Welcome to the beginning of the new era: (as how I see it)

Era when Presidency is more like a reality tv show (or a black mirror episode), and people will turn to ridicule and mockery than respect for the oval office.

Era when majority opinions are suppressed by radical minority opinions in social media. Every statistics fail then after.

Era when entrepreneurs and investors should rethink and pour more money to balance out “Opinions” and “Facts”

Era when a human belief is completely driven by media brainwashing and the far left/right separation increase rapidly.

Era when a large privileged…

Most of us have heard about Yes, that Will Smith drama about following the entrepreneurial journey while you go through struggles in life. If you haven’t watched it — recommended! It was quite deeply rooted in me, that I was seeking happiness everywhere until few years ago. And you know exactly when happiness comes to you. When you are lazy. When you skip work-outs. When you get those promotions early in your career. When you buy that awesome car. When you go to Vegas every 3 months. When you care less about people who you should care…

Imagine a place where you are a human node, that can communicate only with nodes you trust, with an option to communicate with any nodes around the world via a trusted path with no centralized authoritative regulations. That is open transport, and that is the freedom of speech, or the freedom to communicate.

Imagine a place where you are a human content repository, that can update “your status” to humans you trust, with an option to broadcast publicly with any/all humans around the world if you want to, with no central authoritative corporate that updates “your status.” That is privacy…

Happy New Year 2016 to all my family and friends and everyone! I am not good at resolutions, but love making predictions. Here are 12 of my predictions for the year to come.

  1. Will be able to buy some exciting virtual reality gears on Black Friday 2016.
  2. AMZN, NFLX and AAPL will continue to keep me happy, more so than ever before. One of them winning the trillion dollar valuation race.
  3. Will move back closer to work. Astoria is nice, but you know — that 8 mins walk to subway.
  4. Will cook more and eat out less. …

Nitin Sharma

My life revolves around Programmable Internets, Startups, Network Architectures, Guitars, Social changes

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