and someone came in the room. Jap’s eyes were still half closed. He could smell a female scent. Jap knew that some female from Ravidhar’s family has come to wake him up. But as soon Jap saw the girl he couldn’t believe what he saw. She was the same girl he met in the bus, his Manisha Koirala from the movie dil se and he being sharukh. Jap thought that he might be seeing a dream but with open eyes. But it was a beautiful dream. Jap had to pinch him and check. So he did.

This wasnt a dream so this convinced Jap that this is his girl, his better half, his first and last love. ‘‘Hello ji, pehchana mujhe’’ he thought about the words and they came out of his mouth before he could stop himself. ‘’

The girl stood there watching him but behaved as if she didn’t hear anything. Though she was kind of playing with her hands. As if trying to say something by hand signs but Jap was unable to understand. She was wiping her hand on her face like she has a moustache and she was rubbing her hand over it. All of this was so confusing for Jap. He was expecting her to say something instead she was making some funny sounds.

Then he saw the same old lady (Ravidhar’s mother) near the door. She started saying something in her local language but on seeing jap’s confused facial expressions she made it easy for jap,’’tumhare chachu bula rahe hai tumhe neeche, jaldi tyaar ho kar aa jao.’’ and added ‘’ye tumhari chotti behan hai Priyanka, tumhare chachu ki beti, lekin ye bol sun nahi sakti.’’

Jap was left shocked and speechless after what he just heard. He couldn’t believe what Ravidhar’s mother has just said about this girl with whom he was in deep love with.

She was his sister??!! ‘‘Wow’’ does something like this happens to any other normal person, Jap was talking to himself and trying to console himself. Everything in his life has to be insane. There has to be something important that makes Jap’s life worse than hell.

He could recall such events from his past. Whatever happened to RANN SINGH in Mumbai, then what happened to HARIDHAR and now this? His love story had ended before it even begun.

Jap got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to change. In the mean time Ravidhar’s mom and priyanka arranged his bed and left soon after that. Jap saw Ravidhar standing outside with a few other villagers. He was sure that they were all waiting for him. Jap went out and greeted everyone standing with Ravidhar and enquired,’’Aaj kahan Jana hai chachu?’’ Ravidhar replied with a smile again,’’aaj tumhe main hamara gaon dikhaunga.’’

Then they all started walking and Jap simply followed them. First they crossed all the houses and started walking upwards towards a small house which was built on top of a hill. Before reaching the hill top, Jap noticed that this small house was actually a temple.

Ravidhar told Jap about its history, origin and the importance of this temple. This was the temple dedicated to KAALI MAA, who was also the kul Devi (deity) of Ravidhar’s family.

After paying their greetings Ravidhar and the villagers started walking towards a small pathway which took them far from the village and towards grassland nearby.

Here Jap could see a lot of domestic animals grazing. He also noticed the freshly cut grass kept nearby in piles to dry up. He had never seen such long grass in his life. Jap asked Ravidhar, ‘’ye ghaas alag kyun rakha hai aur itna lamba kaise hai?’’ Ravidhar knew this question would come up so he explained it to Jap in a very simple manner. ‘‘Ye ghaas special hai, sirf pooja aur rassi banane ke liye istemaal hota hai.’’ Jap’s curiosity was increasing with his questions,’’itna lamba ghaas. Isse to kaafi mazboot aur lambi rassi banti hogi?’’

Ravidhar didn’t seem very interested in answering Jap’s stupid questions so he just finished the argument by saying,’’ye rassi tumhare liye hi ban rahi hai so zyada sawaal mat karo.’’

Jap found it very rude but he decided to keep quite and see what the future will bring. After walking around the village for almost an hour they all sat down near a tree. It was the edge of the hill. He could see another hill in front of them but it was a bit smaller than the one they were sitting on. The distance between both the hills was roughly 600 meters. Jap also notices a village on top of that hill.

Jap assumed that if someone has to go to the hill in front of them then they would have to walk all the way down to the base then climb up to reach the top. He felt the need for a bridge and asked Ravidhar that why they there wasn’t any. Ravidhar just kept quite and kept on staring at the other hill. Ravidhar finally decided to reply,’’hamara asli gaon to WO hi hai lekin kuch saal pehle humein WO chodna pad Gaya aur hum idhar aa Gaye the.’’

This time Jap kept quite as he felt that there was something different and strange about this place.

Jap wanted answers but he knew that 1 question will lead to another and he might not be ready for all the answers right now. So he just kept on walking after Ravidhar and the villagers. Jap remembers that there was still time for the event or BHUNDA so he should just relax and wait for the right time to ask all his questions.

It was almost dark outside when they reached home. As soon as they entered the house they were given hot water and a towel to clean their hands and feet.

Jap’s eyes were searching for his dream girl who was unfortunately made his sister by fate (she was Haridhar’s younger brother’s daughter). Jap knew that she can never be his sister as they were not related in any way. She was related to the guy who Jap disguised as. But he can marry her and make a permanent connection.

Whenever Jap would feel her presence his heart skips a beat. He didn’t know whether she remembers him or not as she didn’t even responded to him in the evening. But his eyes were still searching for her. Soon he saw found her sitting near the fireplace. She was helping her mother in cooking dinner for the family.

Jap sat down at the same place where he had his lunch. Luckily Priyanka was sitting right next to him though Jap had his back towards her. After a while they were all served dinner in the same way as it was during lunch. First, all the females serve food to the men and only after that the females have their meal together. Then everyone would sit together and talk about things that jap had no clue about. But Jap wasn’t complaining. On the contrary, all this felt nice. It finally felt that Jap had a family. Though he was not at all convinced about Priyanka being his sister.

After a while Jap was asked to go to his room as it was quite late and he had to get up early next morning for family rituals, which will be performed in their kul devi’s temple.

Jap was escorted and left in his room and the room’s door was bolted from outside as usual. Jap checked the time as he couldn’t sleep. He had already slept in the evening and it was just 10.30 at night.

Jap recalled the time in Haridhar’s house in goa where he kept awake till Haridhar didn’t fall asleep and Haridhar used to sleep anytime between 3–5 in the morning before the sunrise. So Jap used to get around 4–5 hours of sleep in the morning and if he is lucky then maybe an hour after lunch before Haridhar woke up.

To kill time Jap started analysing all the information he had about this village, the family and about the event called BHUNDA.

He made a list of things and questions that were important.

