How to have positive experiences!

Ever wondered why we are living? We eat We work We sleep and this cycle goes on and on.Few make bundles of money few just make a little to keep this cycle going and during the cycle we have experiences.

We never think about the experiences we have and why we are having them.

We always perceive things like, we are making assumptions for each other every minute and live our whole life around that no matter it’s far from the reality we just live in a virtual world of assumptions.

With these assumptions 80% of the time we give rise to negative emotions such as hate, jealousy, criticism and we start to apply them in to our actions irrespective of the actions of the other person.

What happens then ?

Our actions with jealousy, greed,criticism will always have the reaction from other side and hence the bad experiences starts to happen in our life.

What to do to have good experiences?

We should never assume things from our end because this is all we can control we can never control others but we can control our assumptions for others if they are negative. We should always observe actions from others because in the end we have to take care of our selves. Observe the actions and think through why, what, if of that and then take actions. Best example watch a kid who is just one year old.

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