When I am in 8th grade, I was getting ready for the college, I was wearing my shoes suddenly a thought stuck my mind. I began to create a image of universe, solar system, earth rounding around the sun. And I think what if life on earth suddenly vanished, than who can remember us. I am in oblivion, void . my mind is stop and I lied down on bed and think of our existence.

Who we are, who created us. I sometimes thinks that it is better to know less, to be religious. If you are religious than this kind of thought never crossed your mind. For being an atheist you think that questions again and again and its anxious. Sometimes times you can’t sleep in nights.

Now today I got the book ‘The Power Of Now ‘. Its the first book which give the answer of my some questions. I recommend this book who want know something about spirituality.

Please suggest me books on this topic. I am just born in the field of writing so there can be writing mistakess

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