1. Ravidhar has a family of 4 people including his mom, wife and daughter.

2. The villagers are making a rope which will be used for Jap in the event according to Ravidhar.

3. The village on the other hill has some strange history.

4. BHUNDA will happen on the 12th of October and he is left with exactly 6 days and 7 nights.

5. His dream girl is his so called sister according to the society and she’s mute and deaf too.

But what is this event all about? Why is the prize money of such a huge amount? And last but not least, is this event life threatening for him? With this list of questions Jap went to bed and tried sleeping. But the only thing he could do was cuddle a pillow. Now Jap was left with only 1 way to fall asleep. He closed his eyes and recalled his sexy time with Annie which made him hard in no time. Then one thing lead to another and it all ended up on his belly. After cleaning up Jap closed his eyes and fell asleep in no time. Masterbating hasbecome a stress releaser and a sleeping pill for him.

The next morning Jap woke up with the sound of knocking at his door. He knew who it was. So he got up quickly, checked the room and opened the door. It was Priyanka holding a steel glass of hot tea. She smiled and did the same moustache expression again. Fortunately this time Jap understood it. He knew who was expecting him. Ravidhar wears a moustache and Priyanka’s hand expression was her way of telling Jap that Ravidhar was calling him.

This morning Jap wanted to try to communicate with Priyanka. He wanted her to recognise him so he started doing some weird hand movements standing in front of her. He moved his hands as if he was driving a bus and then like him waking up from a dream in a shock and then apologising. She had already recognised him so she left the room laughing.

Jap was very happy as this was the first time when Priyanka responded to him.

Jap took 15 minutes to finish his tea and bath and joined Ravidhar on the front lawn of the house where he was waiting eagerly for Jap. Ravidhar gave him their traditional cap to wear as caps are mandatory inside the temple and no one is allowed to enter the temple with an uncovered head. They reached the temple in 10 minutes where quite a lot of villagers were standing nearby possibly waiting for theses 2 men.

The ceremony started as soon as they reached the temple. People were working in groups. 1 group was making fire to make the (holy food) prasad for the temple, another was cleaning the temple and then there was this group who was busy in feeding a single goat and the last group which included him was doing some chanting and the rituals.

Ravidhar started shouting and shivering as he was in a lot of pain. For some reason he didn’t seem himself. But soon he went silent and started whispering something in their local language. The group of people grazing the goat came ahead and presented it in front of Ravidhar. Ravidhar sprinkled some holy water on the goat and then 1 guy bent down to hold the goat’s legs while another man took a big C shaped sword and in a single blow separated the goats head from its body. By the looks of it, a goat was sacrificed and Jap had a feeling that it was done for him though he didn’t know why? And he didn’t have the authority to ask questions at that time. After a while Ravidhar also came back to his senses. The goat’s head was given to the priest and the rest was taken away by the same group of people that was feeding the animal.

Jap was very curious to know about what just happened in the temple but he waited till breakfast. After everyone was done with their breakfast Jap went to Ravidhar and asked soberly.’’WO mandir main us bakre ki Bali kyun di gayi thi chachu? “Ravidhar gave a very simple explanation,”wo log chotti jaati ke hai, aur apni manokamna puri karne ke liye hi bakre ki bali dene aae the KAALI MA ko.” Jap had never heard something like this. He had heard people giving coconuts, sweets or money as offerings to gods but never a life. Jap knew he couldn’t do anything so he merely asked Ravidhar not to take him at such places as he was not very comfortable with the blood or animal sacrificing.

10. Jap checked the date, it was the 7th of October and there were still a few days for the main event. The mere thought of this event named BHUNDA always made his stomach crunch. Jap could feel butterflies in his stomach though he didn’t know whether it was a good feeling or a bad one.

Jap sat down on the chair which was facing outside. He could see lots of trees all around though he had no view of the village or the entrance of the house. But there was something beautiful and extraordinary about the scenery that he was looking at.

The trees were loaded with fruits and their branches were falling down almost touching the ground by the weight of fruits. He had never seen apple trees but now he was surrounded by them. There were thousands of them all around this village. Actually the only trees he could see were either pine trees or apple trees. It all seemed like a large orchard of apples owned by a single huge family though they all worked separately now.

And then Jap heard the sound of balls banging each other on the velvet table. He turned around and saw Priyanka playing pool in his room. He gets up from the chair and went towards the pool table while watching Priyanka taking her shot. Jap had always dreamt about keeping a pool table in his dream hotel but in reality he didn’t even know how to play pool. But he was happy watching his dream girl playing his dream sports so good. He didn’t know whether his dreams will just end up as dreams or turn to reality someday. He just had a single option to move on with his hopes high.

Suddenly Priyanka came towards him and showed him the screen of her cell phone. There was something written in it,”kya tum mere saath pool kheloge, mujhe ye bahut pasand hai, par mere saath khelne wala koi nahi hai.” Jap read the message aloud like he was reading it for someone else. He took the cell phone from Priyanka and typed few words in it,”mujhe pool khelna nahi aata” and passed the phone to her. After reading it Priyanka smiled and pulled Jap by the hand towards the table.

First she showed him how to place the hand on the table then taught him the right way to hold the stick and hit the ball with the stick. Finally she handed over the stick to Jap.

It was Jap’s first time and he knew he had nothing to loose so he gave his honest try to hit the ball which eventually he did and found the hole at the corner of the table. Priyanka started clapping and jumping up and down in happiness and wrote something in her cellphone again,”aap to bahut jaldi seekh gaye,bhai” after reading it Jap just typed,”Mera naam Jap hai aur main kisi ka bhai nahi hun” and just went to the wash room to get some privacy.

Jap was completely shaken by the word, bhai. He could never even imagine Priyanka as his sister as he loved her like a wife. According to Jap, sister and wife are more or less the same type of relations if we just skip the physical part as both of these relations make life better for the man. A sister, mother or a wife they all are a woman who love us, care about us, completes us and last but not least make us a better man.

Jap had already chosen Priyanka though he knew that its just 1 sided love but he was sure that once Priyanka comes to know about Jap’s real identity then maybe she’ll like him and possibly fall in love with him. Jap felt that if his luck favours him to win the prize money, that will make him rich and a better match for Priyanka.

Though the present is filled with a lot of if’s and but’s, everything depends on the few things that are bound to happen in the near future. Right now he should be spending more time with her with nothing to worry about and as everyone thinks that Jap is Haridhar’s son so noone will stop him or even bother to suspect his relation with Priyanka.

