Start Building a Better Culture This Year
Larry Kim

Once again a big shoutout to Larry Kim for the wonderful & amazing write-up. This was a pleasure to eyes and perception. I have the same line of thought. I believe if the change starts from within, everything starts changing around you. Indeed a startup is like your kid who needs a proper environment which can build him for the future. I believe your 2 year kid will be so inspired every time you do an interaction session with him. A startup is just a replica of ourselves. Startups fail because we fail to manage ourselves. If we cannot manage this human body and mind well, how can we imagine to manage such a huge organisation which is a bigger version of yourselves!! That’s where founders need to have self discipline and ethics which will guide their behaviour. After all, our employees are learning a lot every second from our movement. And I think that’s what leading from front means. Lead from front not only gives proper direction to your assets (human resource) but also guide their attitude and behaviour in life.

Thanks once again. Keep writing wonders. Keep Going high.

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