How to get ready for your Christmas party

Christmas parties are the perfect opportunity to glam yourself up — there’s no such thing as too much. So wear that dress you always wanted to wear but didn’t dare to, get that red lipstick out of your collection and put your hair up in an amazing hairstyle. Dare to look your best this Christmas!

Bring back that summer glow

Let’s get real: everyone looks better and healthier with a bit of a tan. Since summer is over, it is hard to maintain that tan. Besides, the colder weather can be drying to the skin and our summer glow will disappear. The good news is that it isn’t that hard to get it back — a spray tan is the solution. It stays on for a while, makes you look bronzed and ready for that Christmas party!

Twinkling eyes

False lashes are a favorite for many during Christmas. It makes your eyes appear bigger. But why make the extra effort of applying false lashes if you can have them all the time? Eyelash extensions are very popular for many reasons. You wake up with beautiful lashes, ready for the day. There is always a range in lengths, curves and volumes to fit for your eyes.

A lash lift is not the same as getting lash extensions. Instead it’s a treatment that essentially acts like a perm for your lashes, making them curlier — which helps them to stand out and look longer. You won’t get more lashes, but they’ll look longer — which is nice! The lash lift lasts 6 months, so it is a no-maintenance enhancement.

Treat yourself to a manicure

A matching manicure is the cherry on the top for your Christmas look. You can totally customise the type of nails to your personal style. So whether you prefer natural looking nails, gel nails, glitter, some nailart or a simple but sophisticated classic red — getting a manicure before the Holidays is the accessoire that ties it all up.

Change up your hairstyle

When it comes to hair, it is always good to trim the ends regularly to reduce split ends and make your hair appear fuller. You want something new? Why not color your hair? In winter you can look more pale, so choosing a warm color will give you a healthy complexion.

You don’t have to color your hair to shine this Christmas. There are loads of hairstyles you can try to look stunning. Experiment with it and see which one fits for you.

Party makeup

You can’t go wrong with your makeup, because nothing is too much with Christmas — so dare! Go for that perfect winged liner or dark smokey eyes, bright red lips and a popping highlighter to finish it off! What’s your go-to party makeup look?

Let’s end this year on a high note!

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