Jap came back from the wash room and found Priyanka still waiting by the pool table for him and typing something in her cell phone. She gave him the cell phone. It had a message,”Jap, mujhe maaf karna agar tumhe bura laga ho to, magar mera irada tumhe upset karne ka nahi tha, mera koi aur bhai ya Behan nahi hai aur yahan to mera koi aur dost bhi nahi hai. Maine tumhe us din bus main bhi dekha tha but mere pitaji mujhe lene aae the to mujhe Jana pada. Bhai Behan to hum khoon ke rishte se hai lekin agar hum dost ban jaae to tumhe koi problem nahi honi chahiye. Mujhe pool khelna bahut pasand hai, agar tum chaho to main tumhe bhi seekha sakti hun.” Jap was happy and relieved after reading the message. He got what he wanted.

He typed,”main kabhi bhi family ke saath nahi raha to mujhe pata nahi hai ki in khoon ke rishton ko kaise nibhate hai but tum jaisa dost mujhe mil jae to shayad in relations ko kabhi main samajh paunga aur mujhe bhi pool bahut pasand hai aur mujhe bahut khushi hoegi agar tum mujhe ye seekha sako.” and gave the cell phone back to priyanka

Priyanka read the message smiled and shook hands with Jap. It was her first touch which made Jap skips his heartbeat again. He didn’t know what the future might bring but he was happy for what he had now no matter how small it was. And if everything would fall at the right place then everything will turn out to be just fine.

Jap learned this from a dialogue from the movie,’OM SHANTI OM’ where Sharukh Khan said these words to his friend,”dost, agar kahani ka end happy nahi hai to samajh jao ki kahani khatam nahi Hui aur agar hum kisi ko shiddat se chahte hai to saari kaaynaat hamara saath deti hai use haasil karne main.” All this sounds funny at first but if you have faith in what you believe in then things do turn out your way.

Jap knew well that there is no use planning anything because in the end everything turns out to be exactly as the almighty wants. Jap didn’t had too much of life experience but he understood 1 thing a long time ago that whatever ‘he’ decides for us, no matter what that is, its always the best that we deserve. The creator’s plan always works as he already knows the future. But we humans still waste time and almost ruin everything by doing things our way maybe because we don’t trust god and we are too selfish to wait for the right time.

As per Jap’s past experience, his plan had never worked but always showed him the next step towards his destination.

This time also he didn’t have any plans to come to this village and be a part of this mysterious event and to ultimately win the prize money. But this time he had faith in ‘him’ and his own destiny. So he won’t regret it even if it turns out to be a failure for him. It’s because of this faith only that he had reached so far so safely and met the girl of his dream. He felt that he is destined to win this thing which will surely make his future better and fullfill all his dreams.

Jap typed again,’’kya tum mujhe bahar kahin ghumne le JA sakti ho?’’ and passed the cellphone to Priyanka. She read the message and typed,’’Aama se puchna padega pehle.’’ and returned the cellphone to Jap. ‘’Jaldi puch ke batana’’ Jap typed and was just about to give the phone to Priyanka when Ravidhar’s wife called Priyanka. This was enough to put a stop to their chat. As Priyanka didnt like wearing her hearing aids, so she didnt respond to her mothers voice and jap had to tell her my typing it in her cell phone that her mother is calling her. She went rushing towards her mother’s voice.

Jap was still in his dream world. He just couldn’t stop smiling. For the next few hours Jap just sat there and stared into space. Strangely he was enjoying doing so and soon he came back to his senses as soon as he heard his name being called. It was lunch time so everyone was called by Ravidhar’s wife. Today he was served mutton and rice with some salad and wheat bread which was delicious. He had never tasted such a delicious mutton in his life. He couldn’t stop himself from appreciating the food,’’mutton bahut achha bana hai chachi.’’ Nobody noticed and continued doing what they were doing except Ravidhar’s wife. She touched Priyanka’s head and replied,’’Aaj ka khana to Priyanka ne banaya hai to shaabashi to ise milni chahiye.’’ Jap turned his gaze towards Priyanka and just blinked his eyes in appreciation as Priyanka was watching him. Soon everyone finished eating lunch and went back to their usual routine.

Jap went back to his room and waited for Priyanka to join him. And before he realized it he fell asleep. Jap woke up in the evening by the sound of a knock on the door. It was Ravidhar. He just asked Jap to get ready as they were going to meet some people around the village and asked him to bring his identity card. Ravidhar took him to a house in the neighborhood where Jap saw dozen of men possibly waiting for him.

Ravidhar asked Jap to for his identity card. Jap passed the photocopy he had with him and replied,’’main jaldi mai apna ID card ghar par hi bhul Gaya. Mere paas sirf ye photocopy hi hai.’’ Ravidhar took the photocopy and gave it to one of the man sitting there and said something in his local language.

In return the man gave Ravidhar a paper and said something. Ravidhar told Jap to sign the paper. Jap was curious to read it before signing it but to his surprise the paper was blank. He said to Ravidhar,’’ye to khaali hai!’’ Ravidhar replied,’’main jaanta hun ye khaali hai. Isse hum baad main bharenge. Tum bus sign kardo.’’

Ravidhar added,’’ye tumhara pehla kadam hai is maha pavitra yagya main shaamil hone ka. Ye kaam aasaan nahi hai isiliye iska inaam itna zyada hota hai. Tumhe waqt aane par sab kuch samjha dia jaega. BHUNDA aaj se 6 din ke baat hai aur tab tak tumhe ghar par hi rehna hai. Tumhe Jo chahiye sab milega sirf aazadi nahi milegi.’’

Ravidhar gave a pen to Jap to sign the papers. Jap didn’t want to but he had no other option so he signed the papers. After a while Ravidhar and Jap rushed back to the house and went straight to Jap’s room. While Jap settled down, Ravidhar was just about to leave when he was stopped at the door by Jap’s questions. Jap wanted to know about the event, about the prize money and what he needed to do in order to win it. Ravidhar answered all the questions in just 1 answer,’’waqt aane par tumhe sab kuch pata chal jaaega, abhi tum bus aaraam karo aur agar kuch khaane pine KO chahiye to bata dena.’’ left the room and bolted it from outside.

Jap knew the next 6 days would be the most difficult to pass but then he thought about Priyanka and said to himself,’’Priyanka hai Na, sab theek kar degi’’ and then Jap heard someone unbolting the door. The door opened and Priyanka came in. For some reason Jap felt and believed that she will always be Jap’s savior.

They started playing pool. As decided, Priyanka will teach Jap everything about the game and in return Jap will be her best friend forever. Jap didn’t even realize that time can pass with such speed when he is with his dream girl. Then he heard Ravidhar’s wife calling Priyanka. This meant that it was the time for dinner. Soon everyone was in the kitchen and had dinner like every other day. Ravidhar escorted Jap to his room wished him a goodnight and left after bolting the door from outside as usual. The next day was the same for Jap with no surprises. His present day was exactly same like his last day. He spent most of the time in his room and Priyanka would accompany him for playing pool but only in the evenings.

