A tweet turned into a $3M venture fund

I’ve always wanted to be a VC, but I never considered raising my own fund. That was for experienced angel investors and founders, and I fit neither of those categories, so I never thought it would be possible.

Until one night, when I took the first step to raising a venture fund:

The replies to a tweet about naming a fund after my tattoo made me think of the idea as more than just Twitter content, and I stayed up all night putting together the first deck for Shrug Capital.

Shrug Capital

The future of live entertainment is participatory, and looks a lot like the past.

HQ Trivia launched in October of 2017, and in the weeks that followed, proceeded to hit record breaking numbers week after week. For ~72 hours, this record what quite the achievement for the live trivia app.

To put in perspective what 880,000+ players actually means, BuzzFeed’s Exploding Watermelon had 807,000 concurrent viewers watching at its peak — and that’s BuzzFeed, on top of Facebook’s algorithm (which at the time was heavily promoting live video streams), reaching iPhones, Android devices, and desktop browsers. A few more caveats:

  • HQ doesn’t rely on Facebook/Twitter for social graph or reach
  • It’s 880,000+ concurrent…

Instagram innovates via Snapchat, and Snapchat innovates through acquisition. It was recently revealed that Snapchat’s (fantastic) new feature, Snap Map, is based off of social map app Zenly! Which Snap bought back in May for ~$250M to $350M. 😲

Zenly co-founder Antoine Martin laid out the company’s mission in their Product Hunt launch last year:

“We’ve been on a mission to popularize constant location sharing for the past 5 years. Zenly is now the closest thing to a social network built on a map, with your friends and family.”

Unlike Snap’s acquisition of Vergence Labs, which formed the foundation for…

We’re here to innovate on the infrastructure of innovation. There is so much innovation going on, and there are lots of people who fund that innovation, but there is very little innovation on that infrastructure for innovation itself.

— Naval Ravikant

This was the most memorable line from the AngelList company offsite in Tulum. Naval spoke in front of the entire company, a much larger group now that we were acquired and the Product Hunt team joined the AngelList crew. …

Back in April, after months of trying to get the Product Hunt office a VR headset, I was excited to learn that Mark Zuckerberg was going to give us one, as a gift.

In the weeks that followed… I tried every app in the Oculus Store that looked interesting: lots games (GunJack is pretty cool), meditation apps, and even Facebook 360 videos sort of look cool in virtual reality. Although it wasn’t until I tried Oculus Theater, and forked over the $9.99 to watch Avatar in 3D, that VR became something I use regularly.

Virtual Reality Will Replace Your TV

Welcome to nivdror.com aka my Medium hosted AboutDotMe.

I lead content and marketing at Product Hunt & AngelList.

I’m the Editor of the Product Hunt Daily and AngelList Weekly, and also run our Talent and Investor newsletters. There’s a good chance I’m in your inbox.

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😎 Oculus…

Why Balaji Srinivasan should lead the FDA in the new Trump administration

There is a lot of excitement in Silicon Valley about Balaji S. Srinivasan being the leading candidate to run the FDA. Unlike most of Trump’s other nominations, Balaji is undeniably qualified for the position.

In a recent episode of the TwentyMinuteVC, Balaji talked about how regulatory risk posed the biggest challenge for companies like Uber and Airbnb, while overly conservative (and outdated) regulations threaten the progress of emerging industries like drones, genomics, and self-driving cars.

Balaji has not spoken publicly about his potential role as head of the FDA, but this interview (from November) is quite revealing as to…


It’s that time of the year, the Class of 2016 is graduating and the college commencement addresses are pouring in. The highlight of the year so far is Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s emotional speech at UC Berkeley (watch it here) and if you haven’t seen Steve Jobs at the Stanford… Stop what you’re doing and watch that before continuing.

With that being said, here are some of the best college commencement addresses of all time. Watch these in full when you have the time. 🙇

Steve Jobs — Stanford (2005)

Sheryl Sandberg — UC Berkeley (2016)

J.K. Rowling…

Mo Slowmography is a really fun app. The first time I tried it was the day the “Gravity Waves” were discovered, so I played around with it, which led to this Vine:

Today they launched on Product Hunt, and I took a GIF Walk around San Francisco (because I do that) to see what I could find. Beware, what comes next will shock you.

There was a non-millennial texting, while biking!

I casually saw James Bond driving for Uber:

And there was something that looked like an expired cable car.

On the topic of expired SF…

I went from being jobless without background in tech to Product Hunt, one of the hottest startups in the valley.

The past 12-months have been eventful. Going into the Christmas period I suddenly found myself out of a job as it became clear that my time at DataFox was coming to an end, and I started thinking about what I wanted to do next. The New Space industry that SpaceX is enabling was fascinating, so I started hanging around at NASA Ames trying to learn as much as I can from a friend — who was just managed to successfully take over a spacecraft that NASA abandoned. With only a handful of companies to join and my lack of a…

Niv Dror

I tweet about Startups, VC, and MUFC. All your tweets are my favorite. @Nivo0o0

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