IQTell Was Unique
Ken Fleisher

I have recently gone to print with a book titled “GTD and Technology: Be the Boss”. This should be available in the next 4–6 weeks. The book focuses on how to leverage GTD disciplines (and variants thereof) with today’s technology. As someone who has spent the past 20 years in Software Research and Development, as well as a someone who implements GTD-like practices, I decided to share my experiences. 100% of my profits also go to St Judes for Children hospital charity.

With that said, I devoted an entire chapter to customer support, titled ‘Raving Fans Separate Commodities”. Early in my career, I learned the importance of customer support for ASP’s (Application Service Providers), SaS (Software as a Service) or whatever title dejour is given to subscription-based.applications.

In this chapter,I used IQTell as a case study. This net-net is that I found IQTell to be one of the most innovative GTD applications to ever hit the market, however, the customer service, in my experience, was so poor that the application would be deprecated by 2018.

Unfortunately, I was correct.

For close to two years, I was one of the absolute ‘Power users’ of IQTell. I can assure you, it is a very complex, yet incredibly strong system that essentially allows its users to create their own GTD applications. The problem? It was all driven by one person, “Ran” who told their customers what they needed, instead of listening to them. Often he scoffed at feature requests “Why would anyone every need that?” and essentially acted extremely immature and thin-skinned when it came to constructive criticism toward the growth of his product..

So now they will close their doors.

I, myself had a budget to license 35 of my employees with an enterprise-wide GTD application, and stopped short once I noticed their poor customer service. I thought to myself, regardless of how robust their system is, I cannot allow my company to invest in such a company” I envisioned there were many people who felt like I did, and this is why my (published) ‘prediction’ came true.

I am not here to ‘brag’ or anything such as this In fact, it’s the last thing I wanted to see. However, this is such a black and white illustration that, regardless of features, the ONE thing that separates any application: customer service. This is how it’s always been, and I see no reason for this to change any time soon.