They talked about different things but Jap always avoided questions related to his past and Priyanka avoided questions related to the future specifically about the event named BHUNDA and anything related to it.

In short Jap was so carried away with his usual life that he almost forgot the reason for which he came here in the first place. He was happy to have a family of his own. Though time had changed him and taught him many lessons about the realities of life but Jap was still a kid with dreams. Jap knew that his dream can come to an end any time. And till that time he just wanted to live every second of this phase of his life so that there’s nothing to regret later.

Whether as a son or a would be son in law, he just wanted to be a part of this family forever. He had stopped thinking about the future and worrying as he had faith in his destiny. He believed that whatever will happen can not be worse than what he had experienced in life.

This morning when Jap woke up he heard some noises coming from the direction of the temple. He enquired about it. Ravidhar told him that the ceremony has started from that very day as it was the 7th day of october and the next 5 days were supposed to be for celebrations which will end on the 12th of october, the 2nd saturday of october with the main event. So from that day onwards their village would be visited by thousands of people from nearby villages. But as Jap was the main contender for this event, he would only be allowed to see it on the last day when he would perform an act to win the prize money.

Though Jap got a satisfying answer to his question, it also raised a new question. He had to perform an act in order to win that huge amount of prize money. The question was that what kind of act he needed to perform and did the act cause danger to his life?

Jap’s brain was searching and scanning anything and everything but it could not find the answer. As the time was very near, this question made him think about everything that had happened in his life till that day and the things which will happen in the future. But the curiosity of this event was killing him already and he was unable to understand that why it was hidden from him?

11. Jap thought to get this information from Priyanka as she was the only one he trusts. So as soon Priyanka came to play pool with him in the evening. He took her cellphone and typed,’ kya tum mujh par wishwas karti ho’. In return Priyanka gave him a strange look but replied ,’ haanji but kyun puch rahe ho’ Jap asked again ,’ main bahut pareshan hun is festival ko lekar, isme aisa kya hota hai ki mujhe kabhi ghar se nikalne nahi dia jata, aur na hi mujhe kuch batate hai ki mujhe aakhir karna kya hai’ .Priyanka just smiled and replied,’ last time ye festival 40 saal pehle hua tha aur tab main paida bhi nahi hui thi and pitaji ne kabhi mujhe kuch nahi bataya, main khud bhi kuch nahi jaati is ke baare main’ after reading what Priyanka had typed , Jap was sad again and he asked Priyanka to leave him alone. Priyanka took her cellphone and typed again,’ tum pareshan mat ho, sab thik ho jaega, main hun Na’ and than she hugged Jap. This hug did the magic for Jap and for the first time in his life he felt alive and completed. Now he was sure that only a soul partner can have such effect, he hugged her back tightly and whispered,’i love you ‘ behind her ears. Jap really felt good after telling her about his feeling though he knew that she can’t hear him. It felt like he was living a half empty life till now and Priyanka had filled that half for him and now almost looked complete though it was still onesided love as of now.

After Priyanka left the room, Jap started thinking about how to keep her with him for ever. He promised himself that he will tell everything to Priyanka before he will go to attend the festival. And if he comes back than he will marry her if she agrees and if not that he’ll die with her in his dreams. It was already dark out side and Jap knew he would be getting a call for dinner soon. So he just went to bathroom and took a cold water bath as he needed it to cool his head and body down. While having his dinner he found the food to be bit different so he asked Ravidhar’s wife,’ aaj khana thoda ajeeb lag raha hai, kahin kachha to nahi reh gaya’

To his question, Ravidhar replied instantly,’ ab to festival ke aakhri din tak aisa hi khana milega, bina lahsoon pyaas ka so chup chap kha lo’, Jap could see, Ravidhar was behaving a bit strange as the final date was coming nearby.

He could smell the worries on Ravidhar’s body language. These days Ravidhar doesn’t talk to him openly and he’s always avoiding direct eye contact with Jap. Jap came back to his room after finishing the dinner and tried to think more about Priyanka than the final event. Priyanka’s hug had really worked as magic for him because since than he’s just thinking about her and her scent. He didnt had any bad dreams since he made Priyanka his dream. The whole night his mind was wandering around and he slept very late.

The next morning he was again woke up by Priyanka, and he loved watching her standing near his bed with a glass of tea in her hand. Jap wanted to awake like this all his life. Priyanka was smiling and was looking very beautiful in her local dress. Jap wanted to kiss her and hug her and even wanted to make love to her right there and than. But reality was different than dreams so he just took the glass of tea and thanked her. In return Priyanka kissed him on his forehead and whispered something. Jap was taken a back by a surprise but Priyanka left the room before he could say something. Suddenly he heard Ravidhar’s voice outside his room. Jap was scared now, as he was thinking about, did Ravidhar saw them? But when Ravidhar came to his room, he was smiling. Ravidhar Told Jap that today the villagers has organised a big party for him and asked him whether he drinks alchohal or not. Jap replied normally,’ agar aap offer karoge to pee lunga ‘.

This made Ravidhar smiled more and he left his room by telling him to be ready till lunch as the celebrations will start from lunch.

Jap was surprised as Ravidhar seemed to be different than last night. But he assumed it all wrong as he never knew what was in Ravidhar’s mind. So Jap just thought to get ready for lunch party as it was organised by villagers so it would be the first time he would be meeting them all.

Till today he was not allowed to mingle up with any outsiders except the family members. That’s how Jap had more time to spend with Priyanka. Jap could still feel the morning kiss from Priyanka on his forehead and he was still in thoughts, when Priyanka knocked the door. She was carrying some clothes with her.

Before Jap could say anything, Priyanka pulled his hand to make him stand up and than she showed the clothes which she wanted to check whether it will fit Jap or not. Jap’s was skinny and very thin to fit perfectly in any clothes but these clothes were the traditional wear, the classic kurta pajama. Ravidhar had specially prepared them for Jap for this function only. Than Priyanka left his room and kept the door open surprisingly. Jap could felt that everyone was behaving bit different today but for a change it was good to be free again when he was not kept inside bolted doors. Jap got ready in no time and was looking good in the traditional wear. Today he had shaved for the first time though he didn’t had much facial hairs but he just wanted to look neat and clean. As soon Jap entered the kitchen, Ravidhar’s wife was the first one to see him .Than she complimented him with a hug. Jap had never seen his mother but he was sure that she would be same and lovely like Ravidhar’s wife. Jap was very happy today and he had decided to party and enjoy the day with his fullest energy.

