2 weeks of GSoC Coding period

Well, to be honest, 2 weeks of coding period is already past, and I haven’t yet started the main challenge — mocking! Though, the test coverage has reached to 64% already, but there are a lots of important tests to be written.

My internship period is finally over, and from now on, I can devote 8 hrs per day easily. This will help me to makeup for the time I lost during these 2 weeks. According to my timeline, I had to finish up the drms part of the project before my first evaluation, and then go ahead with rewriting SunPy’s JSOC Client in my second phase of the coding period. Although I will try to stick to this to the best of my ability, I may require an extra week for finalising the drms package.

This shift won’t be a problem, as I had already spared 3 weeks of time at the end of my coding period as a buffer. I will be updating with whatever I do this week and next, in my next blog.

Let’s hope I have finished up most of my tests when I am writing my next blog!