Mumbai MUN 2015 is a 3 day Model United Nations conference which shall take place from the 24th-26th of January, 2015 in the NMIMS University Campus, Mumbai. It envisions to observe and act on a global front. With zealous delegates from all over the world and some exceptional agendas for the committees, it has lots to offer in terms of exemplary discussions and a memorable experience. Besides archetypal debates it touches those soft skills which are often unvisited by the youth. Politics, international-relation building, networking, cooperation, collaborative conceptualization and most importantly ‘Leadership’ skills which shall help them go a long way in life.

Coming to the theme for this year, a theme as vast and vibrant as the landmass it represents-EURASIA.

For a long period Eurasia had been the only continent apart from Africa and thus gave birth to the first civilizations of the world. The rise and fall of man took place and thus varied the history from the Renaissance to the World Wars.

We now shift our focus to the implications this history has had on our modern world. Thus taking inspiration from a wide array of diverse nations, from former colonists to recently independent nations in the process in the process of moulding themselves into future superpowers, it is apt that we chose this theme for Mumbai MUN 2015.

We shall see where it takes us…

It is your now your chance to co-author the future — Deliberate Adapt Enact.

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