Dear JavaScript,
Jamie Kyle

Hi James,
I just read translation of your post in russian ( and thought that I should write something.
Why do you think there is so much hate?
Let’s be honest lots of people constantly feel stressed. Lots of developers live and work outside Silicon Valley.
Lots of developers never worked in startups. Lots of developers live in countries like Russia where they even don’t have open internet (there are blacklists).
And GitHub was banned in Russia multiple times. There are lots of developers who live and work in EU. They work in companies with very strict policies.
Strict policies related to software versions. Their lawyers check license agreements of each open-source library they use. Services like GiHub/NPM blocked by corporate policies in their companies.
They have to use private mirrors. Most of them don’t use clouds. Update of technologies once in 5 years (not in worst case). 
Also, there are lots of newcomers in JS world. Lots of people who want to make fancy things and don’t want to study anything.
Lots of older people who are used to Java libraries which you could update once in a while and everything will work as expected.
And it sounds strange but lots of these different people are starting to write something with modern JS.
Believe it or not but JS community itself not friendly at all. When you are trying to ask someone which technologies you should use for a start.
You hear like someone screams use React. Some other person screams use Angular. Someone screams use Babel. And the one who asked simply don’t know much about JS.
You are trying to configure something at home with Angular 2 on Windows 7 and encounter bugs due to something outdated (honestly, I only experienced complex issues with native node modules).
Or for some reason you installed Node.JS version 0.12 and there is some kind of issue related to this version of Windows 7 and NPM package you are trying to use.
Or you tried something with React/Angular/Babel at home, it worked. Then you come to an office, try it for your work and experience issues due to corporate policies.
For sure there are also people with other kinds of issues. Who don’t have internet access limitations or unbelievably strict licensing/versioning policies. And they experience completely different issues. I simply tried to explain that there are different developers and they face different kinds of issues. Someone can use whatever OS he likes at work, someone can’t, etc. Someone study everything quickly, someone needs time. And all these people could experience anger related to their work, technologies they use, etc.
You are not responsible for issues created by someone’s bosses, governments, lack of knowledge, family issues, etc. But you are developer of product which people tried to use.
These frustrated people simply blame your product, you, someone else. Why? Because they are angry, can’t control their anger, etc.
Will this post teach someone? I believe that not many people will really try to write some constructive proposals or simply avoid anger.
Most of the developers will continue to show their hate even after reading this. Because they have lots of anger and they can’t control it.
From my point of view when you are doing something just ignore haters. Not all of them bad people. Probably some of them could do good suggestions if they are in a right mood.
But, usually, they don’t think about things they are doing.

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