The Next Generation of Work

The current economic system is broken. Workers are retiring later, working more, and saving less. Many families don’t have enough money to pay a $500 surprise expense. Most people don’t have any savings at all for retirement.

In a period where technology is increasing economic output to unprecedented levels, why are workers not seeing the benefits?

Today, most of the financial gains are realized by corporate executives and wealthy shareholders. Companies place shareholders above the customer, employee, and everything else. The average worker has no vested interest in staying with one company for any significant amount of time. A study showed that those who job hop every two years make on average 50% more than their counterparts who stay at one job over lifetime earnings. In this new paradigm companies cut whatever benefits possible and pay the employee just enough to keep them. Employees who aim to climb the corporate ladder have to resolve themselves to find a new job to keep up with market pay.

Companies pay a lot of money to recruit and train their employees. The total cost to a company just to interview a potential candidate can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. When an employee leaves, it’s not just the productivity hit that hurts the company, it’s also many other non-quantifiable metrics as well. Domain knowledge needs to be relearned, moral takes a hit, and all the investments and effort the company went through in training that employee goes down the drain.

What if there was a better way for both sides? A win-win situation where both the worker and company could benefit? Something to help companies increase retention and profits, while also benefitting the employee?

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