What is Love

Decoding the Mystery

Love, as a feeling, can be confusing, annoying, trite or downright laughable to many of us. One can never ‘prepare’ to fall in love.. but when that does happen, one can be prepared to make it last. It’s true. It’s not entirely in your hands. Be the best version of yourself and keep your end of the deal. Nothing being said below is ‘brand new’ information, but I do hope to drive the message home.

  • Be the person you want to be with
  • Change your relationship with yourself. Be grateful for all that you are
  • Remember every waking moment of your life — You are loved
  • Love Yourself
  • Treat yourself the way you would, a dear friend
  • Give your hundred percent and in return, you would receive the same
  • Love, unconditionally
  • Get in touch with your child-like sense of curiosity. Ask them about their day, their lives. Take in the other person’s interests
  • Be here and now. Connect deeply. Be responsive
  • Stay committed to the connection you share
  • Be Compassionate, Loving, and Generous
  • Be the one that brings out the best in your partner
  • Be secure in yourself. Have a sound self-image
  • Serve and Learn. It leads to Happiness
  • Everybody is doing the best that they can. Remember that and be kind
  • Find Thankfulness in love
  • Change together in the same direction
  • Your emotions, thoughts and actions must all be perfectly aligned together
  • Celebrate what you have

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