A tweet turned into a $3M venture fund

Shrug Capital

Shrug Capital is a $3M consumer focused Angel Fund

The future of live entertainment is participatory, and looks a lot like the past.

  • HQ doesn’t rely on Facebook/Twitter for social graph or reach
  • It’s 880,000+ concurrent…

“We’ve been on a mission to popularize constant location sharing for the past 5 years. Zenly is now the closest thing to a social network built on a map, with your friends and family.”

Unlike Snap’s acquisition of Vergence Labs, which formed the foundation for…

Virtual Reality Will Replace Your TV

I’m not much of…

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Why Balaji Srinivasan should lead the FDA in the new Trump administration


I went from being jobless without background in tech to Product Hunt, one of the hottest startups in the valley.

Niv Dror

I tweet about Startups, VC, and MUFC. All your tweets are my favorite. @Nivo0o0

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