I am Indian American, and it’s 2017. But I still get asked ‘What are you?’
Washington Post

Hey an Indian living in India also gets the same question? You Gujarati? Sindhi? Punjabi? and so on… and then you Bhramin? what caste are you?

I’ve grown up abroad and faced racism as a kid. I got teased bec of oil in my hair, wavy hair ( i lived in a asian country where everyone had straight hair…) and because i brought a lunch box (tiffin). Instead of getting confused about my origins & letting it impact me, my parents decided to stop enforcing all things Indian on me. No oil, no tiffin, eat non-veg, speak the local language… learn it mandatorily to FIT IN. I had no Indian friends till i was in 8th grade, and the first one ironically did not look Indian.

A confused teenager once confided in me, be Indian at home, international in school.. that was the solution. So i prayed at church and i sung bhajans at home. I abused in English and Hindi (that is still fun).

But, all through this, I never stopped Indian. Because there was no shame in being attached to my roots and being comfortable in my skin.

Can totally relate to your story though!

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