Hi Prashant,
Somaskandan Vinit

Thank you for the thoughts Somaskandan Vinit.

Glad that you took time to send a note. In conjunction with your last para about 3rd party apps and Twitter, it is exactly why I feel there is a need to create a platform like this. We are more and more moving towards a world that is curated according to our preferences and prevents us from having perspectives from all kinds of people.

The concept of bubble is a troubling one that would become more and more complicated as personalization moves forward. It is exactly the reason why AAP supporters or Trump supporters believe everyone else is supporting them without taking into account other sentiments into account.

If we take AAP’s example and its decision to employ odd-even rule in Delhi, I could not arrive at a decision whether Delhites thought it was a good/bad decision. My circles said it was good, someone else’s circle said it was bad. There is no single platform that suggests sentiments at a scale and accumulates thought leader opinions at one place. For this decision, Barkha Dutt may have said it was good, Arnab was bad and all of this kept coming as independent sources. It becomes difficult from there to accumulate everything and know what the leaders sentiments are.

Did this make things more clearer? I guess the post didn’t outline it well :)