Nitro Exchange dan Token Nitro yang dikelola komunitas

Nitro adalah perusahaan teknologi keuangan yang menggunakan blockchain sebagai infrastruktur untuk keuangan digital. Ini bertujuan untuk menggabungkan teknologi revolusionernya dengan antarmuka yang sederhana dan intuitif dan membuat keuangan terdesentralisas yangi dapat diakses oleh semua orang.

Mengapa Nitro Exchange dan mengapa produk Nitro?

Nitro Exchange y Nitro Token gestionados por la comunidad.

En 2018, Nitro Exchange se anunció como una organización innovadora de tecnología Fin-Tech y criptográfica.

Nitro es una empresa de tecnología financiera que utiliza blockchain como infraestructura para las finanzas digitales. …

With the recent updates at the cryptocurrency market, there are more than 2 thousand different coins. It is such a huge market that it is almost impossible for anyone to be wise in every detail, catch the profit opportunities at the entire market. However, our platform is designed to analyze…


Algorithmic trading is trading using software to place trade orders according to predefined trading criteria that can take into account time, price, and trading volume. Algorithmic trading allows you to trade without human intervention.

It allows you to break down large trades into much smaller ones and thereby reduce…

From the earlier times, people always want to increase their capitals to live under better circumstances. However, in our contemporary world, it is getting harder and harder to make profit day by day. The foundation of cryptocurrencies is formed by the principles of exchange freedom, without strict regulations and worldwide…

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