I’m a Lefty and I Joined a Trump Supporters Facebook Group: Here’s what I learned
Blakeley Nixon

So you start off by saying you wanted to get a balanced, broad view of the wide range of people who elected Trump because you suspect that you’ve been living in a social media bubble, then you do precisely the opposite of what you said you would do by joining a blatantly extreme right wing bubble on fb. Don’t make excuses about not being accepted on other groups; you’re a “journalist”. Use your network and improvise. I’m a metropolitan, Guardian and Economist reading social democrat / atheist humanist, and I know dozens of perfectly rational, un-bigotted, non-racist fiscal conservatives who supported Trump, brexit yet also support progressive, libertarian social causes such no drug war, gay marriage, abortion etc. You obviously don’t have a very wide circle of friends and limited capability as a writer to go beyond your comfort zone. Half the people who elected Trump think he’s a joke but were horrified at the notion of a left-wing controlled superior court dismantling the constitution and further digging the country into an even bigger Keynesian black hole of debt and institutionalized government dependency. You’ll find the people in talking about in the comments section of Reason. Com, the Atlantic and the Wall Street Journal.

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