Until we meet again..

It’s funny how death changes our perspective; a sudden hit of sobriety. You think you have everything figured out. You believe that people who you care about, people who you saw yesterday and had a conversation with, people who you thought would be there smiling at you when you meet them, will always be there. You make plans including them. And yet, one fine moment, you hear the news of their sudden demise. Suddenly everything changes.. You realize that all things are not within your control. You become helpless at the void created by their absence. Painful, isn’t it?
You never know when is the last time you see a person. Only after they are gone forever, you wish you had known. You could have spent some extra time with them. You could have let them know how special they were. You could have made them smile and laugh, and have their happy face etched in your mind, forever.. But now there’s nothing you can do. You just sit there reminiscing about the time with them and curse the uninvited thief called death..

I wrote this in a train on my way back home, after hearing the news of my grandmother’s sudden demise. She was very close to me, and a very lovely person. A sweet soul who had always ensured that we never left her house with an empty stomach or an empty pocket. It’s a terrible loss for all of us who knew her.

Moments like these make you realize the importance of appreciating the people you have in your life. Most of the time we take our family for granted and convince ourselves that we are too busy to spend time with them. But we forget that these people who play a huge part in our life, can be gone in a second.

Live everyday to the fullest, show some love to the people who care about you and cherish the moments with them. You never know what will happen the next moment. We are all fragile beings. :)
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