Soon people started gathering in the house and in no time Ravidhar’s house turned into a party house. Ravidhar’s village was not very big but still hold the population of around 3–400 people. Ravidhar had arranged some tradional musicians who were playing some beautiful folk songs. Than Ravidhar introduced Jap to the villagers as his nephew and the contender for the festival.

Now Jap was served with alchohal and was asked his favourite choice. And than he was asked for his favourite snack with his drink. Today he was feeling like king as he was treated like one. Jap was not a regular drinker so he knew that if he wants to enjoy the party than he had to drink less and responsibly.

Today he loved the menu as everything which was served for eating was some wild animal or bird hunted by the villagers. The two main dishes were prepared from species of deer named Ghoral and a rare wild bird named as Monal.

Jap loved non vegeterian food so he was eating more and drinking less till he was served with the local home wine which was prepared from rice. The wine looked white like milk and tasted like petrol. After couple of drinks, Jap was feeling high but still he could drink more as according to the few old villagers the meat of deer balances the effect of alchohal. The more you eat the more you can drink. Soon the party took a musical turn and every body went outside in open for the tradional folk dance.

All the ladies were sitting on the windows and all the gents including the kids were dancing. Soon they formed a chain and started dancing around the fire in their own local style. Suddenly few young guys picked up Jap on their arms and started dancing with him. Today Jap was really treated as a king. Everyone was enjoying and giving him their blessings. Before Jap could take a break from dancing some one handed him the bottle of rice wine, which he started drinking without wasting any second. Jap was actually enjoying the folk dance as somehow it resemble to his Nepali dancing style. Jap had put his mind to rest as he just couldn’t think anything may be the rice wine had done the job. This day had passed very fast for Jap comparing to other days. it was almost night now however the party was getting better and better with time passing.

Now he could see ladies dancing in the same local stlye forming a chain. But his eyes were only looking for his beloved dream girl in the crowd. Jap couldn’t hold his heart now and he had to tell her about his feeling towards her. But he couldn’t find her in the crowd so he went inside the house. Jap’s head was spinning and he was not able to walk straight but still he keep on looking for her. As he was trying to maintain his balance while walking up the strairs he missed a few steps and almost fell but fortunately caught by Ravidhar? Ravidhar helped Jap walk till his room and put him in his bed. Than Ravidhar cover him up with a blanket and as he was about to leave the room thinking Jap had passed out, Jap started talking something. First he didnt understood but than later when he stood there for a while he heard Priyanka’s name.

”Priyanka, main tumse bahut pyaar karta hun aur saari zindagi tumhaare saath guzarna chahta hun. Main Haridhar ka beta nahi hun, main to unke paas kaam karta tha aur unke marne ke baad mujhe tumhare pitaji ki chitthi mili, to inaam ke laalach main, main yahan aa gaya. Par mujhe kahan pata tha ki tum mujhe yahan milogi. Mujhe to pehli nazar main hi tumse pyar ho gaya tha, jab main tumse bus main mila tha.

Par yahan aa kar mujhe pata chala ki mujhe tumhara bhai bankar rehna padega, aur ye baat main ab aur bardaasht nahi kar sakta. Agar main ye inaam jeet gaya to saara paise tumhare pitaji ko dekar, tumhara haath maang lunga unse. Bus ek baar ye keh do ki tum bhi mujhe pasand karti ho aur mere saath zindagi bhar nahi chodogi.’

Ravidhar was shocked to listen to what just Jap had said. He left the room without bolting Jap’s door. Jap still had his eyes closed and he was still dreaming and talking to Priyanka. In his dreams Jap had talked about everything with Priyanka however he hadn’t heard anything from her. He can just see her standing there with no impressions or expressions on her face. She was looking very quite. Jap’s heart started beating faster and faster as he went near to Priyanka. Jap touched her on face and she instantly changes to a gold statue. Jap couldn’t make any sense of all this so he pinched himself just to check whether it was a dream or reality. And yet again it was a dream because he pinched himself enough hard that he woke up in nano second. It was a relief to finally wake up in his bed and to see everything back to normal. But he still doesn’t have any idea about this dream. Actually his whole life has been confused and complicated and now it all seems same to him. Bad time good time doesn’t matter for him, every time good time comes with a price of bad time. Jap was just ready to do anything to just reach his destiny but he wasn’t sure about what actually he should go for, the girl or the money. He had no memory of what he told Ravidhar during his sleep.

‘Beta Jap’ Ravidhar was calling him from down stairs and he could hear him even in his room. Jap just replied soberly, ‘haanji chachu’. ‘Mandir jana hai, jaldi tayaar ho jao’ Ravidhar told him while talking to someone over the phone. It was sounding more like an order so Jap without wasting any time went to his room, got ready in next 15 minutes. Jap went straight to kitchen. Ravidhar’s wife was cleaning the fireplace with some clay mixed with cowdung. She spoke without her normal tone,’ abhi safai ho rahi hai, tumhe mandir bulaya hai, nashta uske baad milega’ she looked depressed. Jap thought may be she was not feeling well so he just went to her and hugged her and said ‘apna dhyan rakha karo chachi’. Than he left the kitchen and went out side to meet Ravidhar, however he had noticed tears in her eyes. This again had raised a fear inside him of loosing this family at the end.

Ravidhar was waiting for him, it took them few minutes to reach the temple. Jap greeted all the elders present there. Jap was asked to sit at a wooden seat which was like something in between chair and a single seat sofa with very small legs. He fit in the chair perfectly and than Pandit ji, an old man with a small ponytail start performing some rituals. Jap’s thoughts were getting more and more confusing.

Pandit ji was saying some prayer in their local language .Than he starts shivering and screaming but soon becomes normal and started whispering something. Than he kept something in Japs hand and ask him to eat it. Jap followed the Pandit ji’s wish and chew it hard so that he can swallow it fast. Tt tasted like a root or a dried plant, a bit salty and someother taste which he can’t recall. Than Pandit ji passed him a glass of milk and asked him to finish it. Jap started feeling bit dizzy and thirsty. His eyes started getting heavier. He couldn’t even sit straight. Jap could feel his body getting numb. In his mind he could see and feel things but he can’t see, hear or feel anything physically. He just passed out in his chair like a some drunk. Jap’s mind had slowed down a bit now and his inner concious is telling him about what was happening to him.

He couldn’t feel people carrying him or the jumps how ever he remembers lying in the same position for the whole time. Jap’s mind was in peace as he had lost control on thinking and all he could see was light which won’t allow him to sleep. It all looked as real to him as he was in trance. Jap could see himself sitting on the top of some building staring at some light, which also looked like a building but made with light as everthing seemed too bright. It almost looked like sun but in the shape of 20 floored building. He noticed sitting on the same wooden seat. It was so bright but still Jap couldn’t take his eyes off from the source of that light. He could felt every ray of that light and it was just like having orgasms, just one after another. He kept on staring it till the time he remembers than it was blank.

