Siri Apple is buying an artificial intelligence company

According to GeekWire AppleInsider external media reports, Apple has acquired for $ 200 million price of machine learning and artificial intelligence startups Turi.

Turi is located in Seattle, which has launched GraphLabCreate, Turi machine learning platform, TuriDistributed, and TuriPredictive Services and other products, these products are mainly used to develop recommendation engines, sentiment analysis, fraud detection solution. It is understood that Apple bought Turi team will remain in Seattle. Juicy Couture uk

For the news, Apple says, “companies will acquire smaller technology companies from time to time. We don’t normally discuss purpose or plan. “While Apple did not respond positively, but industry insiders believe that its acquisition of Turi’s main intention is to strengthen the technical capacity of Siri. The last two years, Apple has been working on artificial intelligence company mergers and acquisitions, such as last year’s acquisition of speech artificial intelligence company VocalIQ and Perceptio, and acquired in January this year to interpret facial expressions Emotient.

Turi, founder, University of Washington Professor kaluosi·gusitelin (Carlos Guestrin) declined to comment. Juicy Couture

Worth noting is that Turi is a legendary company, it was first gusitelin in open source projects led by Carnegie Mellon University, but in 2012, when gusitelin with his project to move to the University of Washington, that is, at this time, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) provided $ 2 million to the gusitelin machine-learning project funded.

After you have a source of funds, gusitelin items will be independent from the school, and the establishment of the GraphLab company. Just over a year later, GraphLab was successfully completed the $ 6.75 million in series a financing in January last year, the company again won $ 18.5 million in financing, and changed its name to Dato. But because of the name, the company also complaints by Datto, until recently officially changed its name to Turi.

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Originally published at on August 6, 2016.