A Whisper of You

Photo Credits : martysantini1995

I grope my way in the dark, fumbling to hold on to you.

Your scent is slowly fading and I am trying desperately to hold it , to seal it to me.

I miss you.

I have been missing you and

I say it out loud only when my heart shrieks in agony,

I gaze at the illusive you, try to hold your imaginary hands and unfold the details of my soulless day,


Each day is a spell, reeling and rewinding the constant, mundane events.

As time ticks, it feels like peeling off a layer of wounded skin and it gets much worse with time.

I can still , however remember every mole on your face.

I know the shapes and positions of the scars on your body , like a sailor who does not need a map to cruise through the familiar tides that feels like home.

Though the sand clock has turned, erasing away everything that mattered until the hour before,

Changing you , me and us,

I still roam like gypsy ,trying to recover a home that I lost , which is now unfamiliar.

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