People think we are crazy, well, yes we are

Yep, we are launching one brand new brilliant startup. If I were in the center of Silicon Valley it wouldn’t be surprising, but here in Russia it sounds weird. Why on the Earth are we doing this? Quit jobs and almost struggling with misery (frankly, just a figure of speech), we are building something which is maybe never be needed by anyone but us…

These are my family and friends thoughts. What about me? I’m crazy, remember?

So, why?
The reason it trivial: we want to create something that matters. Maybe it is ‘Fight club’ influence, but many people of my generation want the same, too afraid to change anything though.

Short profile.
My name is Victoria Zakharova. I received a master degree at The University of Edinburgh and worked at Barclays before Nitrograph foundation.

We started three times.
The first one was when we decided to make everything fundamentally: hand-made documentation, analytic, test and even project management systems. Nothing happened, as you may guess. We argued too much about every tiny detail in order not to overlook any future flaw. Once we even fought about how to send corporate files. Maxim, my co-founder, wanted to create a cloud account and I preferred well known chat application. Nonsense!

Anyway, time wasn’t wasted. I practiced in continuous integration, gained experience in Angular 2, JS6, Typescript and even caught on ideas on functional languages (Elm is my love, BTW).

Next time we relaxed our requirements for the development process and decided to delegate secondary work to ready products. These leaded to weeks of nonstop surfing searching the best service.

Turning point

The sun went up and down while we were discovering project management systems suitable for our great company. Honestly, I personally checked 30 of them. We didn’t have enough money to buy the one we wanted and our opinion about others changed from the awesome to meh very quickly. History has circled back on us. How may happened that we finally had started anything at all?

Anyway, I must admit, it was a turning point. Here I must go into details because it can explain our motivation.

We needed a very flexible application, which would be connected to GitHub, was suitable for agile teams, was easy in use and showed our overall progress. Nothing special at all. Nevertheless we didn’t find the one. There are a lot of PM applications, but every time we started use something, we gave up very quickly.

 * Kanban boards. Hate them! Honestly. They are not usable at all.
 * We often forgot to create an issue. It would be much more effective to add them from the code directly.
 * We wanted to nest issues in time.

So, we went the standard startup way :) Decided to build something we needed. What happened with the project we wanted to create before? Nothing, it is waiting it’s time.

Now we are building MVP and we are going to launch a landing page with a small demo soon.

Very welcome to subscribe to our blog and share your ideas. We are going to describe the whole process from the beginning. So it must be interesting to anyone who wants to do a startup or is creating one.