12. Jap came back to his senses when he heard a sound, which was coming out from a local musical instrument. The sound was sharp but it was not hurting his ears. The same way he went into that light, the same way he came back from it. But still he can’t feel his body however he could see and hear. Jap closed his eyes finally after such long time, as he doesnt even know how much time he was in that trance.

He was sleeping in trance with his eyes open. He could feel his eye lashes tired. Jap kept his eyes closed for a while and relaxed his eyes muscles. After 5- 10 minutes of struggle, Jap finally opened his eyes and saw him tied to the same wooden chair. Than he saw the same hill in front of him in some distance, which Ravidhar had shown him on his 1st day on visit to the village? He could see lots of people there but unable to understand what they were doing.

Than he saw two thick and strong ropes, which also he remembers were shown to him during the time when they were made. One end of these ropes were tied parallel to each other at a distance of 2 feet and were hooked on the ground with big metal hooks just in front of him. The other end was on the top of the other hill. As the other hill was smaller in height so it makes it steep. It looked like some one was trying to do some rope sliding or it was used as transporting things from this hill to the other one. But it was something built recently as it was not there before. Soon he saw people gathering around him.

He could see hundred of faces with the same expression and than he saw a face which Jap knew but he couldn’t remember it. He saw Ravidhar coming towards him with other elders. They all picked his chair up and went towards the ropes. Than they kept his chair on the ropes making sure that both the front and back legs are around both the parallel ropes. Jap was still trying to remember this face, a young face with full black beard.

Than he could feel people pushing his chair towards the cliff and before he could have another thought, his chair was sliding down on those two ropes towards the other hill and he has no control over it.

Jap could see something shining on the centre of these two ropes of other end. He kept on staring it as he had no idea what would happen to him. And this was the moment when he knew why he was here, what was this contest all about, why was the prize so high if he wins it? He knew he won’t survive it. All he could remember were the faces of people he left behind and whom he will loose now. Haridhar, Annie, Jay, Ravidhar, Rann Singh and his beloved dream girl Priyanka.

Now he understands why his room was kept locked and bolted, why he was given this thing to eat which had made his body numb, why he was not allowed to mix up with other villagers and the only answer was if he knew that this is the contest where he will be pushed from one hill to another hill by tying up his numb body with a chair on two ropes , he would have run on the first night. He could only win the prize if he survives which is not possible in any way and that’s why the prize was so high. That’s was the reason why this contest happens one day prior to the last day of event. Winning 10 crores would have never been easy but he never thought it could be this insane. He had seen people winning crores of rupees on television by answering few difficult questions but the way which he chose for him was way beyond his imaginations. Suddenly it came to his mind, just like how a bulb lights up after switching on. He remembers him, he was sure that the face he saw was Jay. His angel from Mumbai who helped him goes to goa. But Jap thought why would he be here and before he could think more, he passed out again and this time into darkness.

When Jap opened his eyes again he was lying on his bed in his room, surrounded by few people sitting around his bed. Slowly, he started recognising people and he saw Priyanka, Ravidhar, Ravidhar’s wife and Jay. Well his brain was not working very fine as he can still feel it very heavy just like a worse hangover however he was coming back into his senses. He could not understand most of the things happened to him in past few hours. Still Jap asked it loud and clear.’ Kya hua, kya main jeet Gaya?’ Everyone smiled on his question, and Priyanka nodded her head for agreement. ‘Kya main akele main Jap se baat kar sakta hun’ Jay asked everyone. Soon they were left all alone in the room. Jap still couldn’t beleive that how come Jay was here. He tried getting up but Jay asked him stay the way he was and rest.

‘aap yahan kaise , aur kya kar rahe ho’ Jap asked, ‘ story bahut interesting hai , dheeraj rakho, main sab detail main batata hun’, Jay replied .Than he started telling his story to Jap Because of which Jap had forgotton about his prize and every other important thing in his life.

Jay started stating his story. Many years ago he use to stay with his family in Goa somewhere near by the beach. They had an amazing beach house where he uses to stay with his elder brother, father and mother. His father belonged to North India and his mother was from Goa and the owner of this house. His Mother had a brother who use to stay in a small house nearby. Her brother and husband were friends but they both were big time drinkers. Jay never saw his father going for a job or some work.

Everyday he uses to see him getting drunk and than fighting with his mother. Till the time his father was not drunk he was the best father he could have and the best husband too.

As his father loved his mother alot and her mother too and that’s how they got married. But alchohal and being idle all the time had spoiled everything in him. Things got much worse when his brother was send abroad for studying as he had no one to share his feelings. His brother was his best friend and they always stayed together. Once he was left alone, his life changed completely.

One night when his mother was preparing dinner at home, his father came drunk with his uncle and some girl. His uncle introduced her as his friend but as they all were drunk so my mother asked them to leave the house. But my father was stubborn and worse when he was drunk. He started shouting on her and than he slapped her. My mother was a strong woman, so she didn’t get scared and did opposite to what his father had thought. She called police and made him spend the night in police station.

My father took it very negatively and since that day his father stayed with his uncle but never came home. Jay use to see his mother crying most of the time but he didn’t had any control over this situation. But he knew that he had to do something. So he decided to visit his uncle’s place and ask his father to come home even if he had to beg him but than he thought may be its better if he could take his mother along as he had no idea about what to say to his father as he was very afraid of him.

But he was sure that his mother would convince his father, if he could take her to his uncle’s place. Later that evening Jay with his mother went to his uncle’s place. The door was open and he could hear some western music coming out from that place. The drawing room was messed up as there were lots of half filled alchohal bottles, soda bottles, shoes, clothes, snacks and few wet rubber baloons. My mother went directly into the bedroom and came back instantly while crying and ran outside.

Jay couldn’t understand so he also went inside and what he saw changed his life for ever. His father and uncle were naked and doing something in the bed which he couldn’t understand. But Jay couldn’t stop himself and he said it as loud as he could,’ papa ye kya kar rahe ho aap aur uncle, Mom aapko dekh kar rote rote nikli hai yahan se’ But his father didnt give him much attention and pushed him out of the house .

Jay ran back to his house in order to find his mother but he couldnt find her any where in the house or around it. He searched her everywhere he could but he failed. The whole night he was sitting at the gate of his house and he dont even remember when did he felt asleep there. In the morning he was wake up by a police man, who asked him about his father.

