Reserving the country:

Before starting this thought train i would like to clear one thing: this is not against reservation. This is against unjustified reservation. Now the ride begins:

I scored 98.19 percentile in CAT2014( for those who do not know what CAT is- its a online test taken by approximately 2 lacs students every year to take admissions in the MBA courses of various colleges.)

The UPA government which was ousted in the elections of 2014 gave the JAT community a right to be a part of. the OBC reservation. Till that time i was against reservation. I thought that it is undue advantage to a particular section of people. But as we say that we are against something till we do not get the advantage of it. After i got the reservation i was super happy. And my CAT percentile made me sure that i would go to the top IIMs of this country. But the fate had somethhing else for me and i ended up in a pretty decent college DSE.

In my class there are 45 students in total and out of these only 18 belong to the general category. You see the ratio? 20% only or we can say majority in 20% and rest 80% is minority.

Things like these break the hopes of lacs of students who prepare for the various exams to move ahead. If things continue the way they are going then we can surely say that many intelligent and hard working people will migrate to other countries where they are valued more.

I am not saying that stop providing reservation because thats not possible in today’s scenario. But what i am suggesting is to improve the reservation rate and the standards. If one person is getting the benefits of reservation in one family then the next generations should not be provided with this facility.

And strict actions need to be taken against people who get fake reservation certificates. And yes this are my views not only because i am hurt that i could not get to the desired college but also i care for my country. And its high time that we all started caring for it.

-Nitin Hooda-The hurt Indian

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