How to live on Planet Earth without Fear

“The Planet Earth is a beautiful natural creation with abundance for every living being on it.” This is a very powerful statement which has an in-depth meaning to it. The statement is so powerful that it could completely change the life of a saddened person and shower him with abundance of bliss.

Let me explain this message with a real life example. In a vibrant city of London, there lived an royal man Joe. He was a very savvy businessman and had accumulated great wealth and riches around him. He always wanted to be the best in any field of business he stepped into and he would do whatever it takes to get there. However, even with so much success and wealth, he seemed not very happy. He started feeling more fearful and insecure as his wealth started to grow. The cause of this fear was that he felt someday he might loose all the wealth or somebody might take over his fortune. This made him very anxious.

On one of his business trips to the Indian sub-continent, he met a wise man who suggested him to take a week off from all work and travel to Rishikesh, a place at the foot hills of great Himalayas. The man suggested that this trip would change the way he looked at doing business and would help him be more successful professionally and personally. After hearing the wise man, Joe felt that he should travel to Rishikesh if the trip would help him be more successful.

Joe booked a beautiful hotel overlooking the Ganges river and travelled to Rishikesh. On arriving at Rishikesh, he was surprised to see the scenic and calmness of the town. From his hotel balcony, Joe could see the river Ganges flowing with all the charm and the holy Sages calmly performing meditation along the river bank. At first, this was a very strange feeling for Joe as he was used to the hustle and bustle of a busy city like London.

After spending few nights in the small town of Rishikesh, Joe got used to the calmness and harmony of the town. He started realising that the whole town is built around the holy river Ganges and there are no multinational corporations or major factories around the place. This was very surprising for Joe and he became very curious to know how people lived in this town and what they did for a profession.


On one fine morning, when Joe was spending time exploring the small town, he came across an young man sitting by the river bank and performing his morning prayer. Joe went on to talk to him. Joe introduced himself and asked the young man what he did for a profession and how he spent his day. The young man told him that he ran a small restaurant that catered to the needs of tourists and local population. The young man offered Joe to take him to his restaurant for breakfast that morning.

Joe accepted the kind gesture of the young man and went with him to his restaurant. On arriving at the restaurant, Joe was surprised to notice how small his restaurant was but how energetic and happy the young man was. This made Joe very curious and he asked the young man if he ever felt fearful and anxious about his restaurant not performing or the other big restaurants taking away his business. To Joe’s question, the young man replied “Sir, there is so much for everyone in this world so why be fearful of anything or anybody”. This statement took Joe by surprise. Joe realised that even though he had so much wealth, he never felt content in the fear of loosing it. However, the young man felt so much completion with so little. The statement of the young man had a lasting impact on Joe.

Joe started looking at things in his life with completion and had slowly let go of his fears. He had then on started living a blissfully and performing exceptionally well in his professional and personal life. Also, he had started giving back a lot to the society for the greater good of everybody. Joe happens to travel once a year to Rishikesh to spend time and meet the young man.