Jay told him about his uncle’s place and than he told him about the missing of her mother. The policeman asked him to stay in the house till the time his father was back. Since that day Jay never saw his mother and was send to a boarding school after some time. His father never even talks to him once. Jay came to know about his mother’s death through the maid who uses to do cleaning and washing is his house. His maid told him that his mother jumped in the sea and commited suicide. Since than Jay spend all his young life in his boarding school in pune.

His father never brought him home again and never even met him again. After finishing his college Jay joined some tattoo studio as an apprentice. The day he met Jap in Bombay was the day when he had planned to come to goa to see his house and his father but than he gave his train ticked to Jap.

That’s how they met each other as Jay also loved to see Ganpati Visarjan. But as he was not sure about going to goa so he decided to help Jap instead. Later when he got the news of his brother getting killed in 9/11 terrorist attack on world trade centre in America. Jay was told that he was in one of the plane which was crashed into that tower. It’s because of this only that Jay got courage to go to Goa and face his father. He thought it’s the time to get all the answers from his father.

But when he reached Goa, he saw some lady staying in his house. When he enquired about his father than he came to know about the reality. He hated his father so much when he understood the reason of why his mother commited suicide. Jay explained it to Jap. My father had physical relation with my uncle who came as a shock to my mother and she took her life. He blamed his father for her death as he never even went after her when Jay told him that she saw them together doing all their dirty work. But his father never did anything for his sins and that was the reason why he was living such a life.

Than Jap enquired about this lady who was living in his house. She was the wife of her late uncle but he would not understand how come his uncle’s widow was staying in his house and his father was staying in his uncle’s house. Soon he found out the everything about this lady. She was the daughter of the maid who uses to work in his house. After the maid died, his uncle brought her to his house and married her. His uncle died after one year of marriage.

May be this was the reason why he got married to such girl as he was just trying to hide that his uncle was gay. That house belonged to his mother and after her death; it was legally his father’s. But as his father was not interested to live there so his uncle started staying there with his young wife. After his uncle died, his widowed wife took the full control of the house. But legally this house belonged to his father or him. Than he took a long breath and kept quite for a while. Jap was listening to every word Jay was saying but he had a confusing look on his face but his curiosity made him say his first line since Jay had started telling his story ‘fir kya hua , Jay bhai”

Jay gave a him strange look and said,’ fir Annie ne tujhe apna auzaar banaya, mere dad ka murder karne ke liye tujhe uksaya’

Jap was shocked to hear Annie’s name. He started connecting all the points together. If the lady is Annie than Jay’s father has to be Haridhar, and that’s why Annie wanted Jap to kill Haridhar as after him, she will be the only owner of the entire property. Noel was Jay’s Mother’s brother and Annie was same young girl (daughter of their maid) whom Noel drugged to have sex with her and than later she got married to him. Annie had no idea about Haridhar’s sons but she knew they won’t come back to Goa after what Haridhar had done to them. Jap was ashamed after he understood Jay was Haridhar’s real son. “Mujhe maaf kardo bhaiya. Main darr Gaya tha, but Maine aapke pitaji ko nahi maara’

Jap couldn’t stop tears coming from his eyes. He knew that he had lost everything he ever achieved till date; all his dreams and wishes were going to end. May be he’ll go to Jail as now everyone would come to know about him being a fake son of Haridhar. ‘Mujhe maaf kardo bhaiya, mujhse bahut badi galti ho gayi’ Jap cried harder and harder, than suddenly he jumped from his bed and fell on Jay’s feet. And continued his plea of forgivness. Jay pulled Jap and hugged him tightly. “Isme tera koi dosh nahi, tu bhi to waqt ka sataya hua hai’

Jay continued with the rest of story. Jay was also surprised first, when he saw Jap going to Annie’s house carrying her shopping. Than as they both entered the house Jay followed them and saw everything, what they were doing in his house, in his mother’s room. He also heard the conversation Annie was having with Jap regarding killing Haridhar.

It was because of this conversation only, that Jay understood that Annie was using Jap to get the house.The day Haridhar was killed; Jay was hanging out in his old house (Annie house). He also find the spare key in the same place, his mom use to keep it. As Annie was out, Jay went into his house by using the same key.

He knew no one would change the old locks as they were antiques too and were part of his house. But as he was inside, the door bell ring and instead of hidding, Jay went to the door and opened it thinking its time to face Annie and show her the real owner of this house. Instead he found a post man delivering a letter. When he saw the name on it, he almost fainted as it was addressed to his father.

Jay never opened the letter, but he decided to give his dad a visit. When Jay reached the Haridhar’s house, the door was open. He went inside to check and saw Jap sleeping in the kitchen. Than he move forward to the other room, where he saw Annie standing near the bed, in which Haridhar was sleeping. Within few seconds, Annie took a pillow and put it on Haridhar’s face. She kept her grip on the pillow till the time he stopped moving and suffocated to death. Jay recorded everything on his cell phone. Which later he sends to some news paper, because of which Annie got arrested later.

Now Jap remembers that news which he heard on the television, during his night stay in Shimla. The first thing which comes in his mind was that he was proved innocent. And this time also Jay had played the role of an angel in his life. But in present he was not sure about how he could ever pay him back for his good deeds, he did for him. But Jay was still in his thoughts, thinking about his father was killed in front of him and he did nothing. Except recording it in his cell phone. After Annie left, Jay just came inside Haridhar’s room and said it with anger ‘tum yahi deserve karte ho Haridhar Singh Pashaik’

Than he read the letter, which explained him the past of Haridhar. Jay never liked money so even after knowing the prize money he sent the letter to Jap, by telling the post man to drop it next morning to Haridhar’s place. Later He followed Jap from Goa till kiari but he couldn’t see him after Jap entered Ravidhar’s house. So Jay decided to wait for the final day to see what this event was all about.

But when he saw Jap a day earlier from the last day of the BHUNDA, tied to a wooden chair and than pushed towards the other hill on the ropes. He couldn’t stop himself and told everything to Ravidhar. But opposite to what Jay thought Ravidhar didn’t reacted much , as Jap already told him about him not being Haridhar’s real so, a day before when he was drunk thinking he was talking to Priyanka.

Ravidhar just hugged him and asked Jay not to tell it to any one till the time Jap wakes up. but Jay was more worried about Jap as it should be him on those ropes, but if something happens to Jap , he would be blaming himself all his life. The moment had passed where in he could help Jap so it was just that Jay was praying hard to his beloved shiva to protect Jap from any mishappening.

And in few seconds the confirmation comes from the other hill that Jap had survived the sliding but he had passed out. Jay asked explanation from Ravidhar about this event and why did they tried to kill Jap.

