The lifeline

For me hours doesn’t matter neither matters the distance, I was born just to run and help the world to be in motion always. The days and nights are same for me the only thing changes with the days and nights for me is the weight or rush I am carrying. Everyone is same for me whether it is a highly intelligent man or a small ant, they all come and go. Some of them follows same path daily some of them are adventurous and changes the path daily and thinks that they are moving ahead on the path un-trodden but they don’t even notice that from north to south, crossing water bodies trodding lands, from the heart of the mountain to the cliff of the plateau, there is not a single place you can’t find my presence. I have many names, different names according to the different places, in my continuous journey sometimes my names use to get changes for certain locations and most funny thing is that the so called most intelligent living being on the earth, yes the humans they even to abbreviate my names and also they rename the same according to their convenience.

Not all but many people afraid of me, they usually thinks that I am a killer I kill people, but they never think that I have nothing to do with; they don’t even see my condition. Yes sometimes some people losses their lives because of faults done by some of them. This is because sometimes they don’t even care for me, my condition, how long I have not been feed well, how long I has not provided with proper medication, ointments, and lubricants and they all blame me that it all happened because of me.

Now I would like to introduce my royal face to you, I am very royal in some regions or you can say some of my part is royal enough to attract and allure foreigners to me. They visit me more often than that of my fellow Indians do and they respect me a lot, they loves me a lot. Because of their immense love the royal part of me is still existing and growing like anything. I play a major role in the GDP contribution of India. As I am one of my kinds in whole world i.e. I am among the largest and longest of the world. People respect me a lot and I am very proud to be an integral part of INDIA.

By the way I forgot to tell my name to you. My name is INDIAN RAILWAYS. Thanks for reading about me I will let you know more about me soon. Keep reading. :)

* Note: Pardon me for my English. :( i am not that good in it, but i am very good in emotions. :)