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How the Internet company “subversion” traditional bike?

Since last year, not only the Internet giants, there are many entrepreneurial teams have begun a “scheme”. In light of the current trend, we call these teams are divided into 3 categories:

Cooperation between the Internet giant and the traditional bicycle manufacturers;

Smart bicycle team;

Intelligent accessories for bike team.

Last year, their products do much polishing met during what the problem? Lei feng’s network the following inventory.

First, Internet giants and traditional manufacturers

Representatives of Internet companies, like Baidu, music video, and millet, and the bike has been linked to.

1.1 Baidu and giant

Baidu Dubike project starting in April 2014, unveiled last November, Baidu marketing MOMENTS after the ceremony, news silent about it there are no new developments.

Lei feng’s network also reported that Dubike’s budget was cut in half earlier this year, the project within the Baidu actually exists in name only. But with the traditional bicycle manufacturers giant bike is expected to be launched in the second half of this year.

1.2 Le Pigeon GUCCI S5

Depending on the bike is the sports after the founding of the first intelligent hardware product, defined by the vision and flying pigeon “Super bike”: join the ride in Internet social networking, data sharing, intelligent control and anti-theft function.

Letv cycling team said they will begin on the bicycle advocacy preheating (see chart), though no specific time line.

Reports depending on the bike before mass production in July of this year, will launch two new models in the second half of this year.

1.3 millet and Rockefeller?

Earlier rumors of millet to build smart bikes named “Rockefeller” generation, data sharing, maps, route navigation, call reminders, device bindings, mobile social networking, and many other applications.

However, millet’s official stance: millet’s strategic focus on mobile phones, tablets, televisions, boxes, routers, these five products in order to improve the ecological chain of the smart home. This means that millet and Rockefeller did not cooperate. But millet investment ride in one APP: a ride to remember.

Summary: play Internet giant

Cooperation between the Internet giant and the traditional bike manufacturer: Baidu Dubike concept is clearly greater than product, and Baidu does not invest more money into hardware development; millet and Rockefeller also is just a rumor finally leaving Le Pigeon, without the participation of the Baidu and millet, “one person’s one-man show” seems to be quiet a lot. In addition, we could imagine to what on a associated with bicycle and ecology? Content? Platform? Seem to see what clues. So the Giants into the bike seems more like a play.

Second, smart bicycle

Really made the bike should have been the emerging business team, like 700Bike, BiCi, bike and Begin One of the zebras, as well as light, and so on. Features for this type of bike we can also be divided into two categories: one is the main electric power; the other is dominated by cycling record.

2.1 700Bike: city bike

700Bike opened a blind activities last month, has received more than 20,000 reservations in a matter of days, visible outside team Zhang built a bike full of expectations.

How to build a bicycle, Zhang said: “the 700Bike’s bike and it is certainly the network. But first of all, is also a good city bike. 」

As for its launch, most likely in the recent two months. Prices, Zhang and his team know that pure price may not be the primary factor to be considered.

2.2 BiCi: carbon BMX

BiCi bike should be published is the first intelligent, starting from March 2014 research published in Shanghai in November last year, has so far opened three times on line reservation. No weapons sales are mainly subject to capacity and effect of quality control, which is most startups face a problem.

It is understood that they will form a small group in Beijing responsible for offline activities and promotion of bicycling atmosphere considered mainly because of Beijing’s strong, can quickly expand the brand awareness of BiCi.

Lei feng’s network recently got the BiCi expert Edition models, assessment experience will be released later.

2.3 Zebra bicycle: city bike

Zebra bicycle from last September to begin research and development, published in Shanghai in May this year. It can also be defined as the city bike, integrated energy recovery, GPS positioning, low power features such as Bluetooth, cloud services, MEMS sensors. GUCCI Galaxy S5

Founder Huo Jun told Lei Feng network, because of more functions, in order not to affect the appearance of it, many parts are placed on the inside of the pipe, so making more complex, need to take the time to modify and debug.

Huo Jun said, the car is expected to list in volume production later this year or early next year.

2.4 Begin One: electric power bike

Begin One is an electric power-assisted bicycles, motor hidden in the front wheel hubs, kettle style battery mileage of up to 45 kilometers, 90 minutes to the battery is full. On the handlebar has a black and white LCD screen, you can display the remaining battery power, speed and the driving distance and other information.

Founder of Lei Feng Yin Xianglin told network, they have spent a lot of time to deal with small capacity battery long distance range, tread on the algorithm of torque and the battery charge and discharge protection and other issues. This bike is expected to be listed in volume production in mid-July.

2.5 light passenger car: electric power bike

Light passenger power-assisted electric bicycles weighing up to 13 kg of body weight, by a 1 kg of lithium battery provides power. Battery box in the car to sit lower, lighter bikes a charge takes 2 hours, in high power mode to be able to travel 50 km, 70 kilometers in weak power.

Founder Chen Tengjiao said samples had come out, but at this stage they are still dealing with a lot of detail on issues, such as brake pads, he hopes that it can be debugged to a comfortable level. This bike is expected to be released in October this year.

Summary: “the risks, smoke”

For bicycle start-ups, looks more like a “still smoke”, most of the companies in the hardware chain and encounter all kinds of problems in the supply chain, that they expected shipments delayed, with no progress for a variety of non-standard parts debugging is to spend a lot of time.

Because does not have its own factories, assembly lines and incapable of controlling sales and costs in the supply chain, the initiative did not have in their hands. Meanwhile, they are unlikely to risk the production on a large scale, also in conjunction with factory test of their ability.

Third, bike smart accessories

More venture capital companies, especially entrepreneurs who love riding, Bicycle accessories as a breakthrough to allow bike “smart a bit.”