Ravidhar replied trying controlling his tears falling out from his eyes,’ humein shauk nahi hai ye sab karna ka, ye to ek purani rasm hai Jo hum saalo se nibhate aa rahe hai. Is rasm main humein insaan ki Bali deni padti hai aur isse khush ho kar humare devta ji humein achi fasal dete hai? Pehle ye har 4 saal main hota tha but chaalis saal pehle ye rasm tod di gayi thi aur tab se jaanwaron ki Bali di jaati thi. lekin kuch saalon se hamari fasal achi nahi ho rahi hai to jab hamare pandit ji ne devta ji se iska nivaran manhga to, is rasam ko fir se shuru karna ke liye kaha gaya.. Par is zamane main aisa kuch karna asaan nahi hai, so ye sab chup chak kia gaya aur isi wajah se iska inaam 10 crore rakha gaya. Pichli raat ko jab mujhe pata laga ki Jap Hari bhaiya ka asli beta nahi hai to maine gaon waalon ko keh kar bhunda ek din pehle karwa dia. Agar Jap ye na kar pata to agle din khud maine ye karna tha’. Ravidhar went silent for a moment after his emotional speech about this human sacrifice event and his role in it. ‘ aur isse bhi zyada badi baat ye hai ki ye bali sirf hamari family se di jaati hai aur iske badle main devta ji humare pariwar ko pichli 10 pushton se paal rahe hai, chaalis saal pehle Hari bhaiya ne BHUNDA jeeta tha par unhe kuch khaas paisa nahi mila tha isiliye wo devta ji ki bezati karke hamesha ke liye gaon chod kar chale gaye the. hamare pariwar ke liye isme bhaag lena majboori nahi seva hai aur jab tak humare pariwar main koi bhi zinda hai tab tak hum ye seva karte rahenge’ than Ravidhar left Jay standing there with this mysterious story.

Jay had no idea what to do next so he decided to go to the house of this devta ji . He was directed to that other hill. Later he found out that devta ji is actually a golden face statue, kept in a temple and people worship him as a god. Some old man told him that long time ago devta ji was a prince but than he came to this part and medidated for years and now he’s worshipped here as a local god. Jay had never heard or seen such things in his life but beleiving or ignoring it was not his choices as he would not be here for long.

Jay’s priorty was to get Jap out from this place before anything bad happens, as people would know it later or sooner about Jap being a fake son of Haridhar , which might hurt their religious beleifs. So when Jay reached Ravidhar’s house, he went straight to Jap’s room by following the que of people waiting there to see Jap and bless him for what he had done for their village. Ravidhar, his wife and his daughter was inside the room waiting for Jap to wake up. Seeing Jay there, Ravidhar asked all the villagers to wait in the kitchen. Than Ravidhar introduced Haridhar’s real son to his wife and Priyanka. They were both stunned to heard the real story of Jap, Ravidhar also added the last night’s incident, when Jap told him about loving Priyanka and leaving all the money for him.

After all the story telling, they all decided not tell any one about this thing. And they all will introduce Jay as Haridhar’s elder son, who also came home to see his parental family. So till Jap was unconcious, his most of the problems were solved by the people he never knew in the past and now who have agreed to make him as their own. Priyanka also smiled and than covered her face with her hands, when she was asked about how she feels about Jap. Ravidhar had no problem in accepting Jap as his son in law except he didnt agreed telling it to the villagers.

“Ab to rona band kar de, Teri saari problem solve ho gayi hai, Priyanka bhi maan gayi tujhse shaadi karne KO, 10 crore to tu pehle hi jeet chuka hai, to bata kahan banana chahega aapna ghar tu” Jay said it sarcastically. Jap knew his problems had finished and he thanked his god and Jay for every thing he had done for him.

It’s all because of Jay, what he had acheived now which he thought almost got screwed big time. Than Jap heard someone unbolting the door from inside, he knew it instantly, whose fragnance it was. Priyanka was wearing a beautiful orange kurta with blue salwar and was looking like a princess. Jap went towards her and before he could react, Priyanka kissed him till she could and started crying on his shoulders. Jap hugged her more close and cleans her tears off from her cheeks. Watching the couple getting emotional and romantic, Jay left the room and locked it from outside. They made out and got agressively horny for a while before Priyanka punched Jap as a sign for wait till they get married and than hugged him again as tight as she could.

Jap still couldn’t beleive that finally everything had fallen into the right place. His faith in his destiny had brought him this happiness. His dreams had become reality. All his problems had been solved. And soon he will have his own family with the girl he thought, was not in his destiny. The money he thought, he would never be able to earn. Brother like Jay whom he expected to meet again. So he thought about those entire movie moments happened in his life. Priyanka’s Leaving the bus like Manisha koirala ‘s in Dil Se movie , or the famous dialogue of Sharukh khan’s movie OM SHAANT OM, ‘ jab tak end acha na ho tab tak picture baaki hoti hai’ Jap’s story’s end would be much better than he thought as his presend is already been so lucky for him til date. With all this what he had today, he can take his life, family and business to a new level.

Now Jap is settled in Goa in Jay’s beach house with Priyanka. Jay visit them quite often like twice a day as Jay had started His own Tattoo studio cum hukka bar cum coffee shop cum snooker point cum cyber cafe in the old uncle’s house (Jap’s old master’s house) .Which he renovated into this multi entertainment hangout place and stays on top floor with his french girl friend .Jap also went to Mumbai and found Rann Singh. He bought a small flat for him in Mumbai with all the facilities and a servant. Rann Singh also got married few months later to a social worker, he knew from some time. Now they both help crippelled and handicapped street kids to get settle in normal life. They teach them, educate them and make them independent again.

This story was only about good which we all have inside us. Its just we are always afraid of following it as it might bring lot of difficulties for us. But if we have faith in us and in our karma. We will be found by this inner peace which obviously takes lot of courage.

Sometimes life gives us lemons, it’s always upto us whether we want to make lemonade out of it or want to use it with taquila shots. It’s just sometimes that situation controls us and makes us scared of the consequenses. But we always have a choice its just difficult making the right one. So when you see no hope, always remember that still you are thinking about hope. It’s always a fight between what we want and what we get or when we want and when we get.

If we just have courage to keep that patience and beleive in our faith nothing would be impossible. Being rich always doesn’t mean that we have to have lots of money with us. Anyone with a satisfying job, or a happy complete family is Richer than those millionares. It’s just our mind which we are always trying to prove right but we forget about out instincts. Which help us in our worst situation? A voice of god inside us. I heard it, Jap heard it too and now we both are happy and satisfied with our life. Richer than the millionaire’s or even kings.

J/Nitin veer singh chauhan