Freedom from a diff angle:

Today something happened that made me think about freedom and its varying definitions from one to another.

On the lazy day of Sunday that is today, our city officials decided to organise a marathon. And why not. Health is an important and very “in” topic now a days. People are getting aware about it more n more be it on social media or youtube channels.

To organise the marathon the as usual culture started. Our policemen or as they are locally called “the 24 hour-everywhere working- bribe takers-people” started their work. Blocked a lot of roads for the regular traffic so that the runners could easily run. And also this day was a Sunday. So the possibility of traffic being huge was nominal.

I had to go to some place today. I could not take the regular route. Drove to another route. Closed. Another. Closed. This happened with three or four routes. I was losing hope. And to make matters worse my partner was calling me every second to know of my location which further irritated me which resulted in a huge fight but that is another day’s topic.

This made me think about freedom. I was feeling trapped in my location and was losing hope every second. So what about people in areas where there is a possibility of curfew every hour. Or about those living in countries where one cannot move without the gov’s permission. Where one does not boast of the Rights that are fundamental to the human existence.

Every day we the citizens of our country criticise India for various reasons. Criticism is good for growth and development but we should not forget that unnecessary criticism is dangerous. There is a saying in Hindi- अति हर चीज़ की बुरी है.

Respect the Freedom. Respect the Constitution. Help in the growth of the country. And lastly be happy.