3.1 Livall smart cycling equipment

This set of riding gear including helmets, phone support, Flash control, step frequency sensor. Helmet provides music, turn signal lamp indicates that the function. Strobe Flash helmet and cell phone through a low power Bluetooth connection, implementation calls answered or realized by the strobe button picture. Mobile phone APP, “Yes” to social sharing and data record, this riding equipment in the production stage.

Founder Zheng Bo Lei Feng network, said their team considers when designing this product, will ride safety as a priority. He reveals Livall will also cooperate with the vehicle, the current prototype at the polishing stage.

3.2 Knight Rubik’s cube: Outdoor Mobile power + lighting torch

Knight Rubik’s cube is a bike power mobile devices, their logic is to make a set of power, outdoor lighting, outdoor mobile power flashlight all in one product. Network of Lei feng has written about this product, the first product in July last year, has been listed.

Knights magic team told Lei feng’s network, after the pilot release of 1000 units last year, began the second generation of product development, increased clutch function and fit models, a new generation of products are expected to be listed in mid-July.

3.3 animal rides: the Smart State

Riding the beast was oversaw the 360 Chi li of the key project team developed a cycling class APP, as beast riding a bicycle also doing hardware products: Smart set. According to the official website describes, it can collect track data such as, speed, distance, elevation and slope, with networking and GPS navigation and other functions.

But in an interview earlier, Li had told network of Lei feng, who has rejected the first version of the design (pictured), is working on a second version of the hardware product, and also in cooperation with bike manufacturers.

3.4 Rookie “eggs”: the bicycle version of “campaign wristband”

Is a rookie from Qingdao, Shandong team, their first product the “eggs” can be installed on the valve of the bicycle wheel, used to record ride data. Connect with the mobile APP to ride, via cell phone viewing speed, distance, time, altitude, calories, slope, weather and other information.

Its built-in batteries according to the cycle frequency, normally have access to about 100 days, the longest period of up to six months. Co-founder Liu Hongliang told rookie Lei Feng network, battery life is very long because it’s not GPS, like differences between Smart Watches and bracelets, they do product is equivalent to a bicycle version of the “movement”.

It is understood that the “eggs” will try to raise at the beginning of July, officially shipped in mid-August.

3.5 interest smart: sports front pipe

Fun smart products is a sport the front tubes, compatible with mountain bikes, road bikes, burglar alarm, tracking, navigation and other functions, is a product designed for sport bikes. According to Liang Chen, founder of the introduction, the front without seeming to take communication module, can upload data for automatic recording feature. Liang Chen is the bicycle industry in China and in the channel, the chain has certain resources.

Mobile APP riding the clouds with active management, bicycle repair shops and landmarks (including food beauty) and trajectory planning for navigation and other functions. Interest is only presently send this product to sample test agents across the country in July and mass production.

3.6 the Horseshoe: bicycle “wearable equipment”

Horseshoes is a group of students from the University of posts and telecommunications to build cycling products, in fact it is a bracket, key, code table, consisting of a bicycle, step frequency meter “wearable outfit”, supporting the ride APP has the following features: real-time data monitoring, route planning, map navigation.

It is understood that currently they raised in East Beijing has finished, production may take some time.

3.7 cool wheel, space generator: outdoor

Bright wheels from Chengdu, Sichuan team product, installation is very simple, LED lamp arm cross mounted on the bike on top of the drum. When riding, LED light bar in the wheel rotation process will present a rounded picture, showing color animations and patterns. Supporting mobile APP support photo editing, cycling data recording and other functions.

Bright round profit model is to sell hardware + media services. Currently their products already on the market.

While the number in Nanjing to the East open team, their “space generator” and showing off your wheels are very similar, but they take on a commercial mode of crowdsourcing + outdoor media, do not themselves sell hardware products.

Summary: the icing on the

Start-up is more of Bicycle accessories from the start, the main stock market, demand for them from one cut into the design and development of a product, research and development difficulties and development costs for the vehicle to be much smaller, and products that will do well are most likely cooperate with OEM, into the incremental market. But how to coordinate different interests than the OEM is also a problem to be solved.

Write at the end: what kind of bicycle is “smart”?

We will find that both vehicles were the fittings in standard mode is essentially the same: hardware + APP, is relying on the phone’s screen to get more data and geographical location. Thus, for “smart” definition is still in preliminary stage: Add Bluetooth, GPS modules, sensors and motor.

Entrepreneurial team with traditional bicycle “subversion” is a pifuhandashu, instead of the more traditional bike chain and supply chain constraints and shackles.

Road cycling pursuit of rigid, lightweight and able to meet the requirements of aerodynamics; pursuit mountain bike shock absorbers, omnipotence and brake performance; commuter seeking durability and practicality. Startups how to meet user demand for these segments? Building products how to make it function and demand balance? And how users really need a degree of “intelligent” bicycle? These problems seem to have found the answer in today’s products.

Perhaps “intelligent” bicycle use is not important, “smart” this was the icing on the cake–in that on the basis of experience. Form Zhang as saying that “bicycle network may be more appropriate. 」

We admire the entrepreneurial team in grinding these products carefully, and expect them to continue to produce stunning and exquisite products. But what can really impress and attract users must be humane, thoughtful, and breakthroughs in the function and design of the product, rather than artificially created false needs of users of the product. Because, for most consumers, where they don’t know their own needs.

Dialogue with the creator, find product highlights-“materialist” is a network of Lei feng to create brand products reported (General number: okweiwu). We care about a product is, where it came from, where you want to go. Wishes to do the same in the hardware industry, read the “materialistic” articles can be of inspiration.

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