The Most Important Skill You Should Master
Zdravko Cvijetic

Hi Z. You are on to something important — Focus and Attention! At the same time you are moving on thin ice — Creating a reality Outside of Yourself! That is, you are moving in the direction of ‘doing’, which is the path to Feeling/Emotional + Thinking/Mental, > the direct path to polarity/duality with its two polls — good/right and bad/wrong. Caught up in this vicious circle — Feeling and Thinking, create not only the Illusion of Opposites, but also a number of stubborn Effects, which in the course of your Experience have left ‘deep traces’ on/within yourself — and they will continue doing this without pause! Is there a goal? Creation doesn’t ‘know’ a goal. Creation IS. Goals exist only in the Illusion of Time. Goals exist more directly in the Illusionary ‘Doing Game.’ I’m not talking against Goals. I’m suggesting that you shouldn't attach them to ‘Illusionary’ feelings — in short, don’t make them into ‘Obsessions’ and castigate yourself if you start fancying something else!

An intention and no aim. If you are sailing on a boundless ocean, there is no aim. There is no place to arrive. There are always waves, currents and winds that move the boat, in which ever direction. It’s simply a Way/Route that you cover while you are sailing over the ocean. But, of course, you have an intention, when you decide that you have sailed enough, you want to return to your harbor. Alas, their are Stipulations! You can’t simply sail out on this Ocean (Experience!) You can only get there, if someone drops you and the sailboat in the middle of it, out of sight of the shore, while you forget that there is a harbor. However, knowing these stipulations, you allow yourself to take the risk. This is just a metaphor for the ‘Sense and Purpose’ of our experiences.