Learn How To Be a Better Programmer by Automating the Boring Stuff

The equivalent of playing scales is writing small programs, alone. Unfortunately, playing scales (a) doesn’t teach you anything about music, and (b) is boring as hell.

Writing extensible code is not so simple!

Finding good problems

A stage that won’t give you the stage fright!

A way to find such problems

Writing good solutions

The basic principles that form the bedrock of good software are simplicity, which keeps programs short and manageable; clarity, which makes sure they are easy to understand, for people as well as machines; generality, which means they work well in a broad range of situations and adapt well as new situations arise; and automation, which lets the machine do the work for us, freeing us from mundane tasks.

Really A LOT!!

Problem 1: Adding comments to bookmarks with long titles

Problem 2: Copying a bookmark with its title

An extremely mundane task
The current options

The Solution

Chrome browser extension and chrome.* API

Time to learn a new language

Reading the documentation and learning from it

In doing all this, I realized the importance of the “Hello World” program

Problem 1: Solved

Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash
Bookmarks the current tab URL

Problem 2: Unsolvable?

Override Pages

Chrome.* API documentation

Learning, Writing and Teaching at https://www.nityesh.com/

Learning, Writing and Teaching at https://www.nityesh.com/