How I Got Ahead by Being a Cocky Bastard
Zak Slayback

The idea of thriving in an organisation comes various times in the mind. And we look for the suggestions and recommendations. This idea about Being Humble vs Being Cocky gives a whole new perspective on how one can stay ahead in the world where you are constantly being pulled down. Being humble is about having a sense of discipline within ourselves, always ready to learn from everyone, staying grounded and still keeping the high belief system that will drive us for our passion & purpose. But Being too Humble will take the skin off from the roots. It can give so many challenges to the person. That is where the idea of Being Cocky comes. Actually, Cocky doesn’t mean we have overrated ourselves and started flying above clouds. Being Cocky means we have just realised the infinite possibility of being human and the power we have within us. By Being cocky, we take our control and not give any bastard in the organisation take advantage of our skill and understanding. Being Cocky also gives an advantage of being aware of the situation and using possible resources to stay ahead and lead from front. (You know that you can do better than others when people start judging you and trying to backstab you). It is better to take charge of the situation and play along with the situation. Some great story has been narrated in this article. Success doesn’t come with being humble at all times, it comes when you start knowing that you are giving up the control and people are taking your charge.