New Year Shenanigans and more..

“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”

Tiny shreds of light break through the sky. Dawn of a new day. Thick shades of green cover the sides of the road. Everything seems to be falling into place. I see him sitting next to me, riding shotgun. I move down a gear and bobble over the uneven roads of an unfamiliar village. The ocean to my left and the river with the giant palm trees to my right and the road itself is laden with coconut trees. The water on either side look stunning against the sun’s sheen. I needed this. I needed to hit the road. I slow down to soak in all that is around me. This moment. It has me wrapped around its little finger.

Tearing along the coastline made me realize what I had been missing. Adventure. The need to be shocked and overwhelmed at the same time. Unwrapping a new place, from top to bottom. Diving head first into new experiences. And getting cosy with the unknown. The need to feel the wind on my face and jam my mind with beautiful visions of the sand and the ocean. The road is where my heart is. And this is where I belong.

In Kenny Chesney’s words:

“You were born to dance to the beat of your own heart;
to roam without cages;
with the innocence of a child
and the free spirit of untamed horses.
I hope you laugh without stopping,
live with abandon,
and LOVE like that’s all there is;
Stay Wild
My wild, wild child.”

I am usually thrilled to watch the tail lights of a year disappear or be archived into history. But I'm smiling fondly at 2015. And it’s because of all the places I got to visit and the stories I got to share.

Crossing a small dirt patch on the road, I find few rocks, softened by the waves over the years. We sit here for a little while. Just watching. A few meters ahead, the ocean crashes into the sand, and the whooshing sound of waves reverberates through the air. There is not a single soul on the beach for as far as the eye can see.

‘You wanna go for a swim?’

I shrug my shoulders and smile.

We jump into the ocean for what we believed would be a ‘quick’ swim. But soon get distracted by the number of dolphins we spot swimming not very far from where we were. It is a thrill to experience. It almost seemed like the entire Universe was conspiring to make this day the best I had had so far.

The sun disappears slowly behind the horizon. I had been driving for most part and dreaming for the rest. This is what I would remember of 2015. The last sunset. I feel the time pass. I look up at the sky. With every dawn, comes a new promise. Children searching for the rainbows. Farmers praying for the rains. Dreamers looking for the shapes in the sky. The sky never disappears but is never the same twice. The different colours and shades, the different images woven in. This is the memory that I would carry into the new year. This is my promise to the future. Every day is a new day. Fresh. And unencumbered by the past. And every day I would wake up and do exactly what makes me happy. I may not yet know what I am working towards, but I have an entire lifetime ahead of me to figure it out. And when the time comes to tell of this life, it will be legendary.

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