Serge presenting early Blocks concept at Quanta in Taiwan, April 2014, during HWTrek’s Asia Innovation Tour

6 Questions with Serge Didenko, BLOCKS Wearables Co-Founder

Last year, HWTrek sponsored 30 hardware startups and creators to visit Taiwan and Beijing on the Asia Innovation Tour 2014 and again in 2015 with 25 hardware startup and accelerator participants. We reached out to Serge Didenko (Co-founder of BLOCKS Wearables), a participant in the tour last year, to see what he’s been up to during the past year.

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Blocks is currently running a successful Kickstarter campaign and have raised more than one million dollars. Support them here.

HWTrek: We’d love to catch up with what you’ve been doing since you attended Asia Tour last year. What are you working on?

Serge: Blocks is the world’s first fully customizable smartwatch — an open platform for wearable technology.

What are some of major lessons you learned along your entrepreneurship journey?

A dedicated team that is ready to keep going no matter what (getting investment and building prototype on time do not always go to plan).

What advice would you give someone who might have an idea, but has yet launch a hardware startup?

Love what you do because you will have to work very hard for it and give up most of your free time for that dream. But the journey will be also fun as long as you have the right team.

Looking back a year on now, what are your takeaways from participating in the tour last year?

The power of network — try to befriend a couple of hardware startups ASAP. Spend some money on actually going to Taiwan and staying there — there is nothing like doing development and talking to manufacturers on the ground.

What trend do you see that is changing your sector or what shift would you like to see happen?

Consolidation of the first wave of smartwatch makers — the big players are coming in. There is still a lack of a true killer application out there. We hope to bring the variety of much needed sensors with Blocks.

Do you have any recommendations for a must-read/watch/listen article, book, blog, film, or podcast, etc.?

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