• Ryan Dawidjan

    Ryan Dawidjan

    building NYC products and teams. // 🗣 w/ modern friends. big heuristic guy.

  • Rachel Meyer

    Rachel Meyer

    Art and Coffee

  • Arcelio Carrasco

    Arcelio Carrasco

    I’m a entrepreneur. Loved innovation and the great ideas.

  • Justin Tarr

    Justin Tarr

    Boston-Nashville-Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, 10X Advocate, Success Minded, Proud Uncle, Grandma’s Boy, Travel, Loving Life!

  • Randy Hunt

    Randy Hunt

    Scuba Instductor, Entrepreneur, 12B SAPPER Army Vet, Skydiver

  • Todd Wagner

    Todd Wagner

    Todd Wagner is the founder and CEO of Charity Network, a company that utilizes the influence of celebrity, media, and technology to raise awareness and funds.

  • leo


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