Audi Cars in India — Affordable Luxury on the Road

Audi AG is a German auto mobile manufacturing company engaged in the production of luxury cars. In 1996 it has become a subsidiary of the German car maker the Volkswagen. The Audi India was established in 2007 and their operations started by importing assembled cars. Presently the plant of the Skoda Auto India Private limited is used for assembling some of their vehicles.

The Audi India has premium sedans, coupes and SUVs in their Indian portfolio. The Audi brand is in direct competition with the BMW in the Indian luxury car market. The model Audi A3 a sedan is the cheapest Audi car available in India. Priced Rupees 22,95,000 to 32,66,000, the A3 comes in 3 diesel and 2 petrol variants with mileages of 20.38 kmpl and 16.6 kmpl for diesel and petrol variants. The standard features of all Audi cars include 6 airbags, rear parking sensors, leather seats, a music system, an auto AC and an onboard computer. The Audi A4 sedan is priced Rupees 28,30,000 to 53,42,000 and comes in 1 petrol and 3 diesel variants with 8 speed auto transmission.

The sedan A6 in 2 petrol and 2 diesel variants is the first Audi vehicle assembled in India and launched in 2007. This 7 speed auto transmission car has a maximum speed of 240 kmph and a GPS navigation system. The Audi S4 sedan priced Rupees 51,11,000 is a petrol car with mileages of 10.5 kmpl. The S6 sedan is a petrol car priced Rupees 87,33,000 has an 8 speed automatic transmission and a fuel efficiency of 10 kmpl. The Audi A8L is the costliest Audi sedan in petrol and diesel versions priced from Rupees 1,12,95,000.

The Audi Q3 is the cheapest Audi SUV available in India at a price of Rupees 25,35,000 to 38,40,000 in petrol and diesel models. This feature loaded SUV has GPS navigation system also. The Q5 and Q7 are the two other 5-seater SUVs with prices for base variants Rupees 45 and 63 lakh respectively. The Coupe models Audi TT, the RS5, RS7 and the Audi R8 are priced from Rupees 55 to 64 lakh. Audi A7 and the Audi RS7 are the sportback models.

Audi cars excel in safety and comfort features. On the models A8 and Q7 cars the driver can choose between a ‘comfort’ and a ‘dynamic’ drive. Most of the Audi cars use 2.0 TFSI or 2.0 TDI engines with maximum speeds of 210 to 250 kmph. For RS7 a 4000 cc, 560 bhp engine is used and for R8 a 5200 cc, 549 bhp engine. The higher fuel consumption of the Audi cars is compensated by the luxury and the comfort features offered.