IA#5: Reflections on The Monuments Men

When I watched the film, I felt upset because knowing that during World War II, Hitler made the Nazis steal artworks just because of his obsession with art, most especially when there are people dying. However, what the Monuments Men did really amazed me in many ways. What they did truly showed the importance of preserving art and culture. The characters in the film inspires me in a way that each one of us has to contribute to the world of art. It moved me because they were really dedicated to recover and protect all the artworks which serves as artifacts and culture of the country. In the latter part of the film, it got exciting because throughout the movie, I felt that I was part of their journey in Europe to find the artworks. The film really emphasized on how important historical art forms are and that we should take part in conserving these for the future generations to come.

The acting and cinematography was great. It really looked like the film was shot during the World War II and the actors portrayed their characters well. Although, I think there were too few Monuments Men to do the mission, but then, heroism was still showed. The film can somehow be a little confusing but the plot was thrilling.

If the Philippines had a set of “Monuments Men” during the World War II, some of the artworks of our national artists would not have been destroyed and still preserved by now. During time of war and mass destruction here in the Philippines, a lot of paintings and other art forms were involved and got destroyed that is why people are now working hard to preserve the remaining works of art that symbolizes our country’s identity and culture.

It is very important for us to have a “Monuments Men” in the Armed Forces because they will serve as out heroes of art whenever there will be times of destruction in the country. We will never know what or who may come in the future so it’s best if we are prepared to protect our country’s artworks.