Another scam across the net

Made real, year 2012.

I received an email with the title of Recruitment # 1, this email was from a company with the name of Secret Buyers, under the signature of its Manager Jimmy Cole, I was invited to participate with them if I wanted to earn some extra money, helping them with surveys and purchases.

They asked me some general information: Name, address, telephone, email, age and occupation to start participating. I did not see any problem in sending this information by email with the requested date. Several days later, when I went to check the mailbox, I found that it had a Priority Mail envelope, they had left it outside the mailbox, surprised me because I really was not expecting any mail with those characteristics. More surprised I stayed, when I saw the name of the sender (a totally strange name: Connie Bales of Palmdale, California). When I opened the envelope, could not believe what my eyes were seeing: an informal letter and a money order, in the amount of $ 890.00 (a laughable figure, for these times of crisis). The letter said: — “Welcome to the world of buyers, these are the instructions for your first job with us. Take the Money Order and make it effective in your bank, from that amount, deduct for your first $ 200.00 salary payment. You must buy what you want, but you can not spend more than $ 10.00, you must do it in any cellar near your home, then go to any Western Union office, and will send the remaining money to another buyer in a money order , Who will use it for his own task with us”. After all, I had to make a report with eight questions that they sent me, and sent them to the company, which they also sent me the information, now with the name of Ms. Jessica Walker. The entire fund should be passed to Mr. Oscar Avila Jr., in Fresno, California, with transfer information and quantity.

Immediately I went to the bank with the envelope, the Money Order and the letter, I asked to speak with one of the managers of the bank and I told him everything that I here, the lady took the Money Order, after looking at it for a long time she said: “It seems real, but the letter makes me doubt, I think this is fraud.”

I asked him: — If I had not said anything about this letter, and I come with the Money Order and I put it in my checking account, what happens?

He said: “We deposit it into your account and give you the money, then when we are going to collect it, you will notice the fraud, but it is too late for you if you make the transaction”.

The worker, I passed with another representative of the bank, I informed of everything I had told him and this one look to number they have to verify falses numbers of the Money Order, the person on the phone, said, it was fraud and I had to report this.

They gave me the web link where I have reported the claim to this fraud, with the “Internet Crime Claims Center” and I am one of the billions of cases reported.

What I have here is a fact of my daily life, so that they can understand the degree of professionalism with which the living in these societies develop, and how we have to be alert, with all the senses in their place, not to be scammed .

Life is becoming more difficult, technological advances are becoming more sophisticated as they are the means that the bandits use to commit their misdeeds. Alerts always, do not forget.

This type of notes share without asking, anyone can happen. Thank you.

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