Bono did an amazing thing for a young fan on stage — live on Meerkat.

U2 has been incorporating Meerkat into their #U2ieTour by bringing fans on stage, handing them a phone, and streaming the band for one song from a perspective we would never get to see.

And it’s all on the big screen.

The interactive portion of last night’s show started off normally, with Bono walking over to bring the fan on stage, singing — in the most personal way — and handing the phone with the @U2 Meerkat stream.

Then something unexpected happened. The fan, who is now in control of the stream, noticed a young boy in the crowed with a sign that says — something — but you can make out the words “Bono” and “Please” (this is being projected on the giant screen).

Bono took notice.

The young boy was brought on stage, the band played, and Bono sang a song just for him.

Bono, who is rarely seen without a pair of shades, even gave the boy his sunglasses! A great moment experienced live and up close on the Meerkat stream.


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