How to Get Ahead When You Have Nothing to Offer
Zak Slayback

The world is changing rapidly. In last 5 years, technology has taken so vast space in our lives. Our perspective and intellectual abilities have changed but still we are stuck with old school of thought when it comes to growth and taking decision that make our future which I know everyone wants to have a freedom of choice. Now, the problem is, one hand we have “Choice” and on the other we have term called “Limitation”. Choice is what is given to us as an advantage of being human. Other creature in the world has so many chances to choose in the life. But the same freedom of Choice becomes the reason of Misery. There comes limitation. We have from nowhere have learnt very well to control the possibilities that we can create with our Imagination. I think we have lot of trust over the education system. Everything looks so fancy while being there until you hit the low. Once a campus student comes to the industry and starts working, he gets to know what all mistakes or opportunities he had lost during those valuable years. I believe every kid ranging from 18- 20 must work in some industry and learn a certain level of skill. Anyways, many people hold that Degree Certificates, looking for a mediocre job which will just pay their bills and want to live a happy life. It is like standing still in the dark and believing that a ray of light will come if I open my eyes. The real world wants not your certificate or degree but your skill & demands your time. It is asking you to create value for the society which is only possible when you live in the society. You can only understand certain problem if you have an experience about it. If you see the trend of the job scenario, layoffs has been happening since long time.

Those who went to HBS or Stanford didn’t become entrepreneurs because they were passionate about it. It is because they got to know that a day will come when the competition will consume their degree and certificates. For me, I would be happy to generate content and expand my skill rather than working in a low entry job which will barely sustain my living. For me, Learning on the Job as an Apprentice is far better than an additional 3 year college course. Imagine, We pay schools so that we can get job which will pay us so that we can barely sustain our life. I don’t think life is about sustaining. It is about living while thriving.

That’s where the concept of social capital comes in. Social capital is far better than cash in hand. If you just keep collecting social capital, you can buy assets that can make you financially free. A life where you are really a boss of your life. You can choose what you want to do. a life where you go to vacation not because you have collected enough money all those years but because you choose to travel and learn from life, see places and rejuvenate.

The time has come. It is time when Gen Y has to take charge of life and decide not because of societal pressure but because you realize it’s time to lead and thrive.