8 Phrases a Super Fun Person with a Drinking Problem Says
Jess C.

I am in recovery.

Recovery from all toxic states of being. Whether it be alcohol, pot, sugar, negative self talk, toxic people, places, things, social media, gossip, talking behind ones back. I am in recovery from my past. I am in recovery today. I abstain. I abstain. I abstain.

The removal of toxic products to our bodies, minds and souls is just the beginning to reaching maximum clarity. Maximum vibrations to the Universe of which we are connected.

We are connected to the stars, the plants, the ever flowing rivers, the rage of the ocean, and the calm of the ocean. We are connected. We are connected to the trees, the wind, the animals. To each other, we are all connected.

The toxic energies, we create. We put into ourselves. What we put in, is what we put out. What we put out, is what returns to us.

There was a time in life where I couldn’t open my eyes to my own mirror.

Abstaining is the beginning to a road of uncertainty, acceptance, discovery, and fine tuning intuition. The veil has been lifted and humble eyes may see.

“To each their own”. Yes. I agree. Keep going, and never give up.

The road to devastation is lead by one simple thought. The road to enlightenment is lead by one simple thought. Your choice.

Thank you